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  1. Not that much choice One of only about 5 players likely to play every game. Kalas (if not sold) Williams (if stays fit) Naismith (if does not keep getting assists for the opposition) Wieman (will play every game) Seymnyo/Scott (will play but to young Give it to Wieman - leads from example with effort.
  2. Agree but the all do it. The rules are already in place and if the player breaks them then blow the whistle. They all do it because they have seen the prem refs do it on match of thee day.
  3. We are a long way off both these teams. Pace, power up front. Strong defenders who are ultra competitive. Full backs who get forward. Decent midfielders. Wingers who put the ball in the box. Also both have decent bench that can effect the game. Both ex prem so no real surprise but it does reinforce the gap to the top of this division let alone to the prem.
  4. Ref again delaying the take of the penalty. The Refs are real long slowing the games up at every set piece. Stroud did every free kick and corner Saturday. Tonight the ref is mucking about with encroachment. Drives me mad. Go on about the players wasting time it’s the bloody refs they need to sort out
  5. Agree Kalas and Symenyo plus a few decent loans would make all the difference. Wells,Max,Vyner, Mesengo and even JD plus Bell, Conway, Towler loans should create enough space for at least 3 or 4 loans and or maybe even a perm signing Two of the signings needs to be a Striker (pace) and midfielder
  6. To get the best out of Wells - play him for 90 mins not 4 or 5. Play him through the middle and put the ball in the box - he will score goals. Can’t score or effect the game from the bench. Clearly Nige wants him out and has done for a long time. Bringing Conway on yesterday instead of him is embarrassing and shameful. What a waste of £5m, his time and talent. We are a mess of a club at times.
  7. Not as good as Kalas better than Atkinson and Vyner. On a par with Klose. Good touch, vision, good passer. But no pace - that’s why he is a free from Luton. Will play better along side Kalas they may even be good enough to play 4 at the back so we can get another one in the middle. Could possibly do the pack role of sitting in from the back 4 if we don’t get another midfielder in - Can’t play him with Williams and James as not enough pace across the 3.
  8. The group is much better now with very little ‘dead wood’ so hopefully he is now prepared to bring them in. If he does not do that then we are going to be in and around the bottom 6 all season.
  9. Bentley close to best keeper we have ever had and very lucky to have him.
  10. It’s opinion not advice but also said above I think Nige probably knows/thinking most of the above. Back to opinions - agree or disagree ?
  11. Got to work harder against better teams - the only problem is every team seems to be better Squad not big/good enough so Nige does not trust the bench to make subs.
  12. Pring should be fit in next 2 weeks
  13. Agree with every point. Said we are a bottom 6 team because of 9 and 10 and nothing I have seen suggest otherwise. Are best 11 needed improving and so far only at RB have we improved. Hopefully the last few jigsaw places will be sorted using loans and or maybe a small fee (we need at least 3) I am hopefully that if we get the right players in then things will look a lot better. Stick with Chris Martin and we are nailed on for relegation.
  14. Not much more to leave - Wells and Maybe Massengo if we get an offer and that’s it. Not sure what is going on with Baker pretty sure will just run the contract down. I would also let JD go if we get a replacement. Not sure about Vyner where he stands after today. As you said it’s not that easy to do with player wages etc.. Send Bell, Conway, Max and even maybe even Tanner out on loan and we should be able to do that.
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