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  1. Or they could have installed a decent fast drink dispensers in the first place, these with a quick card payment would be excellent.
  2. baggins Forum Legend Posts: 17,295 Posting Level Sep 17, 2021 at 1:41pm via mobile Squiffy likes this Quote Post by baggins on Sep 17, 2021 at 1:41pm http://storage.proboards.com/5848383/a/c6fIyvbPPO3AI60KH0Wl.gif Sep 14, 2021 at 8:46pm nolongernonleaguegas said: 1,100 sold out of the 1,200 allocation. Assuming we’ll get more ? Always amazed at our away travel support. No matter what League position, form, Manager, we always go with a good crew.
  3. I assume the fourth official was related to one of the Sags, as the first substitute was number 16, so he done well holding up that many fingers.
  4. Statement incoming that Brexit has put the price of concrete up?
  5. A few days at least, as that game is Saturday
  6. Well, there are definitely too many on there for wins.
  7. This gives Barton a fair few more weeks if results are still poor, he will just come out with the "we have to give them time to gel, to get where we want to be". It is very strange just signing all of the players he has done, and he still won't take any personal responsibility if they don't fly up the league, or indeed he ends up with a fair few players just taking their wage.
  8. When will they threaten the court proceedings?
  9. He was already told he wasn't in the plans, whether or not that was longterm or not I don't know, but he definitely mentioned he wasn't in the plans for that game whatsoever. But Andy Johnson said it was Rob Ullathorne who told him that is what Warnock said and he was there at the time. I, or anyone can believe any story that comes out, but see no reason for a player who was there to come out and say that just for a laugh. I have no issue with his management or his achievements, or even his pantomime villain act. I was just pointing something out that many probably wouldn't have seen or heard before (I never did until I heard that podcast).
  10. This could be comedy gold if people think they are going to see Brian May, there would be multiple complaints and would make headlines. A bit like the Lapland New Forest fiasco about 10 years ago, fits right in with the state of the Mem, (coming to think of it that maybe that is where Rovers got Santas Grotto from)? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-11842396
  11. He did tell a player (Santos) they could go on for 10 minutes in the Battle of Bramall Lane "to do him" though. The player being Andy Johnson who told the story on the Undr The Cosh podcast. I'd expect every single husband to do that, even Barton tbf. I am not saying for one minute Warnock is on Bartons level whatsoever though.
  12. We know a few of your lot on this thread, solely down to their picture perfect faces at their unveiling holding the scarf. Stefan Payne being the ultimate imo.
  13. That's the longest I've seen him stay on his feet tbf.
  14. That was different league. Absolutely ridiculous.
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