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  1. Price then becomes a problem though. I say this as someone who thinks as many seats/spaces as possible should be devoted towards a proper standing end.
  2. I'd say it's more akin to Holden doing a photoshoot down The Lions. Not anywhere near as bad as Ashton, but very much staged and trying to show he was one of us compared to the previous manager. Nothing against Holden though. Quite possible that Ashton was the one who suggested it.
  3. I don't mind it but eventually felt that many of the stories were "We went out and got smashed. :laugh:" and so it felt a bit samey after a couple of series. The Kevin Campbell one was good and I like that they have focused on Lower League players.
  4. May be of interest to some Nicky Hunt has done an Undr the cosh. Not listened to it yet but will do so. I found they got a bit boring the more I listened too but found some of them good. https://youtu.be/6MnAZAMSKMQ
  5. I use it quite a lot and really like it. I don't read much for the tactical stuff but enjoy their other content.
  6. Good to see this thread here just took me a while to post. As we know people who are struggling can really struggle to access advice about money, housing, services and other helpful information. It might be helpful to have a list of services and support that are available for people to access in Bristol. I will have a look as there are likely already resources like this, but if not I am happy to put together a small list of organisations I have used and then we can add to it as we go if people feel this would be helpful. Caring in Bristol actually have a great survival handbook mainly aimed at homeless people but is very useful for this. https://caringinbristol.co.uk/project/caring-handbook/ I'd also really recommend the North Bristol Advice centre if anyone has questions about money or benefits - http://www.northbristoladvice.org.uk/ There is also a really good guide on turn 2 us for claiming PIP: https://www.turn2us.org.uk/Benefit-guides/Personal-Independence-Payment/What-is-PIP If there are general questions around access to services and benefits/housing then I'd be happy to help if I can with the caveat that I'm not an expert though have some work and personal experience of both. Don't always drop into threads so feel free to PM.
  7. This is exactly what I think when people are critical of Gregor. I am sure Gregor isn't perfect and Stockhausen being a ***** doesn't make him immune from criticism, but AS was truly awful. I think Gregor's fine. I'm sure he's probably enjoying the challenge a little bit. Part of the job.
  8. This is actually amazing. Conspiracy theory to rival Qanon. Is Barton out to finish us off? https://gaschat.co.uk/thread/18489/jb-out-finish-off
  9. He explained it as he would be to good for league 1, but maybe not make the grade at Championship level. That's where the similarity ends.
  10. Id be so embarrassed if my family got involved in my work. Weird.
  11. It was to push his book wasn't it?
  12. No I just thought he was a good player and remember starting a thread on the Steve L section when he was transfer listed which was obviously stupid. I don't actually remember if my name has Clist in back then. Weird seeing that site. Reminds me of going over to my mates reading the forum and then playing football manager.
  13. Those were the days. I must have been 12 when I started using this forum under my old name and I had a weird obsession with Simon Clist around then. (Not Sarah B weird mind) I always felt Godzilla's posts were decent. Hope Tommy is alright. I know he got a lot of flack but I liked his strange ramblings. (Forum went a bit weird some things never change.)
  14. What makes this year's kit look weird and off is that the badge is above the shirt brand. I quite like a central badge but it looks off that way around.
  15. Not mentioned here. https://www.hungerfordtown.com/teams/11575/match-centre/1-9376889/report
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