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  1. Going up a level or down a level. We are due a religation battle it's been 4 years.
  2. He's going to need all the luck he can get poor bloke. The powers that be have missed an opportunity to progress the club. I hope he does well but we have been down this road a few times over the years. Cant help feeling let down big time.
  3. Unfortunately it was always going to be a cheap option in the current climate to promote from within. I just wish the club could admit for once they only have the desire for championship football which is ok if the entertainment value exists and playing standards are maintained. Selling to stand still with little ambition to progress up to the prem means they have stagnated this year. Hopefully we will not be getting a repeat of previous no2 appointments and face a religation battle come Christmas.
  4. Same old city. Flatter to deceive.
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