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  1. Great decision to sack LJ after all.
  2. Forgetting their history with us alone, a CV of three League One clubs and no promotions is bound to get Lansdown hard.
  3. I wouldn't consider any set up with the Lansdown's involved as anywhere near almost Premier League tbh. History and the present circus shows us that.
  4. So even before contracts expiring at the end of the season I make it we need: RB CBx2 Ball winning midfielder Creative midfielder Winger x2 Striker And then replace whatever we lose. What a job that is.
  5. Pring's usual "effort" at defending and very poor by Bentley to be beaten there.
  6. Pring playing with fire going to ground there
  7. Looking forward to the 50+ page 'LJ's Cheltenham Town' thread. Then I wonder how many the Yeovil thread after will get to? Riveting stuff.
  8. Vyner is utter shite, we all know that now. Standard non defending in the box from Pring though, again.
  9. What the hell were we thinking offering any money for that sack of shite? Would've been out on loan to Cheltenham within 12 months. Should be thanking his dad to this day.
  10. Confused by the whole "they're third" and "I hope they stay down now" shouts. If they stuck with LJ they were staying down and they're clinging onto third at the moment. 7 league wins in 17 league games - that is not promotion form - Sunderland have looked at the last 17 games of LJ's career and the rest of it to correctly identify that they would remain a League One side under him. I wouldn't be surprised if they can find their way back into the top two should they appoint someone with knowledge on promotion. LJ is, as he always was, a failure again.
  11. They'll go up now imo. Be some weekends ruined for some on here after tonights news :laugh:
  12. No doubt will still have his fans here, but he is truly an attrocious manager. Utter charlatan, feel bad for Sunderland but so relieved he's no longer our problem.
  13. Ridiculously stupid. We're talking about naivety at the age of 24. If he doesn't have the brains yet then perhaps we need to get used to these bonehead decisions.
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