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  1. I suspect it’s because he’s a sad, attention seeking , troll Another thread derailed. 1131. 1132
  2. Ta And if you click on NPs name you get a previous (historic) piece on him which is again interesting https://www.coachesvoice.com/nigel-pearson-leicester-city/
  3. He gets fouled a lot , often too skilful , and on the half turn , for anyone challenging, and he knows when to go down from those contacts. (it’s actually mature player wise) I don’t see him as a diver Im not say he never does or has , but certainly during these Championships he hasn’t
  4. I like the look of Rennies work in comparison of what we’ve seen pre him The physical and fitness side is a whole new world these days , and he comes across as very planned , knowledgable , assured with an experienced / relaxed approach He appears totally comfortable and confident in what he’s doing I don’t know about any coaching experience , but over the years , he will have seen a lot of footballers , a lot of behaviours and characteristics , and I don’t doubt is a very valuable and trusted ,set of eyes (For NP) day to day.
  5. If you inferring he jumped ship Ben Garner has just gone in there and making a number of changes of back room staff. New regime
  6. Well done you young Lions Their performance has also qualified them for the U20 World Cup So win win
  7. That was ‘Hi Ho Silver poxy Lining’ Unless I’ve missed something ?
  8. I went to the first fans forum with MA & LJ where they did a long presentation about their use of data , particularly in recruitment I asked MA specifically whether this was following a similar line to Moneyball and in some part to Brentford’s recruitment He stated it’s was nothing like Moneyball or similar to Brentford’s way , which I have to say I found strange , and starting to think I misunderstood the basic concepts of both Moneyball & Brentfords use of analytics , I left it Its ironic that it does appear , in retrospect , that a lot of our recruitment was done majorly off the back of performance stats * I have to say I have absolutely no problem with the use of performance stats to ‘flag up’ Players that may otherwise escape our radar. it’s just for me, personally , that’s where the process should begin with plenty of eyes on , including from coaching staff and head coach / manager at some point I made the point , on a previous post , that however basic an example , that I did have a dabble at Fifa and two youngsters I ‘bought’ purely on their basic FIFA stats at young age was Mendy , and Alvarez (who’s just joined Man City)
  9. From a fan who spoke to him directly ————————————————————————-————————————————————————- Spoke to Ashton before the game today, said we will sign 2 or 3 more, but not any ‘big money signings’. His words were along the lines of “you should see our wage bill already”. Then almost alluded that Celina won’t be coming back and saying “it’s down to whether he wants him, or not”. Edit - speaking about McKenna regarding Celina ————————————————————————-————————————————————————- Well, there’s a thing Mark...... Running Towards Adversity financial hole
  10. Archie Garnham is Chair of the Arizona First Responders Pension Funds
  11. You can actually see it can’t you - There’s people , that lap b****** up like nodding dogs, in many walks of life In my career I saw a fair few bluff their way up and up And the Americans are absolute suckers for his type
  12. The way the Americans are , and the s*** that they lap up , he will slide off to the States .......and will become CEO for the MLS in 10 years time
  13. I think that’s EasyJet you are referring to , rather than a schoolboy
  14. Nosing at the forum , there’s a thread on this , and a few are seeing through him https://www.twtd.co.uk/forum/537042/mark-ashton-signing-autographs-today/#35 Could be worse, it wouldn't surprise me if the wannabe had a load of signed photos in his pocket next time. He's not football staff, should be nowhere near the pitch. The home boardroom and director's box are his domain at an away game. Never saw a CEO in those sticker books you could get, players and at most the manager. He'll be getting a suit sponsor and a centrespread in the programme next. * I understand ‘Churchman’ from their forum held the queue for autographs up , for 35 mins as he wanted 51 autographs (One for each of the family apparently)
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