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  1. The reason for these colours is because of the Saudi Arabia connection (sorry should have been clearer, I copied the pic from bbc website so its being reported there as genuine at least), point is when the new owners do things like this it becomes even more blatant how they have sold their soul for money. Not quite as bad as Vincent Tan changing the Cardiff home shirt colours and sticking malaysia as the sponsor but we are talking on that scale which isn't good, be interesting who the sponsor turns out to be and whether the saudi connection will be on that too.
  2. Sounds like this is going to cause a storm.
  3. This sounded a bit off to me so I had a little look into the past records and play off semi's that go to pens are basically 50/50 whether or not the home team wins. Vale were 1st and 2nd to miss last night and were given a lifeline by the dreadful technique of the next Swindon player who stepped up. Might be interesting to hear what players would have to say about that but it seems to me that it's fairly random.
  4. Have watched 4 shootouts in the past week and this was the first time the team I was rooting for won. Unlucky Swindon who play nice football and should be a good shout for automatic next season, as already mentioned horrible pen from McKirdy. I'm no Port Vale expert but I guess a bumper crowd at a club like that you could have confidently called that things like that would have happened with the Swindon players, shame that a minority are ruining pitch invasions I'm sick of hearing the media hype about this already.
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