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  1. My experiences are not too dissimilar and my limits tested to the max , but like you I have a rule that you don’t hit women Yet again , I don’t want to condone what he did but you’ve again , after ‘posing’ the what would have happened into the discussion , described him or suggesting he has struck her - he has not The incident had been going on some time - the call to the police alone had been going for 8-9 mins and there is zero indication , , that he ever struck her He can’t defend what he did and as soon as he lays hands on her he commits assault but don’t make this out to be a case of beating or a strangulation attempt The charge decision, bearing in mind the CPS charge aggressively in domestic abuse cases speaks volumes and is revealing Hes not perfect , most of us arn’t , but he’s not the Yorkshire Ripper
  2. Thanks for the sarcasm Funnily enough I do , shall we say Stokes acquittal was a surprise to those heavily involved who know the ins and outs If you understand the offence of affray and watch Stokes video - I’d be interested in how you think the Jury reached their decision But that’s the Jury system - And As for Simpson , it’s an assault and can’t be excused or ignored but you may also want to consider , with charging guidelines , particularly in relation to domestic abuse , if it was as dramatic and as serious , as you suggest why he was only charged with the lowest charge scale in assault As for your suggestion how far it would have gone , or has I won’t bother going into things like the relevance of Petechial hemorrhages (Which reveal the level of any suggested throttling or strangulation) etc in these cases , as you believe I don’t even understand the difference in guilty or not guilty verdicts
  3. FWIW Stokes ‘affray’ - carries a potential sentence of 3 yrs Some may suggest that he should have been charged with a assaults including , fracturing an eye socket (GBH) l like Stokes as a sportsman, but boy did he get away with one
  4. I don’t know him Tone , though his brother Kolo popped round for a curry Friday as Sharon (Stone) offered to knock one up The curry was nice too
  5. I think celebrity birthday parties are particularly awesome
  6. Nor have I You are brave enough on a keyboard to call people morons though......ahhhhhh...on a keyboard I think I’ll ignore you from now on or I may get myself in trouble Your protest and strike will hopefully remain in force a long time
  7. A moron....hmmmmmmm And you are a self righteous plum , holier than thou and full of big opinions and you don’t like facts I wonder what secrets you hold
  8. Wow Soap Box Time No chance of a fair trial with you would there Ive made my view on assaulting women clear but you now claim he’s ‘bully’ - on what evidence ? btw Women also commit lots of domestic abuse and assaults and don’t even start on the protest shite
  9. What a stupid comment I can’t change history , so happy to accept ? if you’ve ever listened to him interviewed he comes across as a reasonable lad - he clearly lost it in a domestic argument which have their own particular dangers if you understand psychology, where particular buttons get pushed and tested Do I condone it , No Would I demand a player not at our Club ,based on the evidence - No, (I base that on his particular offence not A general acceptance of that type of offence) so if you that’s what you mean by accept it , so be it Enjoy priesthood
  10. Violence towards women is at the top of my hates and I have intervened through my life whenever I’ve seen any You make some valid points but comparing career criminals , and people who set out to commit offences , to someone who appears to have lost it in a domestic row and scrap is not a great comparison For the record , ive never assaulted a female in any way , at any point in my life , but there’s some right self righteous ones on here Weve had far worse at our Club
  11. Wow Because he hasn’t flogged himself publicly , to your demands ? Wow
  12. Can’t be right Agains Accrington ? What , The same Accrington who put 7 past the raggy Sags ?
  13. Good spot That’s him
  14. So basically you are a Sag Enjoy your bites fewer and enjoy the relegation party
  15. And all you ever do is whinge about our fans, Seriously weird The Sags misery is a true pleasure for any true City fan
  16. I quote you because you talk absolute s***e Gasssssssssssssssss
  17. by the time he **** off in the summer (Good riddance) , will have cost us somehere around £60k a week during his stay here Laughable Has conned many of our fanbase
  18. Does your little tantrum and obsession last more than a few days ? Belter
  19. Back to your weird obsession You must be glad to have him back to up your whining Never mind Weimann will be back next season and you can fixate on him again Dont know about this squad , but some of our supporters are more than embarrassing
  20. Shame you ever found this forum 6 weeks ago Off to the Mem for plums like you Truly embarrassing
  21. And you whine about anything and everything and have a very short memory In some ways for plums like you I hope Bentley does go and watch you whine as we concede in future Supporter my arse - unsurprisingly you were one at foremost of my mind when I posted my last post
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