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  1. 1 minute ago, gl2 said:

    In bottom 3 with good company, Boro and Norwich, this table is upside down

    Coventry, Luton and West Brom making up the rest of the bottom 6.

    Tough game in that heat. Some concerns, but some plus points too.

    Conway worked hard and looked good. (Shame about the header.)

    Back 3 a little better.

    Only conceded one.

    Weimann now 4 in 4.

    Errrr any more…?

  2. 1 hour ago, Countryfile said:

    It is for sure.

    so far as analysis goes I like to look at how we could have prevented a goal being scored against us.

    At the point we lose possession to the point the ball goes in the net without us having touched it again I like to see how it could have been prevented.

    Do our analysts do the same? Does Nige have a debrief where he points out how the goal opportunities are created by opponents and then works on it in training?

    Is it fair to say that all goals are preventable?

    Are you really suggesting that our professional football operation does not operate a n a professional manner????

  3. I don’t for one second think NP would not play Han if he felt it was in the interests of the team/club. I agree that Han would put in a shift, but there are a few players in front of him and I can see the argument for developing someone who sees their future with the club with minutes from the bench.

    Ultimately I see it as all up to Han. When he gets his opportunity (and he will) it is up to him to take it and nail down his place. That will benefit him in the future whether with us or elsewhere.

    As for NP saying words to the effect of “ He’s a squad player who will get some minutes “ I would imagine he would say that about many of the players we have. Not meant as disrespect but a pragmatic view of where he sits. He’s not a nailed on starter so I think that’s just Nige being Nige.

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  4. I would imagine that Zak is currently filling in as RCB and will be replaced when Kalas is fit and ready to play. Klose has had some difficult moments playing RCB in pre season so it might be Zac v Hull. I would imagine Naismith has been charged with organising him and making sure he stays switched on. If he can keep his concentration he is a capable squad player at this level imho.

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  5. 7 minutes ago, 1960maaan said:

    Not wanting to derail the thread, but there is time to get back on track after, so....

    We were in Como 4 years ago, really liked the area. We did a boat trip up the Lake to Bellagio, which was great playing spot the James Bond "set". I did get down to the local ground, but closed and no game so all I got was this photo.


    Was it snowing heavily?

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  6. Enjoyed that. Many thanks to @Red Army 75

    If that’s the first indication of how proper competition for places will spur players on I’m quite excited about our prospects.

    Wilson and Tanner, DaSilva and Pring and also Williams, James, King, Massengo all looking pretty sharp. Academy boys all looking good. Seems to be a cohesiveness about the squad which I haven’t seen for a while. 
    Very encouraging, especially given what we’ve seen over the last few seasons.

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