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  1. I must be in the minority, but it really wouldn't surprise me if we get a point at Bournemouth and beat Norwich. We are picking up points playing poorly, I'd love to see what we can do when we really kick into gear
  2. We'd have lost that game under LJ
  3. Then why open it? I asked a civil polite question. You answer with petty childish jibes If you don't like it, don't open it. Is it that hard??? Seems like I'm not the only one that needed instructions on how to use a forum
  4. Do you know how to tolerate people? Do you know how to ignore threads that annoy you? Clearly not.... Why not try it
  5. When are we on sky? Seem to have missed the announcements
  6. Forest been excellent last ten mins. Great balls from the wings
  7. I've been critical of the hype generated about the likes of Massengo and Morrell etc, However, Bakinson just feels a different animal all together. He looks a class act, strong on the ball, passes the ball forward and plays quick. No doubt I could end up with egg on my face, but I'd bet my mortgage this lad will be in the Prem this time next year He's got the lot!
  8. What a complete and utter I love you How do people like this get jobs and keep them? I'd hate to have a Muppet like that running our club
  9. Fair enough... I'll take my thread bashing agenda elsewhere, tail between legs
  10. Does it matter!!!!! The thread police are back Does it really hurt if he wants to start a thread about this???
  11. Not sure we can demand that! And besides they'll keep that information under wraps until the last minute Let's not rush to bomb out Bakinson and Moore etc. One bad game. Bakinson has been superb since getting his place in the team Pato change perhaps, but that's as much to do with fitness as anything Same for wells.
  12. I'd like to make an official complaint At no point in your "what to expect" did you mention we'd gift three points to Boro, followed by a melt down on OTIB ready to slate a young and talented player. Please ensure better accuracy moving forward
  13. Matthew me


    If anyone does that , they need to be immediately banned and registered as Gas heads . They're better suited to the other side of the city
  14. Matthew me


    Fair point...let's fire DH and bring back GJ/LJ combo.
  15. DH can't win!!! If he rotates and we lose, he would get hammered for being a tinkerman He went with a team that's managed to keep us in the top two. No issue with his selection Calm down!.... I'm sure we will rotate a couple to allow for some rest. Fresh legs and competition for places, all good.
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