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  1. Something not right here for sure. ‘Interview’ is 95 seconds long and I’m super proud of myself for lasting just over half way before bursting out laughing. Isn’t he supposed to be happy, enthused, we’ve just appointed the man/team to take us to the Premier League.. As someone else has said, how the media team have allowed this to go out is remarkable, it really is the icing on the cake of an absolute car crash of a process.
  2. I completely understand why people are angry, and I think they have every right to be, the problem I have is when that anger becomes blanket. Personally, I’m not in the least bit phased by the lack of communication in the manager/HC search. They clearly didn’t set out thinking it would be Holden, they’ve clearly had advanced discussions with others and when those have failed, for whatever reason, they’ve turned to their fallback option. Whilst I’m not defending Ashton being, ahem, creative with the truth, to expect anything else is naive. Of course he’s going to say Holden was their prefe
  3. By a process of elimination, from the outside looking in, Neil was good value at 16/1. The club will, rightly or wrongly, be slaughtered if they appoint Holden and Cook apparently fancies a break. If they can’t compromise with Hughton then there’s real value in the market with the top three, one of which is odds on, all with their question marks. Of the names {credibly} linked Neil has always been my preference after Hughton.
  4. For sure, I’m not saying they would say that, I’m saying I think that’s the only remotely plausible thing they could say. Im sure they would say everything you’ve said, but everyone would see it for what it is, a disastrous recruitment process in which we’ve settled for an internal candidate because we couldn’t agree terms with the various external ones.
  5. Honestly can’t see it being Holden. How could they possibly spin it. The only thing they could say which would get even the smallest amount of traction is some sort of financial climate reference, and even then everyone would know that was nonsense as they were talking up promotion whilst being linked with Gerrard and Hughton. Both tonight and in the past week Holden has become more of a feature. I suspect it’s to put Cook appointment in a better light, moving him away from perception of cheap option vs Hughton and toward relief vs Holden.
  6. The problem with doing that is it’s basically firing a distress flare. It’s an unspoken acknowledgment of what is plainly obvious, things haven’t gone to plan. Not saying yourself but some of the dummy spitting is downright embarrassing. The concept that those people will be appeased by the club basically admitting it’s floundering is nonsensical. Say they come out tomorrow with a statement along the lines of ‘We continue our search etc’, how’s that going to look when they appoint Holden on Thursday. By saying nothing, though everyone will see through it, they can at least claim at u
  7. Personally I can’t see it happening, but then I’m also not sure where his next landing spot will be. Think there are some parallels to Gerrard, actually. They both strike me, in their current status, as summer appointments. I really don’t see a struggling PL club turning to Howe (or Gerrard) to keep them up, and his stock has fallen so dramatically this past year that I don’t really see a middle third PL appointing him full stop. So, for me, he actually has quite a narrow window in regard to future opportunities, a window which will certainly include top end Championship clubs. A yea
  8. In an open letter to Bournemouth fans, whilst he doesn’t indicate or suggest he needs a break from football the last paragraph, bearing in mind, you’d assume, we would already have had conversations if he’s coming here, suggests he won’t be; I’ll now be taking some time away during the summer break to enjoy some quality time with my family and I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life.
  9. Interesting thing with this one as opposed to Hughton, Cook, Holden is that, as far as I’m aware, it hasn’t been prompted by a story.
  10. Yep.. Appointing Holden would be nothing short of an admission of failure.
  11. Was thinking a week or so ago that Holden as, essentially, filler, on a 12 month ‘prove it’ type deal isn’t miles down my pecking order. Don't get me wrong, after Gerrard/Hughton it would be hugely, hugely underwhelming but I genuinely believe, contrary to what his appointment would imply, the club are aiming high. If you can't come to terms with the targets you think take you to the next level - Gerrard, Hughton, let’s throw Jokanovic etc in there as well, do you give Ryan Lowe a 2/3 year deal, turn to Robins who you don’t really want, or let Holden carry on in the hope that when a bette
  12. Really surprised by negativity surrounding his potential appointment. He’s a good candidate with promotions on his CV, {apparently} plays decent football and has an eye for a player. Club have made a rod for their own back in talking up Premier League ASAP, Gerrard/Hughton talk has clearly left people fixated on a name. But if the club are happy with their model, however much you may not like it, better to appoint someone who fits than court friction. Cook would be a 7/10 appointment for me. Some I’d prefer, others I wouldnt mind below him, plenty of others I’d prefer much less.
  13. Not saying he is or isn’t coming here, but the fact it’s been announced he’s leaving Wigan shortly after the talk of interviewing here doesnt automatically mean he is. If he’s already interviewed elsewhere, maybe we were the last suitor he wanted to hear from. Also worth noting..
  14. One of the problems with this situation is that, it seems, the majority of fans are working from the perspective that the club have made/are making a hash of appointing Hughton when, in reality, he may not be the preferred choice. I hope it is Hughton (though that’s clearly said without knowing the others in the running), but with the club having declared they’re after a ‘sort’, and the seeming common knowledge Gerrard was number one target, Gerrard to Hughton has never felt like a natural progression. For as fantastic an appointment as Hughton would be {on paper}, I actually think i
  15. If you listed the candidates I’d like, Lowe is bottom of that list. Agree he has something about him but with talk of Premier League ASAP it would have been a tough sell from the get go. With everyone now aware we pursued Gerrard and having failed, as it would be in this scenario, to get Hughton over the line, it would be an uphill task from day one. It would be a gamble, a bit of a leap, and that makes it kind of exciting. But it would be a massive comedown from Gerrard/Hughton and, unlike those two, I think it brings a high degree of risk.
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