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  1. Do we have multiple fans that say we have the best fans or highest numbers in the Championship? Do we have fans that regularly say we need a bigger Stadium even though we rarely sell out? Maybe just me, but they do seem to be properly obsessed with the numbers, and now they are being shown up they say "ah, yeah but look at the percentage up against our home games", and as stated on here, that just proves how shocking their home attendances truly are.
  2. How will people, and women in particular cope with hearing such disgraceful remarks...
  3. Multiple times in the first half last night. Just hope they keep doing/trying it on Sunday.
  4. Why would you think it wasn't? O'Nien should have got a straight red as well for his awful challenge, surprised it isn't on the highlights I have seen. Another shocker from a ref who gave a yellow for it, so he obviously seen it.
  5. Jeez, what time did they leave? They had already got out the ground and been to McDonalds and been served and out. Earlier than some of the Dolman
  6. I know a couple doing that, but I also know one who I honestly think JB could literally do anything and he would be still called some sort of saint. Can't stop hearing how he brings through all of these Prem players (one isn't it), how he is loved by many, and has such a high reputation amongst other coaches etc etc etc. As soon as he says anything that is controversial, or how good their fans are, how many tickets they could sell, anything about us, he goes up another notch and is near legend status now. Mind you he still says the Fruit Market is a done deal as well.
  7. Oooohhhh... someone has been on the juice today.... Maybe you should actually read back your own posts, they are ridiculous, and not needed. Obviously you simply cannot handle anyone having a different opinion to yourself. No doubt it was a drinking alone day....
  8. Are you ok? You asked for where Pearson has said it was a red and have been given the info, and yet come out with the very childish "whatever"?
  9. Saying he thought about quitting is about getting this some air time imo, and was said for that reason alone. Sykes clear red, after he was fouled initially and should have had a free kick. Lost his head and no excuses. Freeman should have had a red for violent conduct too, if retaliation is allowed now for a yellow, then all I hope it is consistent across the board - but we all know it won't be. Last night it looked from the replays that Atkinson was caught, but the camera was Lansdown side so cannot see the whole incident. Hull - the Refs Association (or whatever it was) has said we should have had 2 pens (I thought one was a definite) and theirs wasn't a pen, add in the fact their players kicking lumps out of us with no cards in the first half. The officiating in that game alone was ridiculous. All ifs and buts, but we should never had lost at Hull and I am pretty confident we would have beat a 10 man Wigan in those conditions. This is down to the Officials, and not just some fans having a moan at one thing they got wrong over the 4 games we have played.
  10. This. For offsides VAR should be one line across the pitch and if you cannot see they are offside it's not offside. End of. Should be done in seconds from a studio and relayed back with hardly any interruptions. It's got to the point of "look what we can do".
  11. One reason why I love listening to the blue few. A mate of mine seems to think we now lose 30+ million per year, no matter what gets explained that's what happens in his head. Then we have others regarding a huge figure that SL has apparently just peed away over the years, it's as if he has nothing to show for it whatsoever. Add in (assuming it all goes ahead) the new plans for a basketball arena, hotel and housing and even with the outlay for that, then it would be interesting if they do lose anything at all.
  12. I stated watching it and turned it off after a few minutes. It's just awful journalism imo.
  13. That's a bit like putting some lovely spin on our 6-2 defeat to Fulham, by saying we were involved in an 8 goal thriller but not mentioning the final score.
  14. I got to the "they are only one division above us" and left. We're only one division below the Prem, but are miles away from pretty much every team in that league. How would they even pay Championship wages with 9k crowds in the tented village? I must have missed where they are making money every season, hasn't Wally been bailing them out every season - and what has he got to show for it? Loads of players worth millions? Why they even think Lansdown has basically done his dough is beyond me. They seem to see a figure and that's it, job done. I guess they are not used to looking at actual assets of the club/Lansdown. Stadium, training ground, infrastructure, Rugby, Basketball, new development of another arena and flats and hotel, and then can add in the players. I wonder how all that compares to the mighty Roverzzz situation? Obviously none of them would swap positions.....
  15. All the ones locked out can chuck a quid in, - job done.
  16. Yes, five. You can check on the video posted above by pausing it at the challenge. Naismiths boot is there and he jumps, lands, and makes two quick small steps when he lands (not falls), and then takes another 3 before he throws himself down - you can see those 3 quick steps from the camera behind the goal. As for the pen, if he went down when touched I don't have a problem, but he thought he could stay up imo and score, and then seen Atkinson running and sliding in and knew he wouldn't, so took a dive.
  17. Wow, I've never heard that excuse for a blatant dive a few steps after a so called foul. Any player who goes down about 5 steps after a so called foul (where momentum hasn't played its part), should never, ever be given a penalty. If that is what is now classed as 'winning' a penalty then we may as well call it a day. The bloke should be getting banned for simulation. That was about 10 times worse on a scale (no pun intended) than Tomlins second yellow yesterday (where he was obviously cynically fouled but made a ridiculous meal of it).
  18. If it's a decent bit of business then maybe don't throw him under the bus after starting the first game of the season. Barton had no need to really name anyone. He could quite easily have said "we are struggling for players at the moment, and that wouldn't have been my first choice 11 if everyone was fit, and a couple of players aren't up to up to speed or full fitness yet", "we need to get some new faces in to improve the current crop of players we have available", etc etc etc. He has basically said that Clarke is not anywhere near first team material, and after giving him a 2/3 year contract a month ago. Terrible comments for the player, if that's man management then you are in trouble. I'm all for some tough love etc, but that was not needed whatsoever.
  19. It doesn't really matter if Clarke would have been on the bench or not, he started. He has just been given a new contract (up to 3 years) by the same manager, he started because the manager picked him, if the squad is down to the bare bones then that is also down to the manager and also the owner. If Clarke being a first teamer is showing how bad the transfer window has been for Rovers, whilst giving the same player a fairly long deal, then it shows how terrible the business has been giving him that contract. His choice of words is not surprising at all, but then again he always seems to make a point of wanting to take responsibility himself, whilst then going on to throw someone under the bus, deflecting the responsibility from himself to the players.
  20. Barton seems to have a bit of history with Westbrook, dropping him and loaning him out, obviously doesn't want him there, so I am not surprised with the sly dig - I'm sure Barton could bring through some of the youngsters instead if he is that bad? As for that Clarke, he signed a new 2 year deal last month with the option of another year, so who's fault is that Joey, he isn't some 18yr old learning his trade. The player must be over the moon with the comments. What great man management. From Wiki - Clarke signed a new two-year contract with the club with the option for a further year on 3 June 2022
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