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  1. Welcome to Chinese style social credit score, I guess this is the narrative we will need to accept to have any chance of party membership.
  2. When the solution is vaccines every year for life and a digitally controlled authoritarian system to enforce it then people are entitled to have serious reservations about the future being mapped out, people overlooking the implications of this and somehow still thinking they're righteous doesn't help much either in my view.
  3. The difference is that the rules changes were proposed by Boris so people could longer use tests to go to mass events. Once the vaccine passports are in place the goalposts can keep changing. I'm not comfortable with a new normal where if you don't take your unlicensed medication you are shut out from parts of society and it continues every 6 months or so, the green pass is being used again in Israel from next week which is a good source because they are generally ahead of us in the vax programme, if we look at them we can anticipate what will happen next here. https://www.timesofisrael.com/israeli-uk-data-offer-mixed-signals-on-vaccines-potency-against-delta-strain/ Here's another link from my favourite country Israel saying the Pfizer jab is 41% effective (against symptomatic transmission) and the UK is saying it's 88% effective. I wonder if the Washington Post will report that? Who are the scientists here and who are the vaccine sales reps posing as scientists?
  4. Sorry what I meant was that it's only a qr code and you can just take a test, well in the space of a week that has changed. Latest news from Israel is that the vaccine is only 39% effective at halting transmission, I believe that has gone done 10% in a week or so. From reading the article it sounds to me like a top up every 6 months will be needed, and be prepared to be shut out of society if you don't get your booster? https://www.timesofisrael.com/liveblog_entry/health-ministry-says-covid-vaccine-is-only-40-effective-at-halting-transmission/
  5. People want to reduce risk which makes sense. But when you are comparing 2 risk levels that are completely arbitrary and f9r the most part unknown then I have to question if people's concerns are completely rational. Agreed that BCFC are in a difficult position and can't keep everyone happy, if they have to bring in covid passports if I was them I wouldn't want to be seen as wanting to bring them in. I really hope they don't happen because I hate the idea of them, last week people were telling people with my views to stop whinging because it's only a qr code, we have seen in the space of a week this has already been disproven because it has moved on to you must be jabbed supposedly, once the system has been universally adopted I'm sure it wouldn't end there either. I think thats from April so before the delta variant? Sounds like a thorough study to be fair but not sure how long it could be realistically considered valid for.
  6. I think people have been calling this 'whataboutery' in other threads I have read. You have a fair chance of being infected from vaccinated people so to single me out as some sort of super spreader is a little unfair unless you can back it up with numbers (which I don't think you can.) I might be somewhat more risky overall but if you have had the vaccine you should reduce your risk of getting sick, people who can't get the jab for health reasons would face the same problems either way if it was only the vaccinated allowed. Personally I wouldn't go to the game if I was coughing all over the place (at least not for a friendly, joking before I scare anyone) but also I don't think double vaccinated people should either. Vaccine passports as well as not being ethical don't make a great deal of sense either. The club should not be in the business of bringing them in voluntarily unless their actual usefulness can be proved.
  7. For me it's a good move from the club, will definitely make an effort to get tickets for the home games before I'm excommunicado.
  8. First final in 55 years and only 2 goals conceded in 7 games, yes on the other hand you can say there were no real chances created after the goal, a lack of subs and what was done backfired in the pens but overall we have made progress. Disappointing when you consider the great opportunity we had but I think the best side just about won the tournament. After watching England through so many shite tournaments I can't moan with the outcome, so close and the wait goes on. .
  9. I rate Italy as a slightly better team but in a one off game like this it's largely down to the best team on the day. They are unbeaten in a stupid amount of games and we have home advantage, we have seen surprises in the fa cup and champions league finals this year and I would say these 2 teams are more evenly matched than either of those contests. I'm sure most people like me really did not believe they would get to the final, hoping they show up on the night, don't let the ocassion get to them and fingers crossed it will be enough.
  10. Had heard of Nacional who they had a rivalry with and I know are one of the big 2 clubs in Uruguay. The Bristol FC story from their POV on their wikipedia page... Quite likely if they hadn't made that decision they would have folded a few years later too and not go on and become 48 times Uruguyan champions.
  11. Guess that the Rangers fans may have 1 or 2 new chants next season ...
  12. 'Its been a ruff 18 months' at least they recognise how the team has been getting on I like it and would say it's by far the best effort this season if you include the away and gk kits too.
  13. Agreed about the limits to his power and the very tough season ahead. NP talks a good game about it being his way or goodbye but in terms of power there is only so much that can be done to change player attitudes and how many out of favour players can't be moved on? To build the type of squad mentality he wants will take time. I am hopeful players returning from injury and the academy players may contribute more than the new signings and things will be ok but big changes can go both ways.
  14. Sterling was doing nothing out of the ordinary by going down easily, Damsgaard got booked a few games ago for diving and I'm sure you can go back and say the same for all teams diving at some point during the competition. I'm sure most kids know how the game is unless its the first football game they have ever watched. For me it was clear and obvious not a pen but I don't read the laws of the game or understand how to interpret them, if you were to blame someone I would say the officials if anyone deserve it (and that's only a possibly).
  15. Wonder how much harder the players are being pushed than last season... the story of the players still not getting with it reminds me of the movie with the army drill instructor and private pyle. Funny how he comes out and says that he doesn't really like pre season, can't remember many managers being so blunt about it. If the players all came back relatively fit then I guess its largely a time to mess with the players minds and change attitudes. How much of an impact that will end up having on the pitch over the course of a season who knows, but clearly something needs to change after last years showing.
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