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  1. Yes, same thing. Not go home and write pages of how much I hate everything
  2. Not really, we go to football to unwind not write essays on how sh*t were are. Maybe they should get a new hobby
  3. Because the prem is the be all and end all for most folk, hence the chuck millions at it and achieve the "dream" then what?? Chuck more millions. If were gonna do it, let's do it right
  4. It's not about not trying but a obsession with something that's not what its cracked up to be. Enjoy where we are and hopefully some decent football which has been lacking recently COYR
  5. We still have the dream which is why I think so many get upset, which is a good thing but once we have done it....meh
  6. Tbf true, but what they really gonna achieve with ffp. Hoping they don't get relegated to join us and others in the depths of the pyramid. At least we have even playing field
  7. We all want the prem but the chase is so much better Hull??
  8. Ahhh this is the thing. Once we have done it, then got hammered by the big 6 and relegated the dream is done
  9. You're taking it way to seriously. Who really gives a **** about the prem. Give me a good day out, good game and some bloody goals that have been seriously lacking last 2 years
  10. I'm sure you could see as much as anyone else LJ went nuts with it all. It consumed him and was a sad ending. I'm sure Dean put some fresh ideas on the table. Let's have a pint and enjoy some exciting championship football. COYR
  11. I'm sure the man wants promotion otherwise he's wasted millions. Ask numerous fans of other teams and they would bite your hand off to have a chairman like ours...and yes they have been to the "promised land". **** me how long have Leeds waited to get back after severe miss management
  12. Whatever. Miss those nominations league days...oh wait that wasn't us Non league
  13. Let's hope things get better without the ego
  14. Yeah don't get it myself. I would guess..........trolls "ted"
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