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  1. Thought pring did OK, Dasilva was woeful and had already been beaten for pace a few minutes earlier than the 1st goal, looks a shadow of the pre injury player and nowhere near the required level.
  2. They can have Houghton or McCarthy now as they have both done well
  3. If only owning and making a club successful was as easy as being a ketboard warrior with all the answers
  4. What a surprise same old faces can't wait to post after a loss hoping a few more will join them on there SL out hobby horse.
  5. Yeah hear Mel Morris is looking for a new club or blue fews fake sheik has sone friends,
  6. Yeah by a team just from the Prem, favourites to go back up and receiving millions in PP
  7. Need to get martin off and play nakki upfront by himself
  8. If only we had some pace up front, wba look so slow at the back. Would like to see scott on for msrtin to try and play nakki in. Can see us getting back into this.
  9. Hope pring is going LB as Disilva has been easily beaten twice
  10. Baker fancies some time off, tried to get sent off in the last match but just a pen
  11. Can someone tell Robins tv they are moaning why trams not out
  12. Watched the Scott reply many times on the sky sports highlights and could not tell 100% but think it looked a penalty. The reason the ref may not have give it, forest could have been moaning to the ref at half time about Scott going down so easy, which he does a lot and will have put doubt in the refs mind, any other player and I think he gives it. WTH was Baker thinking, experienced player and we had cover in the box Definite handball for winner
  13. No he definitely said fish, think they must have gone up market now, also probable did not want to get new white expensive trainers dirty
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