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  1. This is so cringe Not a picture of the new signing, its a picture of himself!!!!!!!!!
  2. Oh, thats random. I'm sure he died. Certain of it,
  3. Was told @badger08 passed away.
  4. Agreed, NHM had a fantastic game! If he plays like this consistently moving forward, then this is the HNM at his potential.
  5. We should all know by now our fanbase hasn't got a clue (including me). These are a few I can thing about! Fans wanted Steve Coppell - Failure Fans said "no thanks" to Wilbs - Success Fans not convinced by Cotterill - Success Fans wanted Palmer - Failure Fans didn't want LJ - Success (stats say he was one of our most successful managers of all time) Fans didn't want John Ward - Success And their are many more! Basically SL, just do the opposite to what we say as a fanbase and we will get success!!! haha *Just a bit of fun before people get all upset.
  6. Yes. But even if I wasn't, does that mean I couldn't have an opinion?
  7. I hope so mate, and some good points. I really want HNM to do well.
  8. Yes, around 90% of games for the past 20+ years. Look, I get that it might be different to your opinion, and yes, this game is all about opinions, but to come out with "ever watched city" is just lazy at best.
  9. Okay, we will have to respectfully agree to disagree. I get that he's young, but can't see anything from him to suggest he's going to get better. As above, Alex Scott is doing it and he's 17. At what point do we need to start seeing a return from NHM? 20, 21, 22? At what age is it okay to start expecting him to contribute something?
  10. I'm sorry, you can blame LJ for a lot of things, but you can't blame him for ruining Massengo. Can someone please explain to me what Massengo actually does? He hasn't scored, he hasn't made a single assist and he can't defend, as proven again last night for Readings 2nd. He's been here playing for 2 years! And don't tell me "he's still young" as Alex Scott is doing it and has even got an assist!!!!!! He's played 3 games. So I'm not having it.
  11. Never got why the fans wanted to force him out. At least he offered something! Vyner offers absolutely nothing.
  12. Absolute class act. Everything NHM isn't.
  13. Its like everyone has forgotten how his reign ended!
  14. What horrible news. I believe another old poster @badger08 is no longer with us too.
  15. Forever Bristol City - If you like people not being able to finish their sentence, bad sound, home phones ringing and the general arrogance of Ian Gay, then this is this is the podcast for you. Joking aside, its a decent listen but the sound quality and Ian can be a bit annoying. He is very reactionary and his opinions change like the wind. Pretends to be in the know. 3 Peaps In A Podcast - Professional sounding podcast, and some great chats. Very level headed in their opinion. Osib - Probably my favourite. Sensible debate and some great humour. Pete really makes this podcast IMO.
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