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  1. Heard some ex players of his chuckle at his name in a discussion a while back and mutter ‘Chocolate’ When asked what they meant they laughed and explained ‘If he was chocolate he’d eat himself’
  2. It’s not the fans PF , it’s the players that are important Whether people bristle or not at this - but good luck operating a male dressing room at this level I’m afraid I don’t think achieving in Women’s Football with an expensive side would give her much or any starting credibility Someone like Fevs could form an excellent game plan , and pick a decent side , and go through some excellent analysis - but would have the very same issue The best boss I ever had was a female , but that wasn’t in Male Professional Football environment
  3. Merely out of interest , and you are not the only one to suggest so Why did you think this ?
  4. Nah, he’s just got a Minibus with a 8 litre engine Used for the odd Wembley trip I heard - the roar of that engine the highlight of the day for a dozen Sags
  5. I think I’d probably give it up , personally , once and for all
  6. Nice Thers some ungrateful ********s on here Probably my favourite City Manager all in all
  7. It was a KFC back in early 80s Hare
  8. Good thread , with some varying views
  9. That’s because he was pissed (And full of Broadwalk KFC) whilst he was here !
  10. Out of likes Ska That’s only because I have a big trap mate and fire quick ! Thought you explained the same thought very well - I smelt someone wounded , who has been almost stung / awoken into a news surge of ambition - whether he’s learnt or been stung enough to make a good move this time we can only hope
  11. Agree Jon hasn’t bought a ‘holiday home’ and is more likely to buy an American Sport Franchise Post his father than own Bristol City IMHO There may be a realisation that Jon isn’t up to , or doesn’t want to , inherit the responsibility of owning and running the Bristol Sport Empire Steve is in his late 60’s and if the above is in anyway accurate ,must be eyeing some form of exit strategy before anything happens to him.
  12. FWIW I got the vibe that he’s being a bit more realistic and prepared to ‘bend’ , if not break the ‘ethos’ This Appointment is a massive one for the Club and Steve Lansdown But ...... Boy do we need a Football man in the hierarchy
  13. Absolutely Phil - well said A major part in derailing the best period we’d had for many years
  14. Even a broken clock and all that We are due , slightly overdue a good spot Johnson 2007 /2008 ..... 6 years...: Cotts 2014 /15 Six years...... 2021-
  15. It wasn’t t an interview as such and not intended to be , I’m not sure why anyone would expect some form of grilling from an employee of his It was a Club Employee opening subjects and facilitating , for SL to comment on and explain I didn’t expect a 20man type grill
  16. I think of Bielsa and the cost of him and his coaching team (£4.5m pa ?) Besides getting them promoted to Premier League with few signings or splashing the cash he’s put how much ? value on a whole number of players The increase in value of just Bamford and Ayling alone , would cover his and his staffs cost for a decade
  17. Partly , and because he’s little choice, (and because fair play he takes ultimate responsibility ) Neither Jon or Ashton have any credibility with %99 of the fan base First interview I’ve heard where he hasn’t bigged up Ashton at some point Ill go as far to say , The clock is ticking on Mr Ashton IMHO
  18. Yes , agreed Stevie They are clearly aware of what fans are saying (Good And a reminder for the next dreamboat who says ‘’Doesn’t matter what’s posted on here ) Hes part protecting Ashton and for sure will be aware of the feelings towards Ashton , and even better why If he now doesn’t switch on to those and drill his eyeballs into them at least , then he is a fool Pieces such as Fevs on recruitment may have a lot more impact than some may believe
  19. When he talked about watching the Watford and Reading games in particular I did think What must he be thinking of those players Bilkionaire or no billionaire I bet there was plenty of ‘ Twenty five grand a week ? ....., it’s a f****** joke’ and other expletives tumbling out And that would have just been Maggie As for discussing events with J....Jo .... Jon And ‘Mark’ , you just know that Ashton would have been repeating ‘ Yes this was my fear , with him ,all along Steve ‘ Snake
  20. No you’re not alone Fordy - (just finished watching) and fair play @Cider red was first to speak up against the anticipated grain I actually thought that was the best interview I’ve heard from him for a long long time Without saying ‘We ****** up’ in those blunt words he’s taken responsibility and responsibility for getting it right going forward I get the vibe that he’s taken his eye off the ball and let Jon play at running a football club alongside Ashton and that’s been a mistake I get the impression that he’s going to be a bit more hands on. Now his track record isn’t great , but it’s better than Let son or Ashton mess up further i think he realises the fan base are far far from happy and it needs a big turnaround - the recent interviews a clear early sign i think he’s rattled , stung by the criticism (They clearly know a lot of what’s been said on here and other social media) and is embarrassed. Embarrassment is probably as big a motivator as you can get for a multi billionaire I think , and hear compromises and a grudging change in some policies. struggling to take issue with anything he said tbh Too much focus or reliance in the Academy worries me but then he quantified that quite well later in the interview. I guess Ialso have concerns how long a new appointment may take , listening to him We should know lots about those applying already Goid Interview Though Mr Lansdown - And fronted up - respect Shame your highly paid CEO and Chairman have gone into hiding
  21. It’s outrageous isn’t it Ashtons vigorous recruitment and processes don’t actually exist do they In fact it’s a blatant lie We can speculate whose decision it was to appoint Holden But Steve Lansdown didn’t appoint Aston’s mates or relations across every part of the Club did he
  22. Zero communication or organisation between themselves on the pitch Pitiful
  23. After their efforts in recent games I think they got away lightly if he only told them a few truths Disgraceful He might have failed because he wasn’t up to it but I’m absolutely certain it wasn’t down to his effort Them - draw your own conclusions
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