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  1. The facts don’t quite bear this out, although I appreciate I’m unable to talk about performances. Watford were in the bottom 3 for every single game that Pearson was not the manager that season. He managed to get some decent results (relatively) and had them hovering between 16th/ 17th. He was sacked, and then Watford immediately fell back into the bottom 3 and were relegated. Seems pretty clear cut to me.
  2. He had relative success at Watford, and they would not be in the championship if they had kept him. I know it’s not been good but I don’t think it’s down to Pearson. The sad truth is that our players are not committed enough. Professionals should have more pride. I think we need to keep Pearson and let him build a team.
  3. I know he’s knowledgeable and articulate, but the OP doesn’t pick the team!!!! (Yet)
  4. Can’t believe Spurs have sacked Mourinho. He’s got them to a final on Sunday and they’ve just qualified for the European Super League! Madness!!
  5. Media interviews this week Wells/NP have talked about Bonding Professionalism The need for a reset. NP has made it clear that talk is one thing but action another. He has questioned the professionalism of some of our players in some (not so ) subtle ways. He has also talked about the problems of bringing young players into a team in difficult circumstances. Taking all that stuff not account what do you think the team for tomorrow will be? It sounds like some are going to be given a last chance to show they are worth a contract next season. Apart from that I haven’t a clue! Thoughts?
  6. I think SL looks at what has happened with the bears and can see the value of getting the right leader. He mentioned as much in a clip from the 3 peaps in a podcast interview. He talked about how much he has learned from having Pat Lam in charge and crucially, how it had changed his mind. To me that seems to suggest that we are moving away from the idea of a head coach, towards a manager/leader. That leader by definition must be given more control over the players/ playing side of the club than the likes LJ and DH ever had. We need a clear defined playing style and then recruit accordingly. The direction of travel on this will become clearer in the next few weeks. If NP is going to be the man to take the rebuild on (I hope he is) he needs to be given control, which means his own coaching/ recruitment team coming on board.
  7. I think TR will play the majority of minutes left in the season. I’m not arguing that he doesn’t have limitations or was horribly at fault for the third goal, but it was noticeable that he was desperately trying to inject some urgency into our play. He may not be here next year, but I for one will thank him for his efforts and wish him well. If he is retained, I would not be unhappy as at least he has the desire and character needed and he would be a positive influence in the squad. I think he has been a good signing and has generally filled in competently at left back. Many of the comments in this thread, although written in frustration, are unfair IMHO.
  8. It seems to me that there is something rotten at the core of this squad. Perhaps many of them have got contracts lined up for next season, and are going through the motions. Why would they jeopardise a new contract at another club by putting in a shift and getting injured in the process. The much vaunted DNA of the nice humans seems to have been exposed as not fit for purpose. I think Holden saw this to be fair, and tried to start to address it with signing Williams. Two further issues have been the injuries and Ashton’s management of contracts. All these situations have come to a head and are festering. For the team to be as poor as they were today, when everyone is looking for a reaction and players putting in a shift as a minimum is a disgrace. I think there is no doubt that if NP stays the majority of the OOC players will not be here. He will also try and move Nagy on. I’m so so disappointed.
  9. I think he will be an integral part of the team next season and will show us his worth. If we play a system that suits him and if we can make chances he could be the 20 goal a season striker we are looking for. I think he is a good finisher at this level. As NP has said “I pick players for what they can do, not what they can’t.” Tin hat ready!
  10. Thanks Harry. Sounds like you saw signs of the player that we all hope he can be for us next season, contract permitting.
  11. Can you expand Harry? First game I’ve missed today. What did you see that makes you feel that?
  12. Rome wasn’t built in a day AG. Remember how bad it had got. NP has had 7 games. 3W 1D 3D with wins away at Swansea, Boro and Birmingham. In the 7 previous games we lost them all including the debacles against Watford, Reading and Barnsley.
  13. I saw that one. Brilliant! It’s like OTIB but for sadomasochists with a learning disability.
  14. Just spent an enjoyable hour on gas chat. It’s a wonderful cocktail of bile focussed on the club and each other with a dash of resignation of relegation. What a tonic!
  15. Whenever I hear Nige speak I feel reassured that he knows exactly what he’s doing. I’ve been a supporter since the 70’s and whilst I acknowledge that we’ve had some decent managers in that time, I don’t think I’ve ever felt that before. I was a bit angry because our performance today was not really a surprise. We’ve all seen it so many times. After watching the interview I feel a little warm and fuzzy. Do I have a man crush?
  16. I was very happy when it seemed that Hughton was going to take over in the summer. However I am ecstatic that we now have NP. In my view both look equipped to get us into the premier league. The difference is what happens when we get there. I think Nige edges it there. If he is given time and is backed appropriately I think he can turn us into a lower mid table prem team. That said there is a chance it could all implode within 18 months. One thing for sure, it will be exciting and raises our profile in the national media.
  17. I get your point, although I do understand the desire to add some experience to the squad in the summer (although it didn’t work out). I deliberately didn’t mention age, but was talking more about the “good humans” side of our recruitment that has been talked up by MA etc.
  18. Thanks MRR. I’ve been lurking for a while but finally took the plunge.
  19. Looking from the outside the signing of Simpson does seem to be against the ethos of the club. Good humans etc. However I would make two caveats. 1. None of us know the details of his conviction and the basis of the criminal justice system is that when you have served your “sentence “ you are reintegrated into society and have the right to work. 2. NP is by far a greater judge of what he needs in the club to build success than I am. (Although when the honeymoon period is over I will probably have the arrogance to question his methods!) INIT (In Nigel I Trust)
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