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  1. Agree with this 100%, first name in a striking roll all day long.
  2. I can't believe we're even discussing this
  3. Although only Hull U23s you could see Wells clinical finishing and all goals different. He is a pure striker but must be played down the middle.
  4. The Natives getting restless with their lack of signings
  5. Special mention to James and king in CM ran that part of the pitch
  6. What does Wells have to do to get a start in this team....
  7. I'd like to know what you actually thought Danny Simpson did wrong last night, or is he now the new scapegoat? It's time Wells was put up top instead of Martin if we're only playing one of them, there's no way Wells would of missed that chance.
  8. Not quite true Wells would be but unfortunately we don't have anyone delivering the crosses that someone like Wells needs
  9. Some guy on radio brizzle just spent 3 minutes moaning because Pearson didn't go and clap away fans. What a waste of air time
  10. Don't moan if people have an opinion on people taking the knee, if I was there I would of booed. This is football playing with politics a dangerous game.
  11. 7 shots Vs 1 for Blackpool. Could the NP pre-season of working the boys hard be working
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