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  1. This forum has turned to shit with non-stop sixth form politic bollocks. I bet some of you bore everyone around you on a night out.
  2. Anyone been to the fan park yet? What's it like? Got a bench for Tuesday night
  3. Hmmm an England 1990 blue shirt pattern incoming on the away kit this year? Those zip jackets have a very similar pattern to one of England's most loved shirts.
  4. Bentley NEW Kalas NEW Dasilva Massengo Williams NEW NEW NEW Wells
  5. They were three points off the playoffs with a game in hand.
  6. I'd buy LJ a pint on the basis he'd sit there and drink it without uttering a single sentence.
  7. Me too, however we are talking about people that thought Holden was the right appointment a year ago, so I wouldn't give them too much credit on where they feel fan opinion lies.
  8. The club will be very disappointed with that imo. I'd say that the maximum we'll sell in that case with a good summer of recruitment is probably not going to be much more than 12,000. So that will probably see us with an average attendance (providing away fans can attend) of 15-16k a week. Circa 20% down on the past few seasons (pre-COVID).
  9. We don't really do particularly nasty partings do we? Lansdown almost declared 4 days mourning when he sacked Gary Johnson.
  10. Hopefully this gets the ball rolling then, you'd think he'd have waited to see who was appointed if he wasn't sacked (and if he was you'd probably let a permanent manager make the decision). Would say it looks good for Pearson either way.
  11. Sickening we're here when Cotterill's double winning side was only 6 years ago. Dread to think of the score had that lot ever had the chance to play these.
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