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  1. Statement incoming that Brexit has put the price of concrete up?
  2. A few days at least, as that game is Saturday
  3. Well, there are definitely too many on there for wins.
  4. This gives Barton a fair few more weeks if results are still poor, he will just come out with the "we have to give them time to gel, to get where we want to be". It is very strange just signing all of the players he has done, and he still won't take any personal responsibility if they don't fly up the league, or indeed he ends up with a fair few players just taking their wage.
  5. When will they threaten the court proceedings?
  6. He was already told he wasn't in the plans, whether or not that was longterm or not I don't know, but he definitely mentioned he wasn't in the plans for that game whatsoever. But Andy Johnson said it was Rob Ullathorne who told him that is what Warnock said and he was there at the time. I, or anyone can believe any story that comes out, but see no reason for a player who was there to come out and say that just for a laugh. I have no issue with his management or his achievements, or even his pantomime villain act. I was just pointing something out that many probably wouldn't have seen or heard before (I never did until I heard that podcast).
  7. This could be comedy gold if people think they are going to see Brian May, there would be multiple complaints and would make headlines. A bit like the Lapland New Forest fiasco about 10 years ago, fits right in with the state of the Mem, (coming to think of it that maybe that is where Rovers got Santas Grotto from)? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-11842396
  8. He did tell a player (Santos) they could go on for 10 minutes in the Battle of Bramall Lane "to do him" though. The player being Andy Johnson who told the story on the Undr The Cosh podcast. I'd expect every single husband to do that, even Barton tbf. I am not saying for one minute Warnock is on Bartons level whatsoever though.
  9. We know a few of your lot on this thread, solely down to their picture perfect faces at their unveiling holding the scarf. Stefan Payne being the ultimate imo.
  10. That's the longest I've seen him stay on his feet tbf.
  11. That was different league. Absolutely ridiculous.
  12. Never heard of it myself. Just googled and first link shows it at £195 - you know it is bad when you can pay in interest free payments for a fooking t-shirt. OFF-WHITE MONA LISA T-SHIRT BLACK Regular price£220.00 or make 4 interest-free payments of £48.75 GBP fortnightly with More info Sale price£195.00
  13. Not read all of the thread yet, but what really is wrong with that answer. A bit petulant yes, but if he told a load of lies and pussy footed around the answer then he would get slated for that. It's obvious and well known NP doesn't like doing the media stuff, so when you have the opportunity to do the media stuff, why not ask him some proper footballing questions, prove you have some good knowledge about the game. Gregor has said Matt caused a lot of problems, but still asks "did the defence do well enough". Is NP expected to say yes, they were superb to keep a few happy? As for giving the manager marks, if I read that correctly - seriously WTF Shame we don't have more people in this World telling the actual truth to the media, rather than just spinning everything to suit themselves or their mates.
  14. This. Hopefully we see a totally different season when it comes to the injuries, and the comebacks.
  15. Defo have to blame the medical team for O'Dowda not being able to head a ball straight and getting himself in all kinds of trouble!!
  16. Why is anyone comparing teams (in name only), when both have virtually a different starting eleven up against their teams from the weekend? Bizarre imo.
  17. Extremism - you are the extremist stating we are a Nation full of racists. Your stance is extreme, the trouble is you cannot see it whatsoever whilst telling people to look at themselves. Who doesn't want the basics of humanity? Nobody is struggling with that. You are the one struggling here, by just typing stuff that hasn't even been said. As I have said numerous times now, we can see what Southgate and the England players really think of equality when it comes to Qatar, see if there is a statement pre and post match about how they treat people - you know, like the basics of humanity. I'm out anyway, as it really is pointless when you are just posting stuff that hasn't even been said. Have a good day.
  18. A CNN poll and report - may as well stick up a Fox one to counteract it. Again, upping the ante or just frankly telling lies? Who the hell is saying there isn't a problem, and who the hell is saying there is "no problem"? Nobody as far as I can tell. Yet you want to keep going down this line of "discussions", and call us all "a Nation of racists". The thing I find extremely odd, is you actually think we have all been conditioned to think there isn't a problem (when nobody has said that have they), you want to call us "a Nation of racists", which again is complete and utter nonsense and lies, and then have the audacity to say we have been conditioned!! There seems to be one person who has been conditioned and brainwashed, and that my friend, is you. Extremism isn't good on either side of the fence.
  19. You may see race everywhere and in everyone, the huge majority doesn't, but seeing as that doesn't suit your view or agenda then you cannot accept it. People like you are everywhere, wanting to cause division, wanting to up the ante on everything, spin the stats to suit your "everyone in racist" agenda. "A nation of racists" - 34 tweets that were classed as criminal, from how many that were sent after the final exactly? 100 thousand, 1 million, 10 million, 50 million? A total of 11 arrests, so I will assume (and it is only an assumption), that some of those 11 people sent more than one awful abhorrent tweet. Can you give us a rough estimate of the percentages of actual racist tweets that were sent, to give us some actual relevant data? There were plenty of relevant questions in my post, but because it doesn't suit your tunnel vision stance you just ignore them. Again, we will all see what Southgate and the England players really think about equality when they get to Qatar. Seeing as numerous players cares so much about taking the knee, it's amazing how many couldn't be bothered to do it in the Euros in front of their own fans, where they are from countries where they have huge racism issues, but that doesn't matter as long as we can call all of the UK racist. I will leave it there as I have seen many of your posts, all the same stance, no debate, always right, name calling, virtuous, and no answers to questions etc. So enjoy your evening.
  20. What utter nonsense. Are there racists in this country - without a doubt. A Nation of racists - behave yourself. You can simply work out the amount of tweets and divide by the amount of people in "this Nation", and that may well be a good starting point to working out a fairer assessment, or find out how many tweets were sent in total after the Final. A massive issue with what is going on with this country, is people like yourself and the media, who just simply want to tell everyone they are racist because they simply don't believe a view of something, or we should all apologise for something that happened decades or even centuries ago, our ancestors did something bad, our terrible white privilege etc etc. What happened in History is indeed History, all (well the huge majority anyway) the people in this country live by different morals today - some obviously don't though, but don't let that stop you. What is being done about modern day slavery? Sweatshops in Birmingham, Leicester etc are well known, and they are probably all over the country. What about what goes on in China? Whilst we all conveniently say nothing whilst we live our lives with their technology and products - many of which would have been made by someone earning a pittance, but that's all ok, happy days I got the new iPhone. Let's see what all of these players and Southgate actually do regarding playing in Qatar, see how outspoken they are before and after every game, a vile country which should never have got the World Cup, have killed thousands (over 6 thousand so far) of people since they won the rights to it, whilst also taking workers passports so they cannot leave or go home, a place where they kill gay people, oppress women etc, and a place we should all be boycotting. But that's all fine though, as long as you applaud some footballers taking the knee...
  21. Am I missing something in that report? Are they just saying the majority came from the UK and not reporting any stats, or are they suggesting 34 out of 207 is a majority (as I thought that was the number widely reported the past couple of weeks).
  22. Mistakes in there? Also, defunding the Police and Anti Capitalism is definitely agenda from people on the right. Regardless of that, why the need to try and belittle someone who could have had a poorer education than yourself, whilst then calling for equality? Seems very hypocritical to me, but I must assume you "pull up" every single post you read on here that has a spelling mistake or some bad grammar, or is it just the ones when you don't agree with the poster so you choose to go down that route?
  23. Why you even seem so happy to try and belittle someone who may have had a poorer education than yourself is very, very sad. This second response just sums you up perfectly, whilst shouting about wanting equality, but then have a go at someone who maybe less equal than yourself, simply because they have a different view. The trouble is people like you are all over the left, talk down to people, bully people, the always right attitude, but just cannot even see it because of the virtuous attitude.
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