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  1. Never mind. Maybe “twice” should’ve been “two”
  2. Back up now. Saved having to listen to the usual pre-match spiel about Bristol City Women
  3. Yeah, this has the potential to be chaotic and heart-attack inducing!
  4. And thereby not have the numbers he needs to get through this season? The mass clear out occurred, but there were always going to be a few in the grey zone with an opportunity to stay… some have taken their chance, others less so, be it down to mentality or they are already maxing out their ability and it isn’t at the level we need.
  5. Exactly! Pure shortsightedness. as you say, this time next season, fair game… but you can’t judge the final product until it’s built. Nige presents hope and a pathway… even if it’s a bumpy ride. What’s the alternative, let’s become a chop and change ‘tactical’ club, never permitting for time for ‘strategy’.
  6. Always optimistic, but in this case, it has to be a successful one in terms of incoming quality. Bristol City became a very comfortable environment for coasting, gradually, players are being made accountable for their effort and that by and large has improved from the pre-Pearson era. It’s taken time, but you can see that. The next piece of the puzzle has to be upping the quality within the squad. If you expect that to happen in one summer window, you’ll be paying for it (and we can’t). However, Bristol City will be far more appealing for players this summer than last. Absence of the above (allowing the manager time) will just see a perpetual cycle of short-term positions and manager rotations… I’d much rather allow Nige to build and take the blips during said transition.
  7. How different it could've been, had Weimann played in Pring as opposed to go for the much more difficult Semenyo pass. Ah well! Really want this season to be over now... whilst I think we'll stay up, I'm really looking ahead to the summer when Nigel hopefully make his mark in the way of signings.
  8. As frustrating as it is to be seeing another win slip from our grasp in the closing minutes, what a world apart we are from the boring, negative football of recent seasons gone by! In Nige we trust!
  9. Guessing we get a few quid for product placement. Maybe we should get the youth team MoM awards sponsored by Appletiser. Consistent identity from youth to first team.
  10. The lights weren’t completely off, just a small number due to the power issues, with the pitch still well illuminated.
  11. I know you could say it's a combination of the physical effort put in first half, confidence and a bit of "game management", but I do feel we overdo slowing the game down - and that's from Bentley forward. It almost invites the opposition to come at you. I just wish we could find the confidence to keep up the positive positions, intentions and press!
  12. Really?! Yes, past highs. You know, challenging for promotion, cup runs… it was in our grasp. Does that help?
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