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  1. @ralphindevon Good to know re: ticket timing. The hospitality stuff, are those the VIP Hospitality Packages that can be found on the Ashton Gate site
  2. Wouldn't they make one just for more money? I've never really thought about 3rd jersey logistics outside of the NHL which has a well defined white/dark home/away structure and uses 3rd jerseys as extra revenue
  3. Putting the cart before the horse @pongo88. Gotta sort out travel before I figure out how to best indulge . (This is a good suggestion, thank you)
  4. @ExiledAjax That program's a good shout, thanks!
  5. @Nogbad the Bad Pretty much nailed it. If City has a service of some kind that exists to help people who are traveling, yeah I'll take advantage for sure. But I also have to plan trips to see my hockey team play (Ottawa Senators) since I moved away. I know the drill about traveling to see a chronically disappointing team play in person. But unlike Ottawa where I lived for years, I know almost nothing about Bristol or which away days are good, or how to have a good/"proper" match day experience 'cause I haven't been back to Bristol since I was born.
  6. I do sport some spicy arugula, not a mullet sadly.
  7. That's not a bad idea, never occurred to me as NHL teams are... let's say not that responsive to fan requests.
  8. It's gotta be 2023 because of vacation day resets at work :laugh:. I'm looking mainly at the mid Feb three games and the mid March with an away derby vs Cardiff, but don't know how dicey getting a ticket for that would be
  9. About as far away as one can be from Vancouver without being on an island. I'm in Halifax. 5,791.0 km
  10. I'm finally getting around to coming to a city game in 2023. Bit of a challenging commute as I live across the pond. I'm hoping to see three games and a good away day. So if I'm looking at 2023, weeks with a midweek game and a good away day which week should I come? Thanks for the help with this!
  11. I gotta say, I'm new here, but I have to completely agree with the OP. Harry food was out of position, doing a preview instead of talking about what curry he's eaten recently. And while we're on the topic of curry, they went on a fine run of form talking about curry for five to 10 minutes before talking about anything football related. I can't use any of that information because I don't live in Bristol, but it's an absolute tragedy that it's gone. 0/10
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