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  1. Most football training develops aerobic ability. Dead lifts if done over a month on a regular basis 3 times a week develop anaerobic systems IE strength. Definitely possible to see changes in a month if you haven't trained this way before. Also noticed Nagy whose been away looks tiny.
  2. Confirmed what I thought would be the case re improved fitness and strength. Looking at pictures of yesterdays training at Loughborough , looked like they had some clear muscle definition and definitely bulked up. Young lads in particular had clearly put on size. Let's hope this is a pointer to a tougher and more resilient team.
  3. Although I feel we still need a couple of players , particularly a quality centre forward the team appears to be shaping up. Delighted that we are going with a smaller squad as I feel having players around who have no real chance of playing is unhealthy at best. From the clips and interviews we've seen they will be fitter and more importantly stronger than were used to seeing , Danny Simpson said how tough it's been and he's been there before. For any of the players who have not realised yet Nige is not going to accept anything less than total commitment, so expect a few more to be out the door before we kick off. Dave Rennie looks like and sounds like he could be our most important asset this year , no nonsense and knows his stuff , don't see us falling to pieces this year barring contact or freak injuries. Likewise can see players getting back sooner as don't reckon the rehab option will be for the faint hearted. As to a prediction most seem to feel anywhere safe is ok. However I can't see a born winner embarking on a season with that as an aspiration.Fully expect him to see us at least competing for a play off position. I've got a sneaky suspicion a few may be surprised by how well we do. Bring it on I've had enough of summer now looking forward to cold and 3 points at home!!!
  4. Personally agree with Shearer , never a penalty just folded his legs and collapsed to the ground. Frankly find it embarrassing no matter who does it and would rather lose than win in this way. Been impressed by referees this tournament wonder whether home crowd advantage comes into play . If you win in this way don't moan if it goes against you. Delighted we won but leaves a sour taste to be honest . As a teacher who knows the influence this has on children it's a poor one to set.
  5. Honesty time , are you allowed to go to football if the good ladies birthday falls on a match day especially if it’s an away game. Ive been lucky, married 32 years never stopped from doing any sports , she even used to caddy for me when I played golf and used to help prepare my Moto X bike. Have you’ve been this lucky or does your good lady wear the trousers!
  6. Thought he’d been banned by the wife.
  7. Why can’t you go on your birthday?
  8. My dad who was a decent western league player despite only being 5 foot 6 used to referee on Sunday mornings and me and my younger brother used to run the line for him. One Sunday at longwell green some big slob on the line was giving my brother some stick which was pretty normal , he overstepped the mark when he called my brother a cheat in the ear shot of my dad. He calmly walked over to the large gentleman and asked him to repeat what he said, obviously feeling brave in front of his mates he did , without a thought my dad decked him with one punch and abandoned the match. He was called up for disciplinary action by the gfa who when they heard the case dismissed it. If only today’s refs were allowed to fight back
  9. Getting on a bit now but still suffer with pre match nerves, can’t ever remember not being nervous right back to first sporting experience. With the return of fans to grounds will be interesting to see how players adapt to the new environment. Have thought for a long time that a huge difference between the very best and average players is their ability to manage nerves and perform irrespective of the situation. Would love to know if anyone has anything which has worked for them and any stories of how the nerves have got the better of you.
  10. Not sure when any signings can be first made. Is it straight away or is there a start date.. Who do you want as first player signing? Or what position? Personally want a Big dominant centre half who can defend set pieces. We will be a target on these from our appalling record this year. Hopefully by the season start we will have a more intimidating back line.
  11. Not if he’s not playing, would you risk him.
  12. Seems like this season has gone on forever. Today’s game against Brentford nothing to play for . To say this has been a dismal season is slight understatement,management changes, injury list debacle, MA leaving to name but a few. On reflection not a lot of positives, thank heavens for our start otherwise we would be in deep sh**. The table looks pretty depressing and the only positive is that games have run out for us to drop any further. Despite a lack of interest for us in the final game I will be watching closely the outcome at the bottom, Wycombe all but gone then any 2 from 3 to join them , quite happy if Derby go as they just annoy me. Cant wait to watch some competitive sport soon, definitely won’t be paying a tenner this afternoon. Brentford may well rest several and we’ll probably win! Can’t see too many watching Robins tv today. Here’s hoping for a promising summer period , I’m going to enjoy watching some cricket and watching out for arrivals and departures at the gate.
  13. I actually think that any are replaceable, I think the best player with potential is massengo not the finished article but could be a key player who team could be built around. Np will be only looking to keep his type of players, I expect us to have a more physically imposing team by the start of next season with far less pretty ,fragile players.
  14. The mighty Millwall await this afternoon in our away trip to the capital. Zero to play for apart from professional pride and possibly a contract for next year, although I have a suspicion that following his appointment this week NP may have already decided on his not required list. Certainly been a strange season but hopefully light is at the end of the tunnel in terms of COVID and a return to watching live football. Robins tv is akin to thumb screws at times. Never sure how much clout a manager has until he has a contract, guaranteed wage for 3 years now and no concerns about treading on eggshells or upsetting people. Will we see a difference, time will tell. Now SL has pushed the boat out for a proven manager we have a realistic chance of promotion, probably have the best infrastructure in the league. It will take time as the current squad is going to need a big upgrade to challenge. Will be an interesting summer can see numerous departures and hopefully some quality arrivals. Fancy us today 2 0 City.
  15. Does it only happen when contract has expired or can it be announced any time. Would love an early announcement to set the tone of where we’re going.
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