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  1. Well said JD. Also feels like a show of belief in Nige and the ‘project’. I know there will be some bumps, but it does feel like we are finally moving in the right direction.
  2. Auto corrected and I didn’t even realise/know. Shows the impact he’s had on me.
  3. Jojo has moved to Swindon on a free with a sell on clause. Good move all round I think. Never going to make it with us at this time. Plenty of time to establish himself as No1 and to have a good career. Good luck.
  4. I’m a little medicated now RA if truth be told! The next few seasons just seem so full of possibilities. I haven’t felt that for a long time.
  5. I know it’s nuts. I’m old enough to know better. We were so bad at the end of last season it’s still giving me nightmares... However, Nige has been ruthless and has cleared out most of the underachieving, overpaid players. He has a relatively blank canvas. And I am really excited about what he could do and what’s to come. Is this our Pat Lam moment? I really think so. I am glued to the transfer forum and really enjoying the suggestions in general and the analysis of players posted by Fevs specifically. Outstanding contributions from many posters, but I would single out Harry for a mention too. It feels like this is one of the biggest summers in our history. A manager who knows exactly what he’s doing. An owner who is willing to back him. And an understanding from all that it will take some time. It feels like all the ingredients for success. The obvious caveat is that we are Bristol City, and if anyone could find a way to mess this up... Anyone else feeling it or should I call the nurse?
  6. You’re definitely a supporter in my book. What I don’t understand is why!! Most of us can blame our parents/ grandparents or our proximity to the ground. How were you hooked in?
  7. WTF. Are you serious?? You can only think that looks good if you’re off your head on acid!
  8. Tell me about it Fordy! My first season was 1976-7. My dad would drop me and my younger brothers at the schoolboy enclosure and go round at meet his mates in the open end. I was 10 and responsible for getting us all safely to our rendezvous point after the game. I loved the atmosphere and watching the best players in England try and sometimes fail to beat our boys. I thought it would always be like that. How times have changed.
  9. Thanks Sniper. Really interesting to get that outside perspective, and interesting that it chimes with what most of the sensible posters think. Thought the discussion about LJ and the issues that his management style created in the culture was really good. As someone who works in education it really spoke to me. You only can create the behaviours you want by giving the opportunity for them to be practiced. For example, you cannot create resilient learners/players without giving them opportunities to show resilience and model what it looks like. I think it takes great confidence to give up some control to give space for leadership to develop. Something LJ was unwilling to do. A lack of confidence or a control freak? I think LJ has been hindered by only really playing under one manager. His man management will be a reflection of this. Another good point was around how long it will take to make the shift in the squad that is needed, and how Nigel will have to manage the expectations of fans and the media. Let’s hope we can stay patient. I believe we are finally on the right road, but there will undoubtedly be a few bumps along the way.
  10. Great listen chaps. Looking forward to seeing Keith being carried overhead at the three lions in the near future!
  11. Is this new ? I was under the impression that he was in talks (as was Simpson) when the list of players released was announced last week. Surely this itself implies that we didn’t trigger the one year extension and were talking about a different contract. Is this just a rehashed story or have I missed something??
  12. Played there once in the woodcock shield. A few parents and school mates in the crowd. We arrived a bit late and were miffed to find that Brislington had already claimed the home dressing room and had gone for a tour. A few of our “less sophisticated “ elements decided they were not having that, and flung all their kit bags out into the corridor so that we could claim our rightful place. Went down as well as you might imagine and I’m pretty sure it contributed to our defeat.
  13. Started up front but gradually moved further from the sharp end and played full back. Unbeknown to me at the time, I was known as the sniper amongst my teammates. Being short of stature they claimed that you couldn’t always see me in the long grass but knew I was in position as the winger was guaranteed to go down suddenly as though he’d been shot. I don’t think I would last long in the modern game.
  14. Let’s hope they can all kick on. As they said, well done and thanks to everyone involved in their development so far. The hard work has to continue. And brilliant to hear some proper local accents. COYR
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