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  1. We knocked it into the corners for him twice and he was flat footed and staring the ball passing him. Again, not on him. It's on the manager. He shouldn't be asked to the job he was asked to at such an important time.
  2. Sorry, should state I'm not having a pop at COD for this. It wasn't his mental idea to make this tactical blunder. See above.
  3. No. Course not FFS. A knackered Wells was so much more useful as a focal point than COD. Could see the equaliser coming a mile off once that happened. Ball just kept coming back. EDIT - because this is going over some heads. I don't believe COD made the tactical decision, so I don't blame him for the stupidity.
  4. What have I done to deserve watching Chris Martin every match?!
  5. dREDful


    The first half opportunity for their striker has happened so many times with Bentley being in goal. As someone above said though, he's the least of our problems. But some fans have it twisted with him and believe he's a Premier League quality keeper and he's not in a million years. He can't hold onto the ball through a save which is pretty essential stage of goal keeping. It's led to so many tap ins for strikers against us and last night I have no idea how he's managed to drop another which has led to a goal.
  6. I'm not sure there are many parallels between in the last 3 years World Cup semi finalists, Nations League semi finalists and Euros runners up and the nonsense representing this club each week tbh.
  7. We only entered the opponent's area about 10 times though
  8. This forum has turned to shit with non-stop sixth form politic bollocks. I bet some of you bore everyone around you on a night out.
  9. Anyone been to the fan park yet? What's it like? Got a bench for Tuesday night
  10. Hmmm an England 1990 blue shirt pattern incoming on the away kit this year? Those zip jackets have a very similar pattern to one of England's most loved shirts.
  11. Bentley NEW Kalas NEW Dasilva Massengo Williams NEW NEW NEW Wells
  12. They were three points off the playoffs with a game in hand.
  13. I'd buy LJ a pint on the basis he'd sit there and drink it without uttering a single sentence.
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