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  1. I have come to the conclusion that there are around a dozen posters here that are given the task of spouting absolute nonsense to generate debate and traffic.

    These posters cleverly hide this face by being unable to spell, offer reasoned opinion and/or display minimal football knowledge so that everyone else feels the need to respond.

    Its either that or right now we have the football team some of our fanbase deserves.


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  2. Just now, Rossi the Robin said:

    Change the whole pre match routine- as now it’s  the same tunes, videos, Downsy  etc, it’s de ja vue

    Freshen it up, might make a difference - might sound a bit leftfield, but this little bit of change might help change the mentality slightly enough just to get the win 

    This isn’t a bad idea.

    It does feel so samey down there. Need to change the atmosphere.

    The thing that annoyed me the most tonight was Taylor grabbing the ball as they knew they could win it. Imagine that, not settling for a point away but knowing they had 3 minutes to win at and believing they could.

    What does that say that other clubs think about us? Vulnerable? Brittle? Soft?

    On a par with Rowett saying last year that we were basically 3 points in waiting.

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  3. How anyone can criticise Nahki Wells tonight just has an agenda.

    Played on the shoulder, lovely timed runs in-behind, shot on sight which led to our goal, a post-hit, and a great effort from distance. Also held it and rarely gave it away.

    We should invest in him. He cost us £5m and we rarely use him wisely and when we do he always looks sharp and a threat. Its the lack of players around him to get the best out of him thats the issue.

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  4. Just now, Northern Red said:

    Deffo jizzed his pants in injury time.

    Could barely type whilst searching for this thread I expect out of sheer glee and laughter. A long night ahead for him unable to sleep with the anticipation of all the reaction he may cause. Wow.

  5. 3 hours ago, OneCity said:

    Mate, I think it's slightly worse than you remember. After getting back into it by winning that second leg 2-0, Ralph Milne missed a damn sitter right near the end! That goal would put us into division 2 right then and there.

    To cap it off, we lost the replay 4-0 (not 3-0), or so I recall.

    But I agree, if there was any set of games that sums us up over the last 30 years, it was the play-offs of '88.

    Colin Gordon secured our spot with a very late winner on the last game of the season, filling us all with hope. We beat Sheff Utd 1-0 in first leg of the semis and take a slender lead to Brammall Lane. We almost screw it up, but there was Carl Shutt in the dying minutes to equalize with a stooping header. Scenes! And we're filled with hope again...

    Cue David Kelly.

    The end.

    Yeah 4-0 but 3-0 down after 19 mins!!

    All of this after that Colin Gordon winner on a horrific rainy day at the Gate v Brian Deane and Doncaster.

    Gordon nearly took the keepers head off and fouled him at least 4 times during that goal!!

  6. On 12/10/2021 at 23:54, hollydog said:

    That was as grim as anything for a decade or so.

    Tranmere - conceding 6 on a Friday night 89/90 wasn’t fun.

    Robbie Carnage obliterating half of Merseyside with his elbows that night at Tranmere didn’t help!

  7. 1988 Play-off final replay v Walsall, Fellows Park.

    In the first leg we managed to lose 1-3 at the Gate, after being 1-0 up with 28 mins left infront of 25,000, and then won 2-0 at Walsall to haul us level in the tie, after which we conspired to lose a pen shoot out for home advantage in the final replay.

    19 mins into said replay - Walsall 3-0 Bristol City.

    A 270 minute slow death with City typically keeping us interested but then imploding. Almost a perfect set of matches to sum us up over the last 35 years.

    David Kelly 5 goals across the 3 games.

    First time I was old enough to experience genuine heartbreak as a City fan.


  8. Love him. Just what we need. Saw glimpses of it at Millwall and again today but he likes a chirp and wants to get involved.

    About time we had some gob in there who is not afraid to put a foot in.

    Bet he is great around the club too.

    Keep him fit and and others have said, a midfield of Williams, James and Massengo is very very exciting.

  9. Fantastic player.

    Will get better with better players around him in a good side - which we will become with patience and under NP.

    It is fortunate we kept him until now and credit to him for sticking it out. LJ tried to make him a new Makalele, and poor old Dean Holden did not have the first clue to do with a player of his potential and footballing upbringing.

    Would love us to get him tied down to a contract. Could have a side built around him.

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  10. 9 hours ago, robin_unreliant said:

    Is it just me who is a tad cynical about NW suddenly putting in a good performance at QPR?

    Maybe he felt more confident there due to his record of scoring for them and it was just a mental thing. I recall Dhiedou having a great game at Middlesbrough last season, with them being one of the teams rumoured to want to sign him. He immediately went back to being poor from there on. It looked like he was actually trying to make an impression in that one match.

    Hope we don't see the same from Nahki but I wouldn't be that surprised 

    Yeah looks like its just you.

    In fact, in hindsight, he should have not even run for that chance. When the ball somehow found itself to him, he should have blazed the ball into our away end, ripped his City shirt off, whilst revealing a t-shirt with Stan Bowles and Les Ferdinand on.

    God help us.

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  11. Just now, GTFABM said:

    No i don’t think i need one. Just trying to make your opinion seem more relevant by calling them uneducated seems wierd.

    * Weird. (Extra education)!

    Shall we just celebrate a win and be happy for a player who got a great last minute winner?

    Have a good evening.

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  12. 13 minutes ago, GTFABM said:

    Just out of interest what football education have you had?

    Would you like a CV? My experience is irrelevant. My comment was based on nonsense about him I have read on here which in my opinion is all of what I said.

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  13. 4 minutes ago, The Dolman Pragmatist said:

    How many more times this season are we going to read this?  Rebuild, no money, bad results to be expected, would have lost it last season, progress.  The fact is that Pearson picked an unbalanced team, with several players out of position, that played very poorly and didn’t deserve anything out of the game.  Is this Emperors New Clothes?  Are we all going to continue to see progress, even after another two shocking home performances?  We played better football with a substantially weaker squad in the first half of last season.  Nothing against the man (except the subbing of an out of position Alex Scott in the 35th minute was savage), but he has to start delivering results.  If our home form remains like this, we will be relegated.

    2 defeats in 7 games this season. Delivered so far.

  14. Just now, Phileas Fogg said:

    I’m not too sure what people were expecting from this season. Before the season started the consensus seemed to be that most would be happy with mid-table. We’d win a few, lose a few and draw a few. Not enough for playoffs but not bad enough to go down.

    We look to be basically achieving that as things stand. What has changed from people’s pre-season expectations?

    I get that it’s disappointing that we haven’t won at home and I think many City fans feel Luton are the sort of team we should be beating. Doesn’t work like that though. 

    I was expecting us to stay in the division and avoid relegation. A season of consolidation with a few scares along the way.

    What I have seen so far has been encouraging and I think my expectations will be met.

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