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  1. My dad who was a decent western league player despite only being 5 foot 6 used to referee on Sunday mornings and me and my younger brother used to run the line for him. One Sunday at longwell green some big slob on the line was giving my brother some stick which was pretty normal , he overstepped the mark when he called my brother a cheat in the ear shot of my dad. He calmly walked over to the large gentleman and asked him to repeat what he said, obviously feeling brave in front of his mates he did , without a thought my dad decked him with one punch and abandoned the match. He was called up for disciplinary action by the gfa who when they heard the case dismissed it. If only today’s refs were allowed to fight back
  2. Getting on a bit now but still suffer with pre match nerves, can’t ever remember not being nervous right back to first sporting experience. With the return of fans to grounds will be interesting to see how players adapt to the new environment. Have thought for a long time that a huge difference between the very best and average players is their ability to manage nerves and perform irrespective of the situation. Would love to know if anyone has anything which has worked for them and any stories of how the nerves have got the better of you.
  3. Not sure when any signings can be first made. Is it straight away or is there a start date.. Who do you want as first player signing? Or what position? Personally want a Big dominant centre half who can defend set pieces. We will be a target on these from our appalling record this year. Hopefully by the season start we will have a more intimidating back line.
  4. Not if he’s not playing, would you risk him.
  5. Seems like this season has gone on forever. Today’s game against Brentford nothing to play for . To say this has been a dismal season is slight understatement,management changes, injury list debacle, MA leaving to name but a few. On reflection not a lot of positives, thank heavens for our start otherwise we would be in deep sh**. The table looks pretty depressing and the only positive is that games have run out for us to drop any further. Despite a lack of interest for us in the final game I will be watching closely the outcome at the bottom, Wycombe all but gone then any 2 from 3 to join them , quite happy if Derby go as they just annoy me. Cant wait to watch some competitive sport soon, definitely won’t be paying a tenner this afternoon. Brentford may well rest several and we’ll probably win! Can’t see too many watching Robins tv today. Here’s hoping for a promising summer period , I’m going to enjoy watching some cricket and watching out for arrivals and departures at the gate.
  6. I actually think that any are replaceable, I think the best player with potential is massengo not the finished article but could be a key player who team could be built around. Np will be only looking to keep his type of players, I expect us to have a more physically imposing team by the start of next season with far less pretty ,fragile players.
  7. The mighty Millwall await this afternoon in our away trip to the capital. Zero to play for apart from professional pride and possibly a contract for next year, although I have a suspicion that following his appointment this week NP may have already decided on his not required list. Certainly been a strange season but hopefully light is at the end of the tunnel in terms of COVID and a return to watching live football. Robins tv is akin to thumb screws at times. Never sure how much clout a manager has until he has a contract, guaranteed wage for 3 years now and no concerns about treading on eggshells or upsetting people. Will we see a difference, time will tell. Now SL has pushed the boat out for a proven manager we have a realistic chance of promotion, probably have the best infrastructure in the league. It will take time as the current squad is going to need a big upgrade to challenge. Will be an interesting summer can see numerous departures and hopefully some quality arrivals. Fancy us today 2 0 City.
  8. Does it only happen when contract has expired or can it be announced any time. Would love an early announcement to set the tone of where we’re going.
  9. Did think about it,trying to hide my faux pas.Best laugh is I teach Maths.
  10. Morning all , today’s match is against the mighty Hatters ,who with a smaller budget and awful ground are guaranteed to finish above us even with our HPC. Its safe to say that Nige has faced a bigger challenge than he probably expected. Personally I’m astounded by the apathy of some of the players, there are going to be several who are going to be being paid less next year or unemployed. Would you be signing any of our out of contract players ? I wouldn’t. SL presumably has made a decision on if NP will be offered a contract for next year. With the potential turnaround of players if it’s an affirmative I wish he’d get on with it. Who knows what the squad will be today as I’m convinced NP doesn’t feel he has any other options than to continue with what has been picked previously. Personally can’t wait for this season to end and a clear out to begin. To end on a positive ,it could be worse just have a drive up Muller rd to see where you could be watching league 2.
  11. Season is slowly nearing completion, today we have a trip up north to sunny Sheffield. Still not mathematically safe we still have points to play for . Same position for us in that we probably need one more win to guarantee survival. NP press conference suggested that no returners from injury and squad unlikely to see any significant changes. Been a big week at the gate with the departure of Mark Ashton. One less person to pin the blame on now, although I think his legacy will not be viewed in a positive way. If we think we've had a bad season think about both Sheffield's, United could be relegated today. Wednesday still fighting but desperate for 3 points today otherwise the city could be looking at 2 relegations in one season. See it being a frantic game today with Wednesday only having the option of going for a win. Can see us doing a lot of defending and trying to hit them on the break. Reckon might be a score draw which may not be enough for either club.
  12. Just had a look on a Leicester forum 41 pages of not impressed fans. Not a lot of sympathy,good job for them no fans in soon, sounds like their return to the group might be interesting.
  13. 4 of them caught out at a party at players house, including potential England player James Madison. Dropped from Squad for West ham game ,lose 3 2 how pleased will their team mates have been. Unbelievable that they think with their profile and inviting loads of girls they can do it and get away with it. Madison has probably ended any euro hopes he may have had and Champions League qualification has been dented. The intelligence of some footballers is unbelievable. I was hoping Leicester made it this year but definitely changed my mind. Selfish ********.
  14. Saturday has arrived again and we seem to be in the same position as last week still needing 3 points to guarantee survival. Thankfully Rotherham got done last week so gap is still 14 even with games in hand can't see them catching us. Lasts weeks performance was the worst since Nige has taken over and his post match interview certainly made it clear that some players time here will be ending if he is appointed. There's going to be a lot of unemployed footballers at the end of the season. Today sees Mr Hughton at Ashton Gate with the tricky trees next to us in the table. Don't expect we will ever know the true story of his application interview process. He has done a decent job at Forest after a slow start and like us are almost safe. It's human nature that when your turned down your going to want to prove a point. I would be amazed if we didn't see a fired up Forest side this afternoon. Bearing this in mind and our woeful recent performance I would be ecstatic if we get a point and no more injuries. I'm not watching this afternoon as the side I manage are playing in a lockdown league game at UWE 1pm kick off . I'm hoping for a 6 point Saturday but think my side may be the only winners today.
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