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  1. Matt Smith? out of contract in the summer and fits the 30+ recruitment strategy!!
  2. That’s a good one to know, still never convinced on the quality of our delivery!
  3. Had a look at what Joe Williams will bring to our side when he finally gets fit Read here!
  4. Had a look at this and wrote an article on why he’s not been firing Available here IMO needs to get in the box more, very rarely hits the target from distance. Please share the article anywhere you can as I’m trying to build an audience!
  5. Every season he’s been here he’s managed to decrease the amount he dispossessed per game. With it being at its lowest ever (under 1 a game) this season although he’s played much less
  6. Definitely has to be considered. The likes of Kodjia and Fam weren’t obvious signings and they both have proved to be successful. Could be someone out there we don’t even know exists
  7. Why City can’t lose Diedhiou I had a look into how well Famara has been playing this season in comparison with other strikers despite his limited appearances, and why it’s so obvious that if he wants to sign he should remain at the club. Would people be happy to disrupt the wage structure to keep him at Ashton Gate?
  8. Didn’t Webster have a couple of games under Johnson in midfield. West Brom at home I think. That’s how I think Vyner can be used there, if you’ve got a team that are attacking he seems to be a definite option but still very early to know for sure
  9. I feel like it’s almost gone under the radar how well Vyner has been playing this season. Tried to do my first stats piece comparing him to Webster and Flint and wondered whether people think he’s a better defender than Flint was? Link to piece!
  10. Bristol City vs Portsmouth preview
  11. https://dancarterjournalism.wordpress.com/2020/11/18/the-efl-allow-five-substitutes-in-the-championship-and-the-effect-on-bristol-city-as-dean-holdens-squad-is-stretched/ A blog piece on whether five subs will benefit City this season. I am sports journalism student and would appreciate any feedback!
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