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  1. For me, theres two sides to this. I do not expect our manager to talk after what was essentially a training exercise, with players swapping teams and extra minutes etc. The club should not be showing this for money on Robins TV either in my opinion but thats another story. Gregor should have perhaps kept his powder dry. So really there is not a massive story here. However, I have gone on record to say that I am a Pearson fan and that I believe he will be a success over the longterm here with the right autonomy and backing, but, I think he has read the fanbase wrong here. Following the cloak and dagger Ashton era, and the inexplicable appointment of Dean Holden plus the fabrication around contracts/Fam/injuries, that ranged from outright untruths to silence, I think he should be more communicative and transparent. There is a dis-trust between club and supporters that has crept in and Nige’s front and centre when it comes to rebuilding that. For that reason only, he should be speaking to media and maybe answering questions that he deems tedious. Once he has some wins on the board - do what he wants.
  2. Has to be Matty James, with Bentley as vice. I think Kalas took a lot of what happened last year personally and it came out of him in negative ways. He is clearly a proud man with a great pedigree at Championship level and has performed admirably at International level. He knows this deep down and being appointed captain of Dean Holdens Bristol City is probably a low and embarrassing point of his career in hindsight. This overspilled in declining desperate performances and his media outings towards the end of the season. Hopefully Nige strikes a bond with him, Kalas buys into it and has nothing to worry about other than blocking it, heading it, and kicking it away.
  3. Palmers comments about being the fittest he has been in 3 years is down to respect for his manager, and wanting to impress, because he feels believed in. Pearson clearly has that sort of respect for Nahki Wells too and it appears mutual. We all know Nige did not have a great end to last season and should rightfully start to be judged now, however, in football, especially with big ego’s and characters, you either command respect or earn it. Thats the difference we have started to make in appointing Pearson.
  4. I really struggle with womens football as I cannot tell if it is any good or not. To elaborate, I am always comparing it to the game that I am used to watching - the mens game. For example there are those who will tell me that Ellen White’s second was good whereas I thought it was a weak effort into the middle of the goal that should have been easily saved. I would like womens football to be a success but in order to do so it needs to be treated as a completely different product to the mens game and the variables changed for more entertaining viewing. For example, smaller pitches, smaller goals, 3 x 25 minute thirds for a match…. Interest and peoples time and money -will which is limited - will never go into something that is treated the same, but is ultimately so inferior to another product that it is naturally trying to be compared to. As it stands, unless someone has an emotional or sentimental attachment to womens football then it is hard to see where the audience is coming from and that is unfair.
  5. Good luck Tommy and all the best. A solid pro that was probably signed as a utility player and ended up as our first choice left-back/left wing-back due to an inability of our hierarchy to sign natural back-up for Jay Dasilva or keep Dasilva fit. Rarely let us down but it epitomises the failings or our club that he was a regular in our side.
  6. In my relatively short time as an active poster on this forum, this is by far the most ludicrous post I have read by some distance. That is an incredible achievement.
  7. Surely not. This is the England manager that said he would “pick on form”. Grealish has been our best player the last 5 times he has pulled on an England shirt and Foden has been irresistible for Man City and often favoured by Pep over Sterling. Sterling and Rashford both in very indifferent form, lacking goals for their clubs and neither has a major tournament goal - 0 in 12 for Sterling.
  8. The jealous bile spouted by this “fan” is tangible. I have never read so much nonsense, and carrying around that amount of hatred, delusion and negativity is not healthy. This overly-wordy and dramatic piece of literature which includes evocative terms such as “terrorism, sadistic, and bully” smacks of a very bitter individual who feels he/she needs to justify their wasted degree in Sociology whilst hating the side of the fence fate left him/her on, and has put that together on many a dark night over probably a 10 year period, manically tweaking it until they could unleash this “masterpiece” on a Rovers forum. Unfortunately he/she is pretty representative of Rovers fans of a certain generation and he/she will be one of the one first talking non-stop about City next year and looking for our result as their own side slips further into insignificance in front of 6000 pairs of eyes. Astonishing indeed.
  9. Oh for a Number 10 like Luke Freeman bursting through winning 50/50 decisions on dodgy penalties. I really liked Freeman at Stevenage when he was a proper left-winger. A lot of people (rightly) laud LJ for his “conversion” of Bobby Reid, but Cotts pulling Freeman out of Stevenage and turning him into a menacing and all-action 10 was a master-stroke that season. Awfully mis-managed when Cotts left and we should have used him or got at least £5m for him. Mark Little was a proper force up and down that right side too. League One Cafu. What a side.
  10. Agreed, so looking forward to not seeing you post until August.
  11. Ellwood v. Patchway Town, now there was a fixture back in the mid-late ninieties! And not for the feint-hearted, I played in the County League at that time (not for either of the mentioned) and a warm welcome was always extended to Bristol clubs from our friends in the Forest! The locals ensured the game was often played on a pitch that ended up about 40 feet wide. I started at right back and after all sorts of abuse I would more often that not end up as one of four centre-halves with our left-back doing the same! Great days!
  12. Recall him?! I recall racing to get on a post at corners rather than leave to chance I might have to go against him in the air! Cadbury Heath he was at the time I think.
  13. Great guy and a clever signing by Cotts. Part of a wonderful “team” that was put together. Goes to show that you can spend millions on individuals but if you can get the right blend then its worth more than “marquee” vanity signings, the likes of which we have seen as standard since SC left the club. There would have been few that would have chose Alby as our sharp edge that season but he was perfect for SC’s vision. Proper pro, proper bloke. I will always wish him well and hope to see him back at the Gate in some capacity in the future as I am sure he will be a big success on the coaching side of the game.
  14. I think there needs to be an enquiry immediately. What a terrible season for Burnley and rather than the points they accumulated meaning anything at all, they should be relegated straight-away as they are chosen last sometimes for a BBC highlights programme. How did this make it past the rule-makers of our once great game.
  15. A few here making a “should be a regular in a side because he plays for Wales” narrative here. Wales are not where they were in 2016 and if they were a Championship side would likely finish mid to lower half (maybe League One standard without Bale), so should not be a surprise that he is not good enough for Luton, and certainly is not good enough for us if we were to kick on.
  16. First game was Sat 25th August 1984 in the Dolman vs Wigan. A 2-0 victory on a sunny day with my Dad and Grandad. I am pretty sure that Tom Ritchie and Glyn Riley scored that day. My Dad and Grandad were always in the East End but thought I would be best in the Dolman at my age then. Was not long until we were all in the East End and I watched games being held up perched on a terrace pole! Funny but its those games I watched in my younger days I remember more, they were magical almost, can remember the smell of the turf and the constant noise and characters/voices around at the time, specifically: 1988, Doncaster 1-0 (Colin Gordon), & Sheffield Utd in the play-offs, pretty much every home game in the 89/90 season, Blackburn in the 90/91 season, Porstmouth in 92… loads more….. Shortly after these I played most Saturdays so there was a gap which may explain my memories being loaded that way, but what atmospheres and times they truly were. Nostalgia eh! It ain’t what is used to be!
  17. I am slightly amused by Sunderland fans though. Having watched the Netflix documentary and viewed their opinions from afar over the last few seasons, they seem to think that they have a divine right to be promoted without question, despite the complete shambles the club has become. LJ is expected to win every minute of every game and as we all know he can go literally months without one when he gets on a roll. Not a good mix I fancy, but who do they want and expect? Sir Alex to come out of retirement to return the magnificent mackems to their “rightful place”?! May 19th 44 years ago was a tough night for them thanks to us, and tonight is no better! Well done The Imps!!
  18. Streaky Lee - 1 win at 10 at this level this will be, and Lincoln have best away record in the league. Why does this happen to his teams all the time? Happens too often to him to be coincidence.
  19. Its for this reason and many others on here that it is just unsatisfactory and unsavoury all round. This is the clubs fault, once the player missed a deadline (not that there appeared to be one) for signing, you sell or discard from the matchday club. We were left with an out of contract, out of form, unhappy centre-forward, through professional incompetence, which we then compounded by basically saying he would start every week regardless “value on the pitch”. Complete shambles.
  20. So by that then, in January, the person responsible for tying down a £5.3m asset to a contract, or getting a compensatory fee for him if he was not going to sign had no idea and left it to a game of chance and bluffs? Sorry don’t buy that. Surely we know or should know through him and his representatives what it would take for him to say. The basics of economics make that affordable or not. It becomes a yes or no and the balance of decision should always be with the club if they were doing their jobs properly. If we did not want him to stay, or could not afford what he wanted, then decisiveness and leadership was needed to sell him or drop him from the squad. The “value on the pitch”, “one of our best ever contract offers” farce is not laughable in hindsight and was clearly a face-saving stand-point for a deficiency in Ashtons duty in the role. It also meant all the other players who we now know were not offered contracts must have been scratching their heads. The day Johnson left (rightly), in hindsight, has set about a chain of embarrassing decisions made by this club, sadly, but predictably mainly due to the “House of Cards” that Ashton had built. And whilst I am at it, I believe Fam should have gone anyway a couple of years ago when it was obvious he was never going to get 20 goals a season and blew hot and cold. Seems harsh based on his goal return and likeability but all in all not sure he was ever value for the money or loyalty we showed him.
  21. Agree, in the best case scenario SL was trusting of a professional that pulled the wool over his eyes, I hope this is the case and it feels like once SL took a look behind the curtain he was horrified, hence the massive changes.
  22. Something completely disingenuous about everything to do with this. Lets not forget that this information was given to a Sky commentator over a coffee and released during the Norwich game. Not through Radio Bristol, or Gregor, or the official site, and Mark Ashton was quoted directly. As I have said before and I will say again, Ashton appears to have dropped a lot of plates during the time he was brokering his escape plan to Ipswich, and I can only imagine the view of the players on him. Absolutely disgraceful that he can paper over what he has done here and not be held to professional account.
  23. Bo Andersen the keeper came with some decent pedigree and a bit of a fanfare from Denmark. Seem to remember he looked about 5 foot 6 inches tall - don’t get me wrong, many have shrunk in front of the goalmouths at Ashton Gate but he seemed soooo short.
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