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  1. I’ve just seen the clip of his touches on SSN. Had a quiet first half. Only two touches. The kick off and then another on 6 mins. Fair play to Tuchel, must’ve worked his magic at HT because he was massively improved. 500% better in open play!
  2. Pearson likes to be consistent in selection where he can. If Williams needs resting then I would guess Cundy comes in to a back 3. Other than that same again.
  3. I felt your initial comments were a little Ill judged as young players often make leaps in development. Some physically, in Semenyo’s case more to do with confidence and decision making. However I do agree with you on his performance today. He was not at his best and strangely ineffective in possession. Even Nige mentioned that he was thinking of taking him off before he scored. Shows how far he’s come when a goal and an assist and not one of his better games. He is on a steep development curve. Hope he is still with us next season. There will be a lot of clubs after him in the summer.
  4. Fair play BR. Not quite humble pie but you made some fair observations about his all round game today. I reckon by the end of the season you might be on the Semenyo bus with the rest of us.
  5. Think it could be a good formation for us moving forward. Nige has spoken about the threat they have wide, especially right side, so maybe not today.
  6. I think he has made adjustments Jon. We looked good all round first half v Swansea. Very much looked like we were playing to a plan. I think Pearson’s frustration is with individual decision making and desire to keep the ball out of the net. We often make a series of errors that lead to goals then get deeper as the pressure intensifies. We don’t seem to have the ability/confidence/experience to break this cycle once it starts at the moment. I would argue that this is not a coaching issue.
  7. Thanks for pointing me in direction of the piece MRR. It is as you say carefully written. The downward trend in our goals against stats are a little worrying and we haven’t got the balance right between defence and attack. @Davefevsmentions on another thread how we were more solid playing a back 4 earlier in the season. I think some of the defensive issues are due to injury. Bakes, Tanner, Atkinson in defence. But overlooked I think is what James (and King to a lesser degree) brings to our defensive shape. My hope is that we can get Tanner, Atkinson, James and Williams all fully fit and in the same team relatively soon. I think this will give us greater stability and should improve us.
  8. I get your point. I don’t think we’re going to be top 6 material next season. But if you look at some of the naive defending, poor goals and capitulations this season, worth at least 10 points? Add this to our current total and we’re in the mix. I would expect a top half finish next season and hopefully a plan to make a push the season after.
  9. I agree that we could/should have more points. I see the issues as ones of individual concentration and decision making. These are things that can’t be laid at Pearson’s door IMO. He can set an environment and they can work on things in training, but if players are going to freeze in the headlights ultimately he needs different players. I also think the loss of Matty James has left a bigger hole to fill than many realised. I include myself in that. On the plus side, if we can get some movement out this summer it feels like something that can be fixed with 3/4 additions.
  10. Would you accept MRR, that they are the same players who were absolutely abysmal at the end of Holden’s tenure. I’m thinking Watford, Reading and Barnsley. There are a few exceptions, due to injuries, and the emergence of Scott etc, but a core of players have shown themselves not to be up to championship football on a consistent basis.
  11. Having now watched the interview it doesn’t come across as I was led to expect. He is clearly frustrated but hasn’t chucked anyone under the bus. My reading of it is that he’s laid down a challenge along the lines of “ If you want to be part of the squad next season some of you need to be doing your jobs better. If you are unable to find it within yourself to do that I will have to find someone who can.” Perfectly reasonable IMHO if we want to get better.
  12. I for one am sick of this view that all opinions are equally valid. THEY ARE NOT. Everyone has the right to an opinion, but if they are spouting nonsense they need to be called out. That’s how we’ve ended up with Brexit, Trump, Anti -vaxxers etc. You have an agenda against Pearson and have taken the opportunity to peddle lies and half truths if they support your view. Your opinion is blinkered and you are starting to be called out by a number of posters that I respect. I can get behind that.
  13. I think he’s used his extensive football knowledge, his research of previous points needed, an in depth analysis of the bottom 4 and their likely points from their upcoming games and most importantly his lottery numbers.
  14. With hindsight Nige didn’t do any of the media this week. Suggests it’s all as reported and the decision to release the information tonight was planned.
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