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  1. Trying time follow yourS , mr P’s knowledge and understanding of finances and FFP Alright as long as you don’t get relegated I assume Dave ? Do I follow , and is it that simple , that those deals you highlight (Appreciate you are estimating wages) would mean you are basically dealing with a £77m deficit for each of the following four seasons , in terms of FFP, on the balance sheet (Ignoring any income or other expenditure) ? Bit of a problem in Championship ! A Fire sale I assume , or some dodgy transfer dealing to Greece
  2. Quite incredible, and a total embarrassment Hes been refereeing ...how many years ? Wtf was he doing at the time , writing his Daily Mail column ? Total incompetence
  3. You do get that Pearson’s words (Rant ?. ) was not just about the Freeman / Sykes incident , or even the refereeing in the Luton Game, but about the general standard of refereeing You got the bit regarding the letter from the Match Officials Organisation that Hulls penalty should not have been awarded and we should have been awarded two in the same game ? , just for example
  4. Those 5/6 years were some of my favourite as a City fan Chester / Promotion Riley , Walsh , Neville , > Two Wembley Finals > Joe Jordan as a player, and manager > Taylor , Turner , Smith , Shelton , Newman > League Cup SemiFinal > Play Offs > Chelsea , Swindon and the FA Cup,Run > Promotion ohhhhhh Happy Days ️ Never a quiet moment really , Some great followings and fun aplenty
  5. I remember a lot of us in their ‘stand’ in the home leg , about 5 for every seat , how that stand stayed upright for the game I’m not really sure , it was certainly creaking ! my memory of the home leg was we huffed and puffed and never really looked like overturning it but almost out of nowhere took off
  6. Mind you , being a complete slime ball and snake throughout your adult life doesn’t look too bad when you read of the antics , predatory behaviour , and complete arrogance of a certain Mr Mendy
  7. With you in the enclosure , was on a night shift and two hours late turning up Fantastic night
  8. ‘ Display nil morals throughout your life Anything goes , including , your brothers wife’
  9. Ha ha , as if Ian Gay totally dominates the pod and speaks to Dave , and anyone else , how he likes Unless Neil is on there or Fevs was , no one challenges Mr Gay Having listened to the last couple of recordings @headhunterI found it particularly embarrassing how when ‘quoting’ or ‘mimicking’ the ‘cult of Nigel’ (Your words) you put on an exaggerated farmer type accent that we’d normally expect from ignorant cockneys etc , I assume implying that those who believe in what Pearson is doing are thick or something Whats that all about ? As for inviting / challenging people to come on the pod you had a few different people on when you first started but all were quickly sidelined, so your offers are pretty empty - it’s your pod (Well more Ian Gays) and you do it how you like, but it loses interest for me somewhat when it’s the same voices and opinions
  10. A direct result of The pandemic, and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine ...... And Brexit........
  11. Good post too As I said , I can see what you were aiming at with Turning point I think there’s been spells in all games this season which has been bright and promising , just turning that into sustained periods or over a whole 90 min performance has been missing Last night was close to, or at least on its way to a 90 min performance , until thrown astray /confused by the red card And 10 men Theres disagreements about how we managed the 10 men scenario, but personally, I felt we did it well / competently and actually went down in the plus column regarding the performance on the night. I just hope that supporters understand that the performance is unlikely to just suddenly become the norm, certainly not for a while yet. I believe we will progress and the spells in and across games will come more often but I don’t think it’s an easy transition to that level, but I really believe Pearson is producing a core and culture at the Club I don’t think he’s a messiah or a tactical genius , but I do think he is a demander of standards and professionalism that should serve the Club well , post him. I think he’s a ‘players’ manager (At least the ones who are one the bus’) and his core strength I’ve said before , the fact that he has Andi Weimann (The best ‘professional’ we have IMHO, and one whose played at the top and an International) is totally one the bus’ and producing the best form of his career is a great sign IMO To some extent I understand the frustration and impatience to progress at this level, (Maybe it just doesn’t come as a surprise or so impactive as the decades drift on for some of us !) but it’s really not a simple task , we’ve never been ‘ a force ‘ at this level especially with the squad a, financial situation and Club Culture he inherited. I still believe he was absolutely the right appointment at the time , for the job that needed doing (one which many Head coaches / managers would have ducked) What Steve and Jon , and Richard Gould should be doing is building a Club behind Nigels tenure , with a plan for the club , post NP People like Tins in the right post is a good start , and importance for continuity (It appears that Tins has a very good relationship and respect for NP which is very much a positive) This is not a period of ‘wasted opportunity’ but a rebuild whilst conducting financial surgery , It remains as frustrating as ever being a City fan , but if sceptics can just take a few deep breaths and enjoy the good bits at present , long term I truly believe they will see the benefits COYR
  12. For ‘Gold’ Category games you have to be accompanied by 3 children crazy
  13. Ian Gays Birthday today , just in case anyone missed the announcements on various media outlets Fair play - it’s got more mention than the Queens
  14. Is that part of the family section ? Do you not need a child to get tickets there ? if you don’t have one available , grab / borrow a neighbours kid and tell them your are taking them to Hippoland and McDonalds
  15. Remember Millwall were 2 down on Saturday too , and came back to win 3-2 They were probably disappointed not to squeeze in a winner ! Fair play to them Two great comebacks in 4 days
  16. I like the top chart Dave - found it very interesting Ta
  17. Seems to have a really good relationship with the young players and fun banter to Antoine , Conway and Scott have all talked about him - his influence and example to them I would suggest has been quite significant (Chris Martin & Nahki too tbf) Unbelievable that last season was post a nasty ACL injury , especially for a player who relies on pace ,running and intensity as a significant part of his game - What an inspiration for Ayman for example I know our budget is tight but I’d like to see him offered a wage increase and another year on his contract as a recognition of what he’s done post ACL,
  18. Having watched almost identical years as you Graham , I didn’t think I had ‘favourite players’ anymore , and struggling to think of one I regarded that way for many years But this bloke, definitely right up there in my all time favourite players to have represented us. Much more than his abilities , it’s his attitude and professionalism- I’m yet to see an appearance where he hasn’t ‘bust a gut’ In terms of respecting a player he really is in the medals at City in my lifetime , someone only like Tom Ritchie can compete People salivate over JET or Jacki and even describe them as some sort of legend...... Give me the professional Andi Weimann every day of the week , and some Said it before , in the days of ridiculous wages , he’s one of ours I don’t begrudge a penny
  19. Just seen him running down the hard shoulder of the M5 Stopped and asked if everything was ok and did he need a lift He explained he was just running home , ‘warming down’ On Sunday Man Utd’s 11 ran a total of 96.2km Tonight Andi Weimann ran 65km
  20. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p0csdgzm TC 29m 45s for those who just want his I/v NP 43m45s
  21. I understand the OP and I do think it was a very good time to take 3 points , with the performance an added bonus But it’s not a turning point , we weren’t crap before tonight , or a much better side now We are very much a work in progress and I foresee some bumps and setbacks through the season and probably for another 12-18 months yet The secret, for me , is to ride the waves , and enjoy games like tonight , and the emergence of three of our ‘own’ talented young players , the relentless effort and professionalism of a certain Mr Weimann , and a manager who is gradually and methodically trying to stabilise a mess rather than polishing his own ego
  22. I think there are more bumps in the road to come and a lot of wheeling and dealing required if those OOC at end of next season want to move on Many managers of this level , and their egos , wouldn’t want to touch us atm , and certainly not when Pearson accepted the gig, worried that poor or mixed results would damage their reputation Not once has he whined about the restrictions , in fact he pointed out he knew what the situation was when he accepted I think he’s enjoying the challenge , and helping develop some of the young players if our previous two managers had kept a sensible and steady ship , including financially , imagine how good things would look with Semenyo , Scott and Conway bursting through
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