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  1. Pearson is not the issue. He needs funds in the next window. Failing to do this is in effect confining us to a difficult rollercoaster ride for the next 1.5/2 seasons.
  2. Simpson skipping the opportunity to go in for a 50/50 in their half and instead opts to take a cheap foul and booking in ours. Commitment?
  3. But low, low volume and the odd crackle
  4. Samie issue here - commentary, but almost non-existent stadium/crowd noise
  5. He was having a good stretch about 5 minutes before he was subbed. As much as he’s put in a very good performance, let’s not burn him out match #1. Still think we should’ve seen Wells come on up top to keep the pressure up on their defence, given Martin’s tiring from a decent shift.
  6. What we are seeing as manifested itself over a number of seasons now, largely through mismanagement and lack of strategy in anything over than name. Holden had a lucky start with very few injuries. I saw nothing to say he could've sustained us in the Championship let alone the Ashton-touted improvement in league position compared to LJ. This faffing around is becoming tiring now. NP has the credentials to do the job we want and so badly need, it just seems that maybe the overall aim of the club doesn't align with having to admit they've made big and very costly mistakes. Get on with it, appoint NP and lets all get on the journey to an exciting new direction - the club is stale at present.
  7. Completely agree with your sentiments. If anything, it is the uncertainty that is making the problem 10x worse. Pearson has done his 'recce' phase and now needs to be empowered to execute his plan to turn this club around.
  8. Sturgess


    Insightful contribution. I think it’s clear that the issue extends way beyond pure playing ability now and it is the mindsets that have been ingrained in to the players by successive managers/head coaches. In my opinion, it is the perfect time to have big clear-out and let NP arrest the rot and fear that has been tolerated for too long. To do that, he needs his own players and most importantly, time.
  9. Working for me too, finally after 11 minutes missed.
  10. From a business executive perspective, the communications are now professional and corporate, ticking the business boxes. From a supporter perspective, they’ve become dull, inward, no substance and disconnected. Given we are a business and a passion and each mutually reliant on each other, it’s obvious the balance our larger media and comms team is offering is wrong?
  11. Good gawd, Gilmartin loves his rose tinted glasses, doesn’t he! I do hope that one-sided view mentality isn’t imparted on to his under 23s!
  12. Watching city is becoming so boring! A new manager needs to be empowered to bring about a clear out of this dead wood and instil their mark on the club.
  13. A shame though it is to say it, DH +2 [or 3] needs to go. Thankfully a fair few players out of contract in the summer too, who can also be shown the exit door and give us a chance to rebuild.
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