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  1. And that’s why his has no impact on games. Completely agree in that shape it’s a much easier role to play sit deep behind a team that sits deep. In our team we can do that and don’t have the luxury of a player who is just there to break up play. We have to have players who can contribute more offensive as well. Morrell does exactly the same for Wales. Neither City or Luton fancy either of them enough to start in the team. The reason - they don’t impact the game enough.
  2. Brilliant player of the ball.... Goes unnoticed.... Does the work you don’t see... As I said does not impact the game Does he create -no Does he carry the team forward - no Does he get wide and cross - no Does he get stuck in - no Does he break beyond the forward -no Does he score - no Does he impact the game - no Team was full off them last year get a decent price and sell
  3. Yes watched every game of the Euros Yes watched every game last season City Yes played the game Yes don’t think him impacts the game What does he exactly do to impact games? Short pass left, short pass left, short pass back. Gets behind the ball a lot and tracks back I will give him that but impacts the game not for me. Call a few things out that you can recall - I bet it’s hard that’s because he does not really impact games....
  4. Hardly ever impacts the games I have watched him play for either club or country. Sell him if we can and get someone in you can say ‘do you remember when he....’ We have had too many players that don’t impact games in the last 2 year. i would much rather have a smaller squad with better players. Also think he better suited to football on the continent with a slower build up and les physical. Over rated for me
  5. We need (All must be brought in as starters not squad fillers) We need 7 or 8 max plus what we have 1 CF (with pace) 1 wide forward (like Syemeyo but can score) 1 min but Pref 2 midfielders 1 needs to a physical type that can stand up in this league and a leader on the pitch 2 CB 1 needs to be 6 4’ plus 1 RB (Pace play wback) Maybe a back up LB but needs to challenge JD Get rid of every OOC/loan player except baker and Walsh. Also renew Wieman. The rest can go to free up the wages. We should be able to put the above on pretty decent wages 15k pw with all the leavers Not sure about the transfer fees for those coming in as not sure how we will afford with nothing coming in.
  6. He was ok let’s not carried away. Overall we were pretty poor and he was the best of a pretty bad bunch
  7. I agree with most of above. The point I am making is I have seen nothing that that makes me think we found a ‘first’ team player for next year. I have been watching City for a very long time and can barley remember us producing anyone in the last 20 years. Bobby, Bryant and Kelly in recent times and all likely to play in the championship next year. Maybe in 2 or 3years I will have a different view. If people are saying it’s a good group it’s just a guess and just hope based on no reality and where we have seen some of them none of them look like the players I hear people talking about on here. Symenyo £10m really.... lucky to be in the team at the moment as no real competition. Agree it’s about the future but unfortunately the future seems a long way off.
  8. So 2 at a push.... I would not bet on Massengo being in the first team ahead of Williams and Walsh if fit. Is he better than Nagy ? That’s if we don’t Sign at least 2 Seymenyo better than Wieman and O’Dowda ? No sure and again that’s if we don’t bring anyone in O’Leary again as above let’s see if we bring in another keeper. When we did we sent him out on loan. For reference I watch all the games.
  9. Not bad, but not keen on fancy dress.
  10. Let’s see how many come through and play in the first team before we all get over excited. The best I have seen so far (except Vyner) is a Striker/winger who can’t score goals and can only come inside to beat a man and has little end product - over rated. I looking for players who will make it in a championship side at the other end of the table. I agree they should get a go this season so NP can have a look at them but they have got to be good enough for a club at this level.
  11. How far away is that future? 2,3 4 years.... Tosh? How many do you think will be a starter next season?
  12. Most are overrated. And I say that as a Championship team not a L1 team. Championship level aiming for the Prem let’s not forget the level we are at. As we are having such a bad season everyone is looking for some hope. We are a poor side and yet ‘none’ of them have staked a claim as a 1st choice starter with the exception of Seymenyo and he has been in and out. Seymenyo - Can’t score will never make the step up. Don’t believe the paper talk re prem clubs interested. Scored 2 goals both not even shots they were deflections off goal keepers clearance. Would warm the bench if we did not have so many injuries. Falters to deceive.£10m crazy talk. Likely to get 2 or 3 a season if he plays 40 plus games. Bakinson - Want him to be good as he does at least look too pass forward but to weak and lazy with his passes and gives the ball away to cheaply. Will drop down to L1 and where he will look a half decent player for 20/30 games a year. Another who looks like would get maybe 2 goals a season. Massengo - The wonder kid who does well actually what does he do. Runs about and does look decent on the ball. But never passes forward and does not effect games. Will leave and play back in France in less than 2 seasons. Will he ever score a goal for us ? Towler - To Weak. Looks good on the ball but nowhere near ready for Championship football. Bell - Quick and makes decent runs but again looks to weak and small for championship football - Will play L1 or 2 Vyner - Will make a decent right back at this level. Shame no one in our coaching staff and Nigel has not worked that out. Maybe it’s just me but it’s so obvious it’s painful he does get a run at RB Edwards - Only seen bits but he looks for me the best of the group. He needs a run in the team and for me we could have a decent player on our hands O’Leary - L1 Goal keeper. If we sale Bentley I bet we bring in a replacement that will prove how the club sees him. Pring - Who knows never seen him play. Pearson - Seen nothing to say he will be a regular first team player. Does look more up to physical side of the game. I accept there are lots coming through and if we can get 2 or 3 on the bench with Max plus Vyner and one in the team it will certainly help with the wages. Buy if you said who will be a starter for us next season I would say none and that includes Vyner as unless he gets to play RB I can see him being a back up centre half and utility player a victim of his own versatility. So if it’s such a great group - how many do you think will be starters next season ?
  13. But right.... Gets confirmed every week, well almost every week. No need to apologise
  14. I thought someone would want to post something. 1 in 25 - Yes he’s proved me wrong.... Maybe he’s that 3 a season striker we’ve been looking for... Have not posted for the last 6 or so games on the subject as thought we had all finally agreed ‘I was right’.... But one more time, I guess it would not hurt. Did not want to tell you so but I told you so... Great win though and also let me tell you I was screaming when he put it in.
  15. After a great performance last night and the euphoria of not only winning a game but actual having shots on goal I don’t think we should carried away just yet. Last night a few things have been mentioned in many post that look more optimistic than reality. 1. Fammy is suddenly a great striker. Yes he scored twice and he will get you circa 15 a season. But let’s not forget he can barley control a football. Is he good enough for our ambition - No. Is he worth the rumoured 25k a week? No chance. Let’s not get carried away. 2. Towler is the answer to our left back problem. He had a good game last night. But he is till young and let’s give him another 6 games and we can then all decide if he is the answer now. I am still not sure he is ready at this point in time and not sure really what he’s position is. Likely will be moved to play in a back 3 longer term but not sure he is strong enough play at Championship level as a centre back for a few years yet. 3. We have turned into a good team. We were good for 40 mins last night and yes we were 3 nil up but the last 60 mins was back to old City. You can argue we had something to defend and to a point I agree but Boro looked a poor side and a better team would have scored possibly 3 or more and we would be feeling Deferently today. 4. We can still make the playoffs. I can’t really people are saying that. Let’s get 3 more wins and then let Nigel build for next season. To think we are suddenly good enough to get top 6 is ridiculous. There are at least 6 If not 10 better teams than us. 5. We now have a proper midfield. We looked better with extra legs in midfield playing 2 up top in stead of 3 gives more support in midfield. Bakinson as he has always done looks to play forward and Nagy covers the ground. Palmer has improved his work rate and looks very focused at the moment. But these are the same 3 players that give the ball away, can’t tackle and in Palmer have not lived up to expectations. I would not be surprised that by the end of this season only one of the three are in Nigels plans for next FY. Bakinson is potentially the one that ‘could’ be part of Nigels new team. We could not have brought a new manager at a better time. Nigel will get a good run of competitive games to access the squad. He will have the freedom with so many players out of contract to shape the squad he wants. He will also get a full pre season. We could not have planned in any better (Maybe it was always the plan with Deano hence the rolling 12 month contract and the covid backdrop) Hopefully we can win 3 games in the next few weeks secure our place in the championship and get him tied down to a longer term contract. We are lucky to have him, let’s not have him just to the end of the season and then lose him in the summer manager go round. But although a good result let’s not get carried away just yet.
  16. Get rid of him he is a part of the problem. We have put up with him for to long. Not good enough for even this standard. His control is L1 at best Drags us down to his level. Please don’t offer him a contract
  17. Agree but don’t loan out Edwards he looks better prospect then Seymenyo. Looks quicker and can down the outside. Would be good in a front 3. For me the best of the kids. Also Fammy get rid he is part of our problem. He’s first touch is shocking and rarely holds the ball up. We can find better at cheaper wages.
  18. 2 out of 10 so far.... Would not be surprised if he ticked a few of these off very quickly.
  19. Read the story about when he got corned by a pack of wolves. Broke one of the wolves jaw and gauged another’s eye out to escape. He is just what we need. Shame only to the end of the season but hopefully will stay. Should have been appointed in the summer instead of the Deano experiment that was never going to work.
  20. 1. Sack Deano Never should have had the Job. First job in the championship is just mental. 2. Sack the 2 Clowns. Part of the problem. 3. Do not play 352 we are to light in midfield. Been obvious for most of the season 4. Vyner is a RB or CB do not play him in Midfield wasted. Obvious but not to Deano and Co. 5. Do not play Fammy, Marriapa, Hunt and Moore. We will never win a game when they all play in the same team. None should be here next season not if we want to progress. 6. Play Wells up front in the middle. It’s a joke that is not happening. Waste of a £6m proven championship goal scorer. 7. It’s Palmer or Pato not booth in the same team. Same player pick one and then other can replace him as sub keep shape etc.. Obvious again 8. If you don’t shoot you want score - tell the players. How this has not been addressed is mind blowing. 9. we need pace in the team. Seymenyo, Sess and Edwards we need to get 2 of them In the team. Can’t stop conceding so play further up the pitch. Turn there defenders. Get into the box. etc, etc... 10. Pray we get Cook or Person In quickly - We need a take no shit manger with this group of players. I don’t even think it’s that complicated why the idiots who have been managing/running us - Deano, The 2 Clowns and MA can’t see it is beyond me.
  21. They are as much of the problem as Deano. Hipe they are gone by Monday
  22. We have taking all the pace off now. A team plays a high line and we take of Seymenyo and Sess but leaves Fammy on. I just get how they don’t get it. Clowns please sack them tonight. We are going down unless we don’t someone in. Even then it could already be to late. We are a Joke.
  23. Still no goals and no Wells... Clowns... We can’t score and playing a high line and Wells a proven goal scorer at this level and quick to boot ain't on the pitch. We get everything we deserve. It’s a joke just how bad our management is. i don’t know how that see it.
  24. They play the highest back line I have seen this season Play Wells and we win. Any good coach should be able to see that. No chance will happen
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