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  1. Yes very sure. We are staring a relegation fight if we don’t recruit. Give it another 6 games and the table will show us where we are. I will be amazed if we are more than 3 or 4 points above the team in the last relegation place then hopefully we will all release where we are. We are short of players in few roles which is causing problems in selections and in substitutions. Like I said we don’t really have anyone to come back from injury so with one or two more injuries the squad looks wafer thin at best.
  2. As we start to move towards the window in January it’s clear the squad is to light to sustain a season of championship football. Players coming back won’t help us this year we just don’t have any. Williams will help as will Seyemyo but that’s it. Not getting a few loans in the summer is costing us now and it looks a bad decision now as it did then. We are short at least 4 to give us a chance of being not just competitive but staying up. Left back - I don’t think we have one at the club. Prefer Pring as an option in midfield and JD is just not up to it. Holding midfielder - James is to good and important to play that role same for Massengo they need to play further forward. Also we need to allow our fullbacks to get further forward and even dare i say overlap. Striker - goes without saying. Last night we ended without one the pitch and that played a big part in Forest playing so far forward as not much to worry them about defending. winger - we need someone who can carry the ball with pace and take us up the pitch and also push the opposition back. An Albert type player someone who actually has pace and can take on a fullback. Could have written this in the summer and it’s even more obvious now so I’m not calming to be a football genius. But if most of the supporters can see it then not sure why the manager and the club can’t - I hope they do. Palmer, Simpson, Bakinson and King add very little or nothing to the team so please move them on could also throw in COD but still need a few bodies. If we don’t make these signings in January loan or perm then pretty sure we are going to finish in the bottom six if not lower.
  3. Basically pretty much the same combinations Not sure why Bakinson gets a games and Wells doesn’t. Everyone has wells in their teams not sure why we can all see that but Nige doesn’t. But as a rule - No Martin No Bakinson No Palmer No COD No Vyner We need a striker, Midfielder and also a central defender (cover Baker) in the window and maybe move 1 or 2 from above on.
  4. Bentley Tanner Kalas Atkinson Pring Williams Mesengo James Seymenyo Wells Wieman If 3 at the back - add Baker and remove Seymenyo
  5. After recent performances and with the the fact we have a fit squad it looks like with one or additions and maybe a bit of luck with injuries we could have a decent season. Williams coming back will mean a decent 3 in the middle with HNM or King alongside James. I think we still need 1 or 2 additions - striker, RB and if we could get the other 2 maybe a winger. Palmer and Wells look surplus and will be on big wages and I am sure a lot depends on if we can move them on. There is no doubt that we are playing much better than last season and have been bit unlucky to not have at least 10 points. I am not sure if we will get above 5th but 6th is up for grabs in a division apart from the relegated teams looks pretty tight. A long way to go but Nige seems to be getting the team into a team that looks more committed and also importantly plays much more going forward and we actually look a team who will score and it’s been a long time since we have been able to say that. So just maybe….
  6. I think in Pring we might have found the next Joe Bryan. Better than JD already and has a great engine. Just need to sort out the RB now - we will have to sign someone as Simpson and Vyner are not good enough.
  7. We are not to far away from being a pretty solid Championship team. We are playing much better than tonight’s result suggested. It was a good game to watch despite and our effort was very good tonight. We need to sort the full backs out -We need to sign a right back and also swop Pring for JD. Scott is not ready for Championship yet. Looks a good player but does not impact the game enough for me - plenty to choose from O’Dowda, Palmer, Seymenyo.... Williams will hopefully be fit next week and with James can make a good partnership And finally either play Wells through the middle or do a swap deal with someone Nig will play through the middle. Disappointed by the result but not the performance.
  8. Could have won by more if he got it more right… COYR
  9. Don’t need to be. JD or Pring play LB Extra legs in midfield Bakinson or HNM Also swap Wells for Martin And Kalas for Simpson while we are at it
  10. So you think that looks like a decent sIde? You think Simspson looks a good signing ? You think Baker should be dropped ? You think either JD or Pring are Left wingers at championship level ? You think Wells should be on the bench ? You think Martin on his own upfront will get us enough goals ? You think our midfield looks like mobile enough for the championship ? So what exactly am I saying that most people who know anything about football am supposed to be saying that is anyway controversial ? Its because we are doing the above we are in the mess we are. So before you use the word troll or gas have a think and take a breath and think ‘Yeah maybe he has got a point’ …..
  11. I have been waiting since March… Feed up with waiting. Just want maybe a decent performance, even a few goals how about a win or maybe back to back wins….
  12. Pring instead of Wells, Palmer, HNM or Bakinson… what does that say to them…
  13. Take Bentley and Kalas out that staring line up and we look awful. We look like a team destined for L1 No Wells again is disgraceful. There are no goals in the team. COD & Williams out again. Not like them to miss a game…
  14. Vyner is 24 so there is a gap of say 5 years where we have produced 1 player - Kelly. So that’s a good return for say 20m ? Let’s just look at the facts not your optimistic view of the future. Scott will play in the Prem - Based on what? I have watched him twice and again the hype vs the reality- Let’s see if he is in the starting line up Friday - I will say now he want. He is only playing because we are so poor at the moment. We are bigging up these kids up before they even look like getting into a bottom three Championship club. Why can’t they get in ? - simple they ain’t good enough. it’s not just an opinion it’s largely based on facts. Maybe I am just able to separate optimism from reality. Maybe I am just better at understanding the game then you Possibly it’s about our level of Intelligence. Either way not a troll or a moron.
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