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  1. “His only attribute is goals”…. That’ll do for me! Thanks! The poor work-rate/attitude is a lazy conclusion that seems attached to the player without any substance. You say no resale value, and I agree. Lets get his value on the pitch (cant believe I just said that…!)
  2. That style of play from Swansea will see them take some hidings this year. Having heard the build-up and the way the commentators spoke about Russell Martin and his incredible reinvention of football, I rushed to the interweb to see if I could harness or spend all night pouring over the new master of football, however I was surprised to see that last season, MK Dons had not in fact beaten Brazil 70, or had the Dutch total football sides of the 70’s purring at his innovative pure football style, BUT HAD FINISHED 13TH IN LEAGUE ONE. Honestly….
  3. I thought Pring and Scott were hooked too early. I would have taken Martin off and got pace across the top and I thought it was crying out for Palmer in the pockets too.
  4. Ill go out on a limb and say that with the way Swansea set-up and play, if Wells starts for Martin tonight, we win the game.
  5. Not very good in what way? He was our top scorer last year and has been promoted out of this league. Interesting he comes to us after being adored at QPR and is not very good.
  6. Can I ask why you want our top-scorer moved on? I find it incredible we are playing a 4-2-3-1 and Nahki Wells is not getting a run down the middle. We signed him from QPR for £5m because he was the leagues top scorer in that role with 2 mobile widemen.
  7. Soooo frustrating. That result has made me so annoyed. Russell Martin thinking he can reinvent football by basically playing a 40/60 style of defensive third football and getting away with it tonight. He is the smuggest man I have seen at the Gate since Mark Ashton rode out in his teflon suit. Swansea will lose more than they win this season. If Grimes goes they are bottom third material. The kid Laird at right-wing back is/was absolute quality. I thought we played alright, just a massive opportunity missed. Should have had pace across the top line to press. I would have certainly gone with Weimann, Wells, Pring and Semenyo from the start, to swarm all over them, and then Scott after 55mins to stretch them. Horses for courses whilst we dont have the personnel to just blow sides away. Frustrated as we looked so decent first half. On we go. Hold on tight everyone, we are better than more than three sides in this league but it is going to be such a war of attrition season.
  8. 2-0 City tonight. Weimann and Palmer late on off the bench. If we get the win tonight then this is a good start to the season. I just feel Reading was so pivotal and these players will be different knowing they can win as a group.
  9. Again, proves the point that there was a lot of background and personal emotion fuelling the posts that were made. Its clear that because of personal experiences there was a different perception taken of various situations which in turn made posts look completely irrational to many on here. To then not acknowledge that but compound it by taking a passive-aggressive and defensive stance made the situation untenable. The things you state, whilst clearly impactful and clearly need to be treated with sensitivity, have no relevance when debating football on a football forum. Once this forum becomes a negative experience for me then I will take a break, so maybe this was the best thing to do for said poster.
  10. Interesting point but I think he was a failure based on how quickly and dramatically we declined under him. Under his stewardship he managed us into becoming an almost farcical shambles of a side. We were getting battered each week, not even marginally. Watford away was perhaps the most incompetent performance in modern memory - from Towler at left-back and Moore at left centre-half, to a half-fit Lansbury letting blokes run by him. Dean started with luck and goodwill and quickly found his ability level. Should never have been appointed.
  11. If all comment that was stated on here was ignored, there would be no debate and no forum. In my view there were a number of outlandish and even false “facts” stated that got a reaction, just in the same way I would expect to be taken to task if I posted things that were likely to provoke or inflame a passionate situation like a football forum for a club we all care deeply about. I possibly naively engaged with this (bring relatively new to the forum) when I thought we were in a football based debate, and tried to have a reasonable two-way discussion, but when it became clear that I was receiving an over-emotional response I retreated. As I have stated previously, there is nothing wrong with having your view opposed, however to respond to this in a way that makes it impossible for your view to be challenged makes the purpose of a forum or any debate futile, and in turn becomes a negative for the individual. I wish everyone of my fellow City fans well, but I for one want to be able to debate and discuss my club with fact and reason, as is the purpose of this forum, without second-guessing someone elses perception of what I am saying based on their own personal experiences. To repeat, football forum - football section - football discussion, with fact and basis if at all possible.
  12. I have no idea what anyone here has been through, and similarly they have no idea what I have. I do not expect them to either. I am here to discuss football matters on a football forum.
  13. Nice to see our two ex-lads have long memories from the Daylight Robbery at The County Ground and how Thompson behaved that day.
  14. Hardly. The poster appears to have left because they do not like the opposing views that others have had and then decides to take a very unusual and difficult position when expressing their reasons why. The poster appears to have left under their own free-will because they do not like sensible debate on a football forum, citing the reason why as the very reason they have a problem in the first place. I would suggest that a break from here is perhaps not a bad thing for the poster, who whilst I am sure is a massive City fan, seems to see a lot of other things and factors that ultimately lead to a negative experience.
  15. Don’t worry - I am still convinced I know what I am on about and want to see despite these numerous tests!! Plus - I really want this deleted post to see the light of day!!
  16. A quick read through the “Pearson Out” thread, will quickly highlight the narrative from said poster. Bizarre.
  17. I wouldn’t engage anymore. I am convinced RMLF is a plant to make the reasonably switched on City supporters, many of who have followed the team for years and some who, no doubt have played to a reasonable standard too, question everything we know or thought we knew about football. Quite what benefit the poster gets from continually taking an anti-populous and irrational view and then arguing it within an inch of its life, whilst winding themselves up into a frenzy on most threads is what I cannot figure out. As I have found out, any attempts to sensibly debate or question quickly spirals into a surreal black hole of nonsense. The fact that Ralph Milne was one of favourite players as a kid makes this even more irritating!
  18. I was hoping to return to this thread and see a certain poster showing support for our club and a kick-on essential victory tonight. No such luck. Definitely a personal agenda and fantasy created to back it up. Also the posts from said poster have become increasingly confrontational and passive-aggressive. Hopefully the silence is down to them taking a break from the forum, as the effects it clearly has on said poster is clearly not positive.
  19. The energy injected by Massengo was essential. The only thing missing from his game tonight was he should have taken a yellow and clipped Moore earlier in his run. Harsh maybe as that just seemed like a really weird goal, but it was never going to be easy!!
  20. Looked shattered at the end too and they wanted it. Looked like a team. The press was fantastic all night and as I suspected it may be that the rot had set in and confidence had drifted and the “knowing” how to win had been forgotten. We just needed to break that. We are going in the right direction. Well drilled, dangerous from set-pieces, and dynamic on the break. We may go on a little run now.
  21. Great result. Came out the blocks fast, set-up well and we can kick on from here now. Vital to get that win and lets get the Gate rocking Friday and get behind Nige and the boys. The relief from the whole of the side was palpable. Special mentions for Weimann, Matty James, and Danny Simpson - a calm, assured and experienced full-back display. Onwards and Upwards you Redsssss.
  22. Have run out of reactions but great post.
  23. Depending on your phone and TV, you can screen mirror onto your TV from your phone.
  24. Why are you searching for “PearsonOut” if you do not want him out? Very odd thing to manifest itself organically. To then search for it and bring your “findings” back here is frankly absurd.
  25. I was joking but there is some completely unfounded nonsense being pushed in this thread.
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