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  1. My experiences are not too dissimilar and my limits tested to the max , but like you I have a rule that you don’t hit women Yet again , I don’t want to condone what he did but you’ve again , after ‘posing’ the what would have happened into the discussion , described him or suggesting he has struck her - he has not The incident had been going on some time - the call to the police alone had been going for 8-9 mins and there is zero indication , , that he ever struck her He can’t defend what he did and as soon as he lays hands on her he commits assault but don’t make this out to be a case of beating or a strangulation attempt The charge decision, bearing in mind the CPS charge aggressively in domestic abuse cases speaks volumes and is revealing Hes not perfect , most of us arn’t , but he’s not the Yorkshire Ripper
  2. Thanks for the sarcasm Funnily enough I do , shall we say Stokes acquittal was a surprise to those heavily involved who know the ins and outs If you understand the offence of affray and watch Stokes video - I’d be interested in how you think the Jury reached their decision But that’s the Jury system - And As for Simpson , it’s an assault and can’t be excused or ignored but you may also want to consider , with charging guidelines , particularly in relation to domestic abuse , if it was as dramatic and as serious , as you suggest why he was only charged with the lowest charge scale in assault As for your suggestion how far it would have gone , or has I won’t bother going into things like the relevance of Petechial hemorrhages (Which reveal the level of any suggested throttling or strangulation) etc in these cases , as you believe I don’t even understand the difference in guilty or not guilty verdicts
  3. FWIW Stokes ‘affray’ - carries a potential sentence of 3 yrs Some may suggest that he should have been charged with a assaults including , fracturing an eye socket (GBH) l like Stokes as a sportsman, but boy did he get away with one
  4. I don’t know him Tone , though his brother Kolo popped round for a curry Friday as Sharon (Stone) offered to knock one up The curry was nice too
  5. I think celebrity birthday parties are particularly awesome
  6. Nor have I You are brave enough on a keyboard to call people morons though......ahhhhhh...on a keyboard I think I’ll ignore you from now on or I may get myself in trouble Your protest and strike will hopefully remain in force a long time
  7. A moron....hmmmmmmm And you are a self righteous plum , holier than thou and full of big opinions and you don’t like facts I wonder what secrets you hold
  8. Wow Soap Box Time No chance of a fair trial with you would there Ive made my view on assaulting women clear but you now claim he’s ‘bully’ - on what evidence ? btw Women also commit lots of domestic abuse and assaults and don’t even start on the protest shite
  9. What a stupid comment I can’t change history , so happy to accept ? if you’ve ever listened to him interviewed he comes across as a reasonable lad - he clearly lost it in a domestic argument which have their own particular dangers if you understand psychology, where particular buttons get pushed and tested Do I condone it , No Would I demand a player not at our Club ,based on the evidence - No, (I base that on his particular offence not A general acceptance of that type of offence) so if you that’s what you mean by accept it , so be it Enjoy priesthood
  10. Violence towards women is at the top of my hates and I have intervened through my life whenever I’ve seen any You make some valid points but comparing career criminals , and people who set out to commit offences , to someone who appears to have lost it in a domestic row and scrap is not a great comparison For the record , ive never assaulted a female in any way , at any point in my life , but there’s some right self righteous ones on here Weve had far worse at our Club
  11. Wow Because he hasn’t flogged himself publicly , to your demands ? Wow
  12. Can’t be right Agains Accrington ? What , The same Accrington who put 7 past the raggy Sags ?
  13. Good spot That’s him
  14. So basically you are a Sag Enjoy your bites fewer and enjoy the relegation party
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