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  1. Tom Garry, women's football reporter at the Telegraph shared this about Fran Bentley
  2. Yep, there are two group games that day, which both kick off at 5pm (last round of group games hence the simultaneous kick times)
  3. Looks like City will be hosting Plymouth in pre-season on Sunday July 17th. No announcement yet from City about it...
  4. Abi Harrison's goal against Lewes & Aggie Beever-Jones' goal against Liverpool in the shortlist for goal of the season
  5. As posted on the Supporters Club & Trust social media: Con Sullivan's funeral will be taking place at 12:00pm on Friday 20th May at South Bristol Crematorium, Bridgwater Road, Bedminster Down, Bristol, BS13 7AS and you are welcome to attend. Following the service, a wake will be held at Redcatch Community Garden, Broadwalk, Redcatch Park, Knowle, Bristol, BS4 2RD - near to his home. Con was Bristol City’s oldest living former player when he passed away aged 93 on 14th April. He had a remarkable goal-keeping career from the Bristol Downs League to City in May 1949 then on to Arsenal in February 1954 having made 73 City appearances. With thanks to the family of Con Sullivan for letting us share these details.
  6. Abi Harrison in running for the FAWC Player of the Season
  7. Satara Murray has joined fellow City alumni Ebony Salmon at Racing Louisville, having signed a two year contract
  8. Damn, I wish I saw this thread when it started. They're back in Bristol at O2 Academy on Monday 14th November. Which is also sold out...
  9. I clicked on this thread thinking it was to do with David Noble (based on the club social media posts today) & that there was a typo...
  10. Murray departure finally confirmed by the club, nine days later. Beever-Jones going back to Chelsea not surprising, but no mention about Bentley... Sad to see Jhamat, Collis & Cook leave. They didn't get a lot of game time overall this season, and I'm sure Collis was injured for a while...
  11. Aggie Beever-Jones' goal versus Liverpool is included here in the shortlist. As is another goal from Ashton Gate, but that was scored by Katie Stengel for Liverpool...
  12. Hoping Jhamat does stay. Have noticed she didn't get as much game time...
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