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  1. Seeing as MansionBet have been confirmed as the shirt sponsor once again...at least we can expect more tweets like this
  2. The video unveiling was cool. As for the shirt, I saw this photo by Robinsstatto on Twitter, and think I'd rather prefer this version:
  3. Sad, but I'm not surprised. Wonder if she will join Reading or another WSL team as previously rumoured. Interesting that the club haven't announced a retained list yet. Guessing they may wait for players to see who the Head Coach will be for next season before committing or not
  4. Saw this woman on the news earlier, and almost thought it was our very own footballer that just left City to play for Racing Louisville in the US...
  5. Interesting comments in this BBC Sport article about clubs in the transfer window https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57356271 "relegated Bristol City are expected to lose a few players, including striker Yana Daniels, with Liverpool among those rumoured to be interested, while Wales' Gemma Evans could join Reading. And Manchester United could bring in goalkeeper Sophie Baggaley, with Emily Ramsey potentially leaving" I believe Baggaley & Evans are out of contract anyway, but I don't think Baggaley would be #1 if she were to go to United, especially with former Vixens goalkeeper Mary Earps being #1 there. Evans would be a huge miss if she goes, and if she goes to Reading, she'd join fellow Welsh players who have left City & ended up at Reading. Yana Daniels I'd be surprised about. She left City a few years ago for Liverpool (before coming back a year later), so I wouldn't be sure why she'd go there again (unless it's the Matt Beard factor)
  6. I recently changed my ink cartridges in my printer, and this shirt is reminding me of nothing but all those colours!
  7. Reminds me of that Justin Timberlake song Crimea River
  8. The FA have confirmed that Watford & Sunderland (a former WSL side themselves) were successful in their applications to fill the vacant two places in the Championship for next season. Last season there were only 11 teams in the league, causing an anomaly. With London Bees relegated, teams from Tiers 3-6 were eligible to apply. More details https://www.thefa.com/news/2021/jun/02/20210602-womens-football-pyramid-upward-movement
  9. A follow up from Katie Whyatt, women's football reporter at The Athletic. Still would like some official clarification from the club anyway...
  10. Interesting to read that Tanya Oxtoby is joining the Scotland women's national team coaching set up over the summer. I thought she was still on maternity leave at City. Looking forward to hearing the explanation to this one. Just hoping this isn't another comms failure by the club where this means she has left, but someone else has announced it beforehand https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/scotland-national-team/3189709/stonehavens-christy-grimshaw-receives-first-call-up-to-scotland-national-team
  11. You know you've f'd up when even Scott Murray tweets about it! I see what you did there!
  12. MansionBet's Twitter account posted this tweet tonight, which makes reference to Dean Windass & the 2008 Play off Final. Subsequently got deleted, probably because the admin didn't know that, or got reminded that they're Bristol City's shirt sponsor. This was either an error or a very subtle way to announce that City may have a new shirt sponsor. OSIB/Robins at the Gate, you should consider new sponsors
  13. I assume a replacement for Lee Billiard will be brought in. As far as I'm aware, there's still key people involved like Gavin Marshall & Lisa Knights, who were part of the Bristol City Women board. The same board that was once led by Mark Ashton. Can only assume the new chief executive Richard Gould will hopefully have the same involvement, or more if ideal!
  14. He was in other words the General Manager, which is common in women's football, although terms such as "Director of Football" or "Sporting Director" are also used. He pretty much ran the day-to-day of the club. His appointment was very significant considering that there was no General Manager in the 2019/20 season as the position couldn't be filled. His appointment wasn't publicly announced at the time, but he's been extremely helpful, not just in being a contact in regards to the Vixencast podcast, but was also helpful in being a point of contact when we in the Supporters Club & Trust raised queries. I just hope that the next General Manager etc will be as useful!
  15. Emile Heskey is a coach there. I believe Jonathan Morgan is the manager at Leicester. Am hoping City Women would still be an attractive club for someone to join, even with the unfortunate news that Head of Women's Football Lee Billiard is now announced as leaving at the end of the month (my guess is he's been offered a lucrative offer elsewhere). So now we have no head coach, no assistants, no GM or director, and potentially no ground as there hasn't been an update on if the club would still play at Twerton Park or elsewhere. https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/billiard-to-step-down-as-head-of-womens-football/
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