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  1. Now that would be exceptional. You could get @Sheltons Armyaka Alan Partridge on to introduce me.
  2. Please re read your last 3 words. Thanks.
  3. An honest evaluation. I really like listening to Ian on the couple of times I've heard the other podcast. Honest strsiggt to the point and knowledgeable. Is he on here?
  4. As I have had this link drawn to be before I am not Lez and you can check my IP address I have also been called Simon Parker and have no idea who that is either.
  5. 1. No gambling plugs 2. Talk about football 3. Have honest debate 4. A bit of research. Maybe as the other poster said it was a bad day at the office. But if it is sponsored by Mansion Bet then is it an official podcast? If so should be much better.
  6. Are you one of the contributors? I would much rather honest passionate debate than cheap unfunny comedy.
  7. I will keep an eye on the cider withs an honest account.
  8. Sponsored by Mansionbet is it an official podcast? If so it needs improving massively. Compare it to Watford Post chalk and cheese
  9. Tried this for the first time today.....absolutely dreadful. First im subjected to a shamless gambling plug, then a Facebook group and then they start talking about Cricket? Are the presenters serious or trying to take the piss with their comments.....I couldn't work out if it was a failed comedy sketch or a genuine serious BCFC podcast. Toilet and phone jokes? Sorry. Terrible. All 3 of those on the podcast don't seem to know anything about football tactics Bristol City or anything football related. The one by Headhunter I think is better.....they actually talk about football tactics and the club....straight forward Bristol City talk. Not faultless. Sorry. Absolute garbage.
  10. I like this to be fair. Problem is we are so light on wide forwards we should have replaced Eliasson as a priority. Dont agree with left back and think Semenyo needs a rest but very little choice in those positions.....for what its worth think there is zero chance Holden will do it.
  11. Football matches don't involve 3 teams so a completely pointless post.
  12. Its all rubbish. Cook has said on numerous occasions what a well run club we are and wouldve snapped our hands off. The reason he didn't get the job is because they decided Holden was the better option.
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