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  1. I really liked the documentary Louis did on alcoholism, seemed very real to me. For people who like murder documentaries I would put forward this... Really shocking but also unintentionally hilarious at times, doubt there is a documentary out there with more footage of the trial plus interviews with victims parents and the accused.
  2. Goal against the run of play and a little fortunate but great to see Scott get one. Going to be tense second half if it stays 1 goal in it.
  3. Interesting starting xi, not sure if it will work or not but will soon find out. Hopefully it's 17th time lucky
  4. Has been some turnaround for Forest since letting go of Hughton, I don't like to see clubs who do a 180 in results after getting rid of a manager do that well. But definitely a tricky time to be playing them so not confident of ending the winless run. Hoping there will be much more attacking than there was on Saturday, might be a good game to give Alex Scott some more minutes.
  5. Should the FA really be expected to have power over what members of the public say more so than serious security breaches at their events?
  6. If it was me I would bring out a yellow or green shirt every so often as the club have had those in their history before, would be interesting to see how they sell compared to at least the 5th purple and lime shirt in 8 years or whatever it is. As for the style of suits I am thinking very 80s Miami.
  7. For me probably the 1-0 loss to Rovers in the JPT, got trashed for months in school over that game. I spoke to somebody at work about them going to the 3-0 loss in 1990 which sounded far worse to be fair.
  8. Strange that Scotland have played Israel 5 times in the last 13 months and that was the first time they have beaten them if you don't include on pens. In the play offs I think if they met Switzerland or Sweden they would lose, as there are semi finals and a final stage their best bet is winning 2 close games against the likes of Poland, Serbia, Ukraine, Czech/Wales which is unlikely but not impossible. I would put their chances of qualifying for Qatar at around 10% but we will see.
  9. Have never been to Newcastle but I was always under the impression that they are a massive club. For me they are without doubt in the top 10 biggest in England and arguably higher, appreciate what people have said about early 90's and going there but I don't believe that's a fair reflection looking at the numbers over time... http://european-football-statistics.co.uk/attnclub/league/newu.htm Obviously they are pretty shite at winning trophies but I think some are extremely harsh to say they are on a par with the likes of Ipswich, just my opinion. It's a sad state of affairs when people celebrate being sold off to the highest bidder and value that above the lack of humanity of the owners. Personally I would rather stay in the lower leagues forever than be sold off to Saudi's but I have no doubts they will be up challenging for trophies soon. I wonder if the Premier league title will soon become Saudi Arabia vs Abu Dhabi which in many ways is pretty depressing to think about.
  10. I really liked it, enjoyed the storyline this time unlike Spectre and yes it was long but thought it was a good way for Craig to go out. Didn't mind the villain that much but maybe that's just because I really liked his old style lair and not because the character particularly stood out. Was concerned with all the delays in production but no it was very good watch and Lynch wasn't unbearable like I had feared.
  11. Donuts are forever You only lunch twice Marsraker Octoslushpuppy (a bit of a stretch this one)
  12. Don't mind paying a tenner to watch the stream after really enjoying the game last Saturday. If I'm honest I'm not expecting to enjoy this one quite so much but it's going to be interesting to see if they can put in a strong performance again, after so many players collapsing to the floor on full time it could be a challenge and hopefully not having Pearson there won't have an effect. Would be impressed if they get a result at the Den tonight since they have done quite poorly against Millwall in recent seasons.
  13. Tried to park the bus after getting smashed on the weekend but it backfired. They are on a bad run but I think he has a few more games to turn it around and he will. Was looking for their goals tonight and stumbled across this...
  14. Wow I was expecting a slow start from Usyk like the Chisora fight.
  15. Can see this one being either a 1-1 draw where we defend very well or Fulham are too strong for us and we get stuffed. On paper the toughest game of the season so far and after they lost last week they are going to be up for it.
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