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  1. Robbie Carnage obliterating half of Merseyside with his elbows that night at Tranmere didn’t help!
  2. 1988 Play-off final replay v Walsall, Fellows Park. In the first leg we managed to lose 1-3 at the Gate, after being 1-0 up with 28 mins left infront of 25,000, and then won 2-0 at Walsall to haul us level in the tie, after which we conspired to lose a pen shoot out for home advantage in the final replay. 19 mins into said replay - Walsall 3-0 Bristol City. A 270 minute slow death with City typically keeping us interested but then imploding. Almost a perfect set of matches to sum us up over the last 35 years. David Kelly 5 goals across the 3 games. First time I was old enough to experience genuine heartbreak as a City fan.
  3. Love him. Just what we need. Saw glimpses of it at Millwall and again today but he likes a chirp and wants to get involved. About time we had some gob in there who is not afraid to put a foot in. Bet he is great around the club too. Keep him fit and and others have said, a midfield of Williams, James and Massengo is very very exciting.
  4. Obvious what my all time favourite is!
  5. Fantastic player. Will get better with better players around him in a good side - which we will become with patience and under NP. It is fortunate we kept him until now and credit to him for sticking it out. LJ tried to make him a new Makalele, and poor old Dean Holden did not have the first clue to do with a player of his potential and footballing upbringing. Would love us to get him tied down to a contract. Could have a side built around him.
  6. TomThumb84


    Yeah looks like its just you. In fact, in hindsight, he should have not even run for that chance. When the ball somehow found itself to him, he should have blazed the ball into our away end, ripped his City shirt off, whilst revealing a t-shirt with Stan Bowles and Les Ferdinand on. God help us.
  7. When we talk about “natural finishers”, this man started it. RIP Jimmy.
  8. Oh my god this is the best thing I have ever seen. Just when I thought today could not get any better Ashton gives me this. Cruise meets Brent meets Knighton.
  9. TomThumb84


    * Weird. (Extra education)! Shall we just celebrate a win and be happy for a player who got a great last minute winner? Have a good evening.
  10. TomThumb84


    Would you like a CV? My experience is irrelevant. My comment was based on nonsense about him I have read on here which in my opinion is all of what I said.
  11. TomThumb84


    Consummate professional who gets unfair and unfounded and uneducated stick on here for no apparent reason. Very pleased for him.
  12. Wahhhhayyyyy here he is!! Massive win masterminded by NP, get yourself a cider!
  13. Is it time?!?!? Another win on the road for the Robins!!! Haaa what a ridiculous original post this was. Have a good night fellow Redssss!!!!!
  14. Vyner only Championship standard sporadically I am afraid. Below average centre-half, holding midfielder, and now right-back. Of the age where I think unfortunately must be one to move on and then reinvest the funds.
  15. Yeah sorry meant to quote something else. Been a long day!
  16. 2 defeats in 7 games this season. Delivered so far.
  17. Are we including the close season in that? I am worried about this season. We stayed in the division last year.
  18. I was expecting us to stay in the division and avoid relegation. A season of consolidation with a few scares along the way. What I have seen so far has been encouraging and I think my expectations will be met.
  19. 2 defeats from 7 this season. Not the worst start to a season by a long way.
  20. If some of the posters on here are actually a representation of our home support then its no wonder we cannot buy a home win. I think sometimes we have an inordinate amount of fans that do not know a lot about football and I cannot work out why.
  21. Yes you are right. Its time. With two defeats in 7 this year, after the start of a rebuild we have not seen the likes of since the great man Terry Cooper led us out of the darkness, it is clearly time. How we are not 100% at this stage, and smashing teams 3-0 every week is a disgrace. In fact I will be glued to this forum all night without any sleep expecting Nigel Pearson to do the decent thing and resign. In fact he should never manage a football club again after dropping points this season with the abundance of riches and strong core club mentality he inherited. Give me strength.
  22. Starting to become, if it was not already, a psychological problem. The record at the new Ashton Gate is frankly abysmal. Too nice a place for away fans and teams, not enough vitriol or demand from our own fans. It will be 16 without a win by the time Bournemouth leave our carpet of a surface with a smile on their faces.
  23. Extending your astounding run of catastrophic posts with a belter here my friend!
  24. Nigel Pearson joined because Mark Ashton had switched off/was asleep at the wheel and allowed the process to happen knowing he was on his toes to Ipswich, and did not care on what terms the new manager joined. Prior to this, when Holden was appointed, Ashton desperately needed to buy some time and it was important his position was not diluted in order to exact his exit strategy. Hence, any experienced manager that was interviewed could see the problems in our club and surely sought to amend/rectify as part of their vision moving forward which was not acceptable. Hence we ended up with Dean Holden. The cards fell perfectly for Mark Ashton, during possibly the most conceited and self-serving 12 months any individual has had at our club. Injury crisis’ not being dealt with, transfer insanity, contracts being allowed to run down and literally millions of pounds walking out of our door unchecked. Ultimately it set us back 3 years, but we can thank our lucky stars it did not cost us our Championship status as that could have led to 82 repeating itself, and that we ended up with Nigel Pearson at the end of it. If you think this is over-dramatic it is not. We have been very fortunate.
  25. Ipswich Town. My favourite sub-plot this season is developing perfectly. Who knew that bunging together 19 expensive players, with no cohesion or knowledge on if they can play together, signed by a CEO, who has a narcissism complex, would result in this? Oh yes, we did, Oxford did, Watford did. Watch the cracks start to appear between him and Cook. Not sure Paul Cook will toe the party line like Johnson/Holden did here.
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