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  1. They do for premier league teams and a selected few championship clubs (from memory Wayne Rooneys derby county have one) but not city. To be honest I never really read that section and I can’t remember how I even ended up there this morning but they mainly seem to talk about done deals but then chucked in a bit of juicy gossip about JW (plus mentioning the AN to Russia and FD to Boro rumours). So don’t know how reliable it is, but equally I can’t remember reading something like that about any other club. No smoke without fire perhaps?
  2. I read it in the transfer section on app, where it just credits ‘the athletic uk staff’ Not me criticising, Its Joe Williams. Allegedly
  3. Just read in the athletic that apparently there is some tension between Williams and the club over the treatment he’s received “Holden is currently without ten first-team players, including Joe Williams and Liam Walsh who Holden would select in midfield alongside Nagy. Williams has a thigh injury which has kept the £1.2 million September signing from Wigan out all season and it is understood there is tension between the player and the medical staff regarding the treatment he has received.”
  4. Got a memory of reading one of his interviews and IIRC he was spotted out in a casino in the early hours, word got back to someone at the club who told him something along the lines of do what you want in your spare time, just don’t let it affect your performances on the pitch. Not the best advice to be giving someone who wants to be a footballer, but things do seem to have improved since then
  5. I only skimmed the article but sounds very much like arsene wenger’s prediction of permanent members of super leagues playing games on weekend with their domestic games being played during the week whilst they ditch FA/Carabao Cup. As has been said I don’t think this is really for the European based fans, they are just chasing the global £££. According to Man Utd they have more supporters in the USA than UK and estimate 1.1billion ‘supporters’ worldwide
  6. His other role(s) according to this article ‘Included working within the supporter liaison department’. To me it suggests he had other jobs too, but only mentions supporter liaison and dancing around dressed as a dinosaur https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/10/06/mesut-ozil-rides-gunnersaurus-rescue-offer-pay-jerry-quys-wages/
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