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  1. Definitely just outside. I was as surprised as Callum that no free kick was given.
  2. So essentially a shite Liverpool.
  3. Definitely on de Gea as far as I’m concerned. The reason we don’t see goals like that is because the keeper will get up and defend his goal until the ball is cleared and then go down if he feels it necessary. Rolling round with his back to play. I realise Fred went down his Achilles and it would’ve been painful, but come on.
  4. Nope. Not fit for Sunday either. Nige spoke to this in his press conference. Looks like the youngsters need to step up again.
  5. Red button Red button according to sky sports app.
  6. I agree BW. Thought he was excellent. Some of his crossing was brilliant. The late one when Martin missed his diving header for example. He certainly looks to be enjoying it. He looks full of confidence and not the hesitant safety first player that lets the game pass him by and gets everyone’s back up. The position seems to suit him in terms of his attributes, pace and athleticism, but there is more to it than that. You have to applaud the coaching staff and Nige for bringing this out of him. Two good games in a row!! If he can keep it up he will be in a strong position when we try and renegotiate his contract.
  7. I echo all the praise. Fantastic from them both. And what a carrot for the other talented players in the academy that there is a genuine pathway. Well done to all involved in their development.
  8. Kalas and Baker throwing themselves at that. Great desire.
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