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  1. I suggest a stiff drink before you watch the first half.
  2. I know you have little time for Pearson. But what exactly in what he said do you disagree with? As @And Its Smithand @GrahamC mention, he should be finding a way to make us more solid. But his assessment of the game was spot on IMHO.
  3. A lot of knee jerk reaction after that game, and you might say rightly so. Some of you will see this through your lens (NP in /out). FWIW I don’t see that there is much to argue with anything he says.
  4. Thought he looked pretty good. Seemed determined to show he was worth a place next time.
  5. Happy days. Flat Fanta for everyone!
  6. I agree that with you Dave, I think we should be seizing assets. Wonder where this goes next.
  7. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2022/03/02/statement-from-roman-abramovich Selling, apparently doesn’t want any loans repaid. (Approx 1.5billion). Proceeds to victims of the war in Ukraine. Story moving very quickly.
  8. Given our potential FFP issues I don’t think we can afford to cook on gas. Best use the microwave.
  9. Brilliant. OTIB has cheered me up no end this afternoon.
  10. I wasn’t expecting it to be Vyner’s fault. (Un)professional foul?
  11. In my mind Nige is like an outstanding teacher. He is open and honest and has created an environment that gives the players a certain amount of agency/ autonomy. As he has said, he can’t do it for them, but what he can do is provide a structure, a sense of ownership and the sense that they are all working to a common goal. Within that each individual will have their own reasons and intrinsic motivation too. Each player would, I expect, know exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are and the physical, tactical, technical things they need to work on. Most people would be on board with this and will appreciate the honest feedback they get, especially if it is for the greater good and delivered appropriately and designed to help them improve their own outcomes. The fact that he was willing to drop Bentley was a master stroke in the long term as it showed the squad that Nige was prepared to act if someone was dropping their standards, even if it was the club captain. It feels a very very long way from where we were this time last year. I’m excited by where he could take us over the next few seasons.
  12. I’m pretty sure Alex will be with us next season barring a massive bid from a top ten Premier League team, which is unlikely. He is getting loads of game time and improving rapidly. He has settled well into the squad and there are a number of excellent young players joining him. He is about to be joined by Ben Acey in the summer who he played lots of age group and first team football with in Guernsey. He has a 4 year contract. He has an excellent relationship with a manager who trusts him and is improving his all round game. I appreciate a couple of those might be conjecture, but could be considered to be true based on performances. I think it might be a different story next summer. We will have to show we are matching his ambitions.
  13. Paul Simpson appointed until the end of the season.
  14. Unusual for a manager to be sacked after reaching a cup final!
  15. He was so impressive last night wasn’t he. Reflecting this morning I think you might be right. He has proven himself to be accomplished in each of the positions he has played. Moving forward he needs to play in the position that has the most impact on the team. The way he dictated our play was outstanding, but I was just as impressed with his work off the ball. I think @Davefevs has mentioned previously that he plays as a genuine central midfielder in the England U18’s. Most lads when they first break into a side will be played wide, even if they eventually make the move to a more central position. For Alex to have done that already and to have become arguably our most consistent and important player is incredible. When done Alex, and a huge shout out to NP and the coaching team for recognising his ability and trusting him.
  16. Shame about the result but we played well. Enjoyed our performance. Lots to be pleased about.
  17. Ignore the result. I think he’s gone up another level tonight. His tactical intelligence and game awareness for 18 were absolutely astonishing. He plays like a seasoned pro. No doubt he is going all the way to the top of the game.
  18. I know we say it every week. But seriously, how good is Alex Scott!!! Running the game.
  19. A good test for HNM. Will be really interesting how the midfield functions. I’m guessing Williams will get some minutes in the second half. Excited by this team. It may go wrong, but so refreshing to see Nige so happy to play the youngsters. It really feels like we’re starting to build something.
  20. I thought the same, then I thought Alex might have more game awareness and tactical nous. In short - no idea.
  21. In a funny kind of way I’m not too concerned about that. Although they obviously have to understand how to operate within a team structure, for me it’s more about the individual development and how many are showing that they might have what it takes to step up. Considering the ages of many of our U23’s it feels like there might be quite a few over the next few seasons.
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