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  1. Not really sure if I like the grey/orange or not (reminds me of that Chelsea 90s shirt) but even so I approve of the club trying out new colours for a change and something unusual for a few times in the season.
  2. She was the head of their human rights body so not really a random politician, she was the source for a lot of the claims about the thing that LeTissier got in trouble for and now she's been sacked and we are no longer hearing such extreme stories like the ones described in the articles below. None of this registered with those who were quick to judge him in the first place as minds were already made up and still are by the looks of it. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/apr/25/evidence-ukraine-women-raped-before-being-killed-say-doctors-russia-war https://bdnews24.com/people/2022/04/30/on-the-trail-of-russian-war-crimes
  3. Fair enough I could have provided better links, still think LeTissier was prejudged on this issue by those who were upset by his previous comments... https://m.dw.com/en/why-ukraines-human-rights-chief-lyudmila-denisova-was-dismissed/a-62017920 https://www.newsweek.com/lyudmila-denisova-ukraine-commissioner-human-rights-removed-russian-sexual-assault-claims-1711680
  4. I remember a lot of people on here complaining about his comments on Ukraine, yet none of the same people said a word when this woman was sacked by Ukraine's parliament for exaggerating war crimes... https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/w/ukrainian-former-human-rights-chief-admits-promoting-fake-news-to-convince-west-to-send-more-arms
  5. Looking at stats they had the 10th best PL defence (less goals let in than Man U) but have already lost Pope, Tarkowski and Mee and possibly more to come. Hard to see them taking the league by storm with an untested manager, owners out for themselves and their greatest strength on the pitch taken away. Still it's only the championship and they have parachute cash so I expect they should still be competitive enough for the play offs.
  6. This is my guess, see if I can get at least a couple right... Blackburn v Bristol City Coventry v Middlesbrough Huddersfield v Birmingham Hull v Wigan Luton v Cardiff Millwall v Watford Norwich v QPR Preston v Rotherham Reading v Sheffield Utd Stoke v Blackpool Sunderland v Burnley Swansea v West Brom
  7. In this case clearly the advantage isn't going to carry on in the growth numbers as other countries go back to being closer to 100% open they are going to have their spurts too. These are the figures I have found for 2019-21, clearly our 2021 numbers were misleadingly positive because we opened back up quicker, the European countries France, Germany and Italy are still doing worse than us over the course of 2022 apparently and then in 2023 things will reverse as they reopened a lot more in the first half of 2022. If you can prove over a long period that the european economies are outperforming ours I would be happy to see the info but posting 2023 growth numbers by itself is not very useful analysis. https://www.icaew.com/insights/viewpoints-on-the-news/2022/Apr-2022/Chart-of-the-week-G7-economic-growth
  8. I think that over time local people would be more comfortable missing games and some would lose some attachment to their clubs eventually effecting revenue, but obviously there will be others (like those who live long distances) who will feel greater attachment to the club having an opportunity to pay to stream games. Matchday income on stuff like food would go down, not sure if that would make a big difference or not. I don't have particularly strong feelings on the blackout either way but if lifted I think over the long term that revenue would be more likely to go down than up.
  9. As many european economies only gradually reopened throughout the early months in 2022 where as the UK was open much quicker it stands to reason that their growth figures would be better than the UK's in 2023 because of that. The time frame chosen is obviously going to make the UK look worse, if you can back up your point over a different time frame then I would give it more value. According to RAC these were the fuel prices a couple of weeks ago and UK is not the worst so you are again being selective with the data you are revealing/not revealing... https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/travel/advice/european-fuel-prices-petrol-and-diesel-prices-in-europe/
  10. I agree there are other big reasons like OPEC countries currently limiting supply but this is still partly a consequence of military action/sanctions which are supported wholeheartedly by those having a whinge here, and the government really should keep revenues high because of all the previous borrowing they have done. I don't like paying these prices either but would still argue that the UK's current financial situation is a greater factor to this than any profiteering, the cost of living crisis is clearly going to get worse and I think people moaning about expensive diesel today are going to look very soft as this situation escalates. I have just looked at the graph and have read the headlines the other day, however the missing information I think is that we locked down less than a lot of the other countries and that was one of the reasons that we had a better growth in 2021 than most in the G20 and this correction was due as other countries opened up later. I think it's quite misleading just giving out that data by itself although I am happy to be corrected if we are performing much worse overall over a longer time frame.
  11. Point I am making is the first to support weapons being sent and things like sanctions on oil (and label anyone who questions them as a putin supporter) are also the first to complain when they have to pay for increased fuel if this thread is anything to go by. I believe the 11.8bn that you only choose to mention was pretty miniscule compared to the £400bn+ that was borrowed in total for covid, if you continuously ask for more money printing then don't be surprised when you get squeezed down the road.
  12. Higher tax revenue helps us to replace all the weapons that we are currently giving away.
  13. First thoughts are No team can have nice kits every season but hopefully they will make a good away kit this season.
  14. Wales weren't pretty today but from what I seen they got the first goal and defended well throughout, have never been a big fan of their goalkeeper Hennessey but he made some important saves today. Ukraine played better and were a little unlucky but Wales is not an easy place to go to and get a result at the moment. For me from an England point of view a game against Wales at the world Cup is a much more exciting occasion than a game against Ukraine. Whilst England should qualify fairly easily on paper I think being overconfident might be a real problem as will be playing 3 teams who will look to soak things up and frustrate, getting 2010 vibes from the world cup group but hopefully England stay professional and get the pts needed to finish 1st this time around.
  15. The reason for these colours is because of the Saudi Arabia connection (sorry should have been clearer, I copied the pic from bbc website so its being reported there as genuine at least), point is when the new owners do things like this it becomes even more blatant how they have sold their soul for money. Not quite as bad as Vincent Tan changing the Cardiff home shirt colours and sticking malaysia as the sponsor but we are talking on that scale which isn't good, be interesting who the sponsor turns out to be and whether the saudi connection will be on that too.
  16. Sounds like this is going to cause a storm.
  17. This sounded a bit off to me so I had a little look into the past records and play off semi's that go to pens are basically 50/50 whether or not the home team wins. Vale were 1st and 2nd to miss last night and were given a lifeline by the dreadful technique of the next Swindon player who stepped up. Might be interesting to hear what players would have to say about that but it seems to me that it's fairly random.
  18. Have watched 4 shootouts in the past week and this was the first time the team I was rooting for won. Unlucky Swindon who play nice football and should be a good shout for automatic next season, as already mentioned horrible pen from McKirdy. I'm no Port Vale expert but I guess a bumper crowd at a club like that you could have confidently called that things like that would have happened with the Swindon players, shame that a minority are ruining pitch invasions I'm sick of hearing the media hype about this already.
  19. Harsh reality of league 1? All the promoted clubs from league 2 stayed up last season and almost half the clubs there will have smaller budgets than what the gas will have.
  20. For all the corners and the possession I would say that apart from the block by Jacobsen it was pretty comfortable for Wycombe 2nd half. Expect them to lose the final now but would like to see them win. Unlucky MK who got a very high pts total in the season but a club who have a terrible play off record.
  21. Was expecting the Wycombe goal to be more bombarded 2nd half then it has been. Seeing it out well so far although MK probably trying to mix it up bringing on a big man.
  22. Watching MK v Wycombe at the moment, if I had to choose I want Wycombe to go up because thought it was a bit harsh being in the champ last time with no crowds. Missed the first leg but could get tense tonight if MK score and get within 1 goal. In the championship I will go for Luton to go up and for league 2 Mansfield.
  23. Had to keep restarting my stream but watched most of that and canelo he clearly lost, fair play for taking on a bigger opponent but it was too much of a bridge to overcome.
  24. I have been to Turf Moor and Goodison but for some reason never to Elland Road. Like Leeds as a city and wouldn't mind going back to watch football although City seem to always do crap there.
  25. Not really sure what the appeal is for people going to games to film the entire thing but must admit I quite like watching taking in the atmosphere of random games especially the lower divisions.
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