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  1. Yes , if he doesn’t sign by six Its time to move on to Russell Martin
  2. Yes , Nugget nailed something before - Was it a player incoming ?
  3. The gas are celebrating that everyone of their fans can return to the Dump as Boris has announced two Family’s can congregate from March 13th
  4. Apologies - coffee and keyboards my favourite faux pas Ska Wasn’t a shock that the first one to be duped was ...... One of West Midlands Finest
  5. Wtf does Barton look like on SSN Must have mugged someone for those specs
  6. Scenes when live on Sky Pearson strides into Barton’s press conference , rips down the Sags nylon flag behind Barton , kicks Barton clean off his chair and says ’ I’m here ........Bristol is ours ‘
  7. Did you do a ‘Fammy’ and scuff it ? Or a ‘Antoine’ and miss the target ? Blimey , I didn’t realise Boris was announcing it I thought it would be Steve or Jon
  8. Joey Barton on in a few secs live on SSN (Seriously) if anyone wants a laugh
  9. I apologise Imagine what the summer transfer window threads will be like if he’s here !
  10. Only joking Fordy but bet a few quickly had a look ! It will make confirmation much sweeter now
  11. Understand that there is a delay as there is bit of a dispute over Pearson’s shirt number He sees himself as a No 8 but Lam wants him to play prop Well the mans got to have something to do on his day off
  12. Just noticed this - was Pearson possibly not well enough (CoVid in June) to be considered in the Summer In August and September 2020, after his departure from Watford, Pearson endured a bout of rheumatoid arthritis that saw him suffer with swollen joints.He struggled to move during this period, slept heavily and had a shortness of breath.
  13. ‘ How the **** has it come to this’ ’ Community Sevice ? This is taking the p***’ Great minds n all that
  14. I have a different view Petitions , bed sheets etc aren’t my thing But Whether it be Public Petitions , Bedsheets or long threads on OTIB (Particularly some intelligent analysis of core subjects) all , at least focuses attention of the owner , even if he’d like to ignore it. ( Gregor McGregor needs a handshake too ) The fans one way or another , have had a partial impact , at least , in this weeks events IMHO
  15. I and a few others , can probably make that claim too Fordy That underpass outside Molineux was always interesting
  16. Totally agree Harry Confident and assured I’d say As somebody who doesn’t suffer fools , I’m in his camp %100 In terms of reading people I see Ashton , and people like LJ as people who appear to talk well , and wish to come across as very intelligent and smart , but it doesn’t take long to see what substance there is behind their words For me , whenever I’ve heard him speak , Pearson actually talks sense with clear intelligence, with the presence and confidence to match Keep us up Nigel , and you have a blank book to write Thens the time for SL to back him to the hilt , as far as he can , and let him get on with it If he does that, he has a man , potentially , who can sort his football club , not just his team , for him
  17. Gut feeling is still Ashton will be gone in Summer , especially if Pearson stays
  18. He didn’t ‘fall asleep’ Ivor Im not impressed by evidence of coaching on the pitch but let’s not make things up
  19. Or put another way A gobby , disruptive Welshman who believed he was far better than he actually was Dennis Smith certainly wasn’t a fan
  20. Yes was just thinking about him Ska - Good manager and really decent guy , another who took no **** He was probably capable , but as a Club we weren’t
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