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  1. TheReds

    No knee

    Anyone who doesn't agree with it are brittle, fragile and outraged, but if you get outraged about something that the poster agrees with you are definitely not brittle and outraged, and are quite the opposite and you are merely sticking up for what you believe in no doubt. You can go down any route you want in the last year. Statues removed - brilliant, well done people for fighting against it, don't agree - brittle, fragile and racist, BLM movement - brilliant, anyone with a view against it - disgraceful and racist, taking the knee, kill the bill, Palestine etc etc etc. Basically anyone who doesn't subscribe to that way of thinking shouldn't be allowed to speak or have a voice known.
  2. TheReds

    No knee

    WTF, is this where we are at? You just cannot simply accept the view that the booing wasn't by racists, and as a club they must have 2 sets of fans who take it turns getting tickets through their loyalty scheme or whatever it was to get tickets at those 2 games? Were they marked as racists and non racists on the Millwall ticketing system? It must have just been really unlucky to give all the "racists" tickets who turned up one week and booed the taking the knee, and they then let all the "anti racists" the week after to applaud a different anti-racist message. Yeah, that sounds perfectly reasonable.
  3. TheReds

    No knee

    Who said there isn't any racism in the UK and the World? This thread was nothing to do with how the other countries do have an obvious, huge racist issue, I don't think anyone will disagree with that. So I don't know how you expect people to boo monkey chants that just aren't happening here in the UK. I have never heard a monkey chant in my life watching City home or away or seen a Nazi salute. The amount of cameras and phones that are around now would catch it all, and seeing as there is no media coverage of it, it would ultimately mean it isn't an issue within the UK (apart from one link above that was at Leicester).
  4. TheReds

    No knee

    Seriously?? WTF?? When was the last time anyone done this at a football game in the UK ? If they did they would get a slap, and that would happen in probably every ground in the country. Unbelievable post.
  5. That is 2 new massive stands to get the "locked out" crowd in, those stands must have taken all of One Whole Day to put up.
  6. TheReds

    No knee

    Well considering they applauded the week after for a different gesture with the same message, I think it is fair to assume they weren't booing because they were racist.
  7. TheReds

    No knee

    Jeez. Of course that isn't the only relevant question. Why not ask fans why they think the players are/were in support of BLM the Political movement? I have just told you what a couple of players who have come out against it have said in interviews, I have said what the BBC have reported and said (no doubt many other outlets have reported the same) - there were no corrections to any them, so I am assuming they are all correct. Fans who have listened or read those articles/interviews are not entitled to make their own judgement on why the players were taking the knee at that time? That still isn't good enough for you, and it only matters what the managers say now. My point was initially they were taking the knee BECAUSE of BLM the movement, and now many are trying to get away from it because they have seen it for what it actually is. Yet you can't see why there is any division and confusion whatsoever from their simple message? Can't believe how some fans boo because they see it as Political? The interviews were last year and think Taylors was the start of this year - which is when in my opinion, the whole taking the knee WAS associated to BLM and not a simple message of racial equality.
  8. TheReds

    No knee

    I don't know why you keep saying it predated etc etc, I know that. Why didn't Lyle Taylor get corrected about what he said about taking the knee if it isn't anything to do with the organisation? Les Ferdinand associated it with the BLM movement, the BBC has said it started because of the BLM movement and George Floyd killing - and I would guess the majority of fans see it exactly as that. Surely the media, EFL, EPL would have made it abundantly clear wouldn't they if they were nothing to do with that and it was purely racial equality at the time (something that they are keen to say now after looking into BLM the Political movement with people moving away from it)? That then started protests from BLM all over the World causing violence, vandalism etc etc. The message now may well be that it is nothing to do with Politics or that movement, but it's too late for that to wash with many supporters imo. It needs a full reset/change.
  9. TheReds

    No knee

    I never said it didn't predate the Organisation, I said they started doing it here BECAUSE of the Organisation. Regardless of what they/you are saying now, that is why it started here.
  10. TheReds

    No knee

    No of course it isn't owned by them, but the players started doing it over here because of them. People/media then decided to (probably felt like they had to really) change the narrative when more and more people started to distance themselves from the Organisation, after actually being told or reading what their objectives were, and taking the knee then suddenly became "it isn't anything to do with the Organisation". The "political" tag it now has will never be eroded. There needs to be some sort of new slogan that will NOT be associated with BLM the Organisation. In my opinion, if there was something new, and players then were taking the knee then there wouldn't be anywhere near the amount of division there is now.
  11. Hoping for an early Brentford goal so Swansea have to have a go at them. Would love to see Brentford smash them to be honest, and hoping for a comfortable 3-0 win. Swansea will probably be very negative and falling over the air or blades of grass.
  12. Sounds like you've already started tbf.
  13. What a day. I remember it being so hot and I was so dehydrated when we left, and bought a 2 litre bottle of water in the shop up the road, and drunk it all by the time we were back to the train station. That Noble goal was just so crazy being there witnessing it, mental scenes.
  14. I expect Baker will be hitting that amount very soon..
  15. Amazing that many of the sags at the start of the season seemed to think the signings were superb. I got told by my mate they were definitely in for a top 6 finish, but did need a striker. Now it's all gone wrong they are all suddenly bad signings and it's all one blokes fault? Or is it down, at least partly to the various managers as well? Anyway, never mind, give the bloke a pay rise and a budget, and let him loose buying players and presenting them to Barton with "there ya go, here's another".
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