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  1. A lot of praise for Semenyo coming of age here and rightly so, not so many (unless I have missed it) mentioning that it is probably to do with NP coaching him and managing him in a way that no-one else has. Once we have cleaned house, we can be very excited that players with potential become better under a top pedigree coach.
  2. Absolute nonsense. Respect your opinion but I have listed all of the games from that season excluding the two play-off semi’s that stick in my mind from that season and always will. This was a close knit team riding high off a promotion, providing entertaining and high octane football. Two speedy but bordering on nasty wingers, playing off a base of a showman cult hero keeper, with an all time club legend at centre half. Add in (more often than given credit for) sprinkles of genuine magic from Trundle and Noble, played out in front of a vocal and passionate genuine supporter base. Some people just do not view football the way I do and I genuinely feel sorry for them. QPR (h) Norwich (a) Norwich (h) Watford (a) Hull C (h) Coventry (a) Sheff Utd (h) Stoke C (h) Scunthorpe (h) Sheff W (a) Southampton (h)
  3. Two performances v us this season that I liked. Got fitter training himself in his local park during lockdown than he would have done with us, then got played at left-wing when he was ready! Good player, great bloke.
  4. I worry for the lad. Mad he is playing Championship football to be honest. I will defend a Bristol lad to the hilt but Towler is way off. The Watford (a) shambles last year was a hard watch and the fact he is near the first team says more about the club than him. Needs managing carefully.
  5. Very good centre-forward. At a time when we seemed to be basing selecting our personnel on “good humans”, it was odd that we never signed this guy permanently as he is one of the best humans in the game. Go well Benik.
  6. This thread has an almost unbelievable number of posts that make absolutely no sense. So….. on the logic here, any manager overseeing a side that comes from behind deserves less credit for picking a side that was behind in the first place. @RedNachos @Chivs - special mentions for you on this. Stupendous stuff. Great 3 points. On we go.
  7. My thoughts too, but the point is imagine being that pig-headed.
  8. Strange post. However - they cannot be true Gas. I know a couple of Rovers fellas and they declined a Covid vaccine at The Gate.
  9. That pass from God Taylor is the stuff of dreams. One of the finest moments of that era. Not sure we will ever see a more “all-round” centre-forward at the Gate again. Pretty much the perfect No.9. £300k for him was daylight robbery and the day he was sold to The Baggies was one of a number of times my club has made me cry, when my old man broke the news. Couldn't believe it.
  10. In answer to this thread, if, and I hope it never happens, Mark Ashton rolls up in BS3, we summon the powers of all that have gone before in our Ashton Gate temple and have him tripping over his shiny suit trousers as he scarpers across Ashton Park after the most hostile of receptions from man, woman, boy and girl. Merry Christmas fellow Reds
  11. He said that they had been scouting Marv for 3 months and never seen him kick a ball with his left and then he did that. Once Gas - always Gas. Horrible bloke. The personification of anti-football.
  12. I think LJ must be looking at Nketiah and wondering why when he was manager here he never made a move for him on loan. I mean we could have at least tried, surely. Its not like we would have put all our eggs in one basket is it?
  13. LJ was his own worst enemy come the end. Over-thought everything. Lockdown pickled his football brain I think. I still remember the first home game back after the footballing Covid break and we had all that time to get Afobe fit, primed to make a charge for the play-offs and LJ played Benik wide left. Sheffield Wednesday I think. It was baffling.
  14. Newcastle - “best fans in the world” nonsense grates on me. Their gates sunk during the late 80’s early 90’s until Keegan came. Their treatment of Steve Bruce was vile. Everton - nothing club since the 80’s and whinging entitled fan base much like Newcastle. Merry Christmas.
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