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  1. I think this a great move for all three parties - us, Shrewsbury and Moore. We get at least some of his wages off the books, and if he does well, we can activate the 1 year option and try and get some money (assuming the marketplace is better in a year). Shrewsbury get a player they can hopefully improve, and Moore gets a chance to play and better himself.
  2. I can't say that I'm unhappy with this news.
  3. Very good news! Now for a RB/RWB and Defensive CM.
  4. I think the whole Mbappe saga has been a hoot. Yes, PSG are spending ridiculous money to keep him. I personally think PSG are doing creative financing to avoid being fined. Real Madrid offered him ridiculous money, but he chose to stay. What I don't get is why the Spanish League are getting involved and throwing their toys out of the pram. If it had been any English team, the EPL, FA or Football League would've stayed out of it.
  5. I'm suggesting that if the fan had not been there, like the rules say he shouldn't, this topic wouldn't exist. I'm not condoning what McBurnie did in any way shape or form, but it wouldn't have happened had the fan followed the rules.
  6. I personally dislike Oli McBurnie, but on this point, I think nothing should happen to him. The Forest fan should not have been on the pitch. Plain and simple.
  7. Absolutely appalling. Heard Sharp needed stitches. I think more needs to be done, than just banning the guy from games, otherwise it'll keep happening.
  8. Welcome to the club, Mark. Hope you do well for us.
  9. Good luck to Callum. For whatever reason it didn't work out for him with us. Hope he finds a better fit.
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