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  1. Great win for the lads
  2. To me, the players looked tired. I think Southgate needed to make more than 2 changes to the starting line up.
  3. I've lost my coverage in the States - ESPN has switched to Baseball.
  4. According to Transfermarkt, he joined the Leicester U23s in Feb. https://www.transfermarkt.us/cole-dasilva/profil/spieler/346480
  5. I can't understand how Keith Stroud is being considered. Unless the Championship clubs have decided to fob him off by telling the PL how great he is....
  6. There are ways for clubs to help themselves. Developing players and selling at a profit is one. I think Championship clubs could also collectively refuse to pay high fees for loan players from the PL, as they are developing players for them. I do agree wages are too high.
  7. Todd Kane certainly doesn't like him.
  8. Maybe we should be trying to sign Marcondes on a free?
  9. At this stage, I don't see Swansea finishing with 11.
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