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  1. I thought with no streams there's only one person we could trust...
  2. Was 6 days ago by looks of it. His post says 10th June
  3. Could be posts from his holiday and he is in the UK already. Never know with social media stuff
  4. It's just a lot of people have gone early on twitter, it just makes me nervous ha
  5. I don't want to sound negative but until the club officially announce it, I'm trying to stay calm . I still remember Nketiah
  6. Wonder if we are awaiting this deal before announcing more signings ?
  7. Wonder if there will be two one in home and one in away kit
  8. Darn, I knew I had it before. They should bring it back especially with this whole one team image
  9. Does anyone know if you get a discount on season tickets for having a Bristol city one?
  10. Can I donate my £0.68 to the transfer funds for the summer
  11. How have I only just got round to watching this? Well worth a watch for any who haven't!
  12. Thank you! FFP goes over my head I get it on a base level but confuses the hell out of me when looking at other clubs and how the get around certain elements!
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