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  1. Well I suppose if they legalise it, it would give another stick to bet the government with, moaners will have a field day with how expensive it is, how much the tax is, why cant they have for free as they are on social support and have not got any money
  2. Proves they have not got a clue when they said Bristol has 2 clubs both with a great following, sure Mangotsfield don't get that many
  3. Gives Luton fans an insight to what it will be like every week if they go up
  4. But what is he worth if Fulham were to sell or someone make an offer, I assume that price was agreed before his current season performances.
  5. Interesting to know values, but if Alex is worth 20m plus, how much do you value Harry Wilson? I think if serious big money will come in for anyone it will be Semenyo
  6. So deserved to come back from a severe injury and be ever present, scoring 20 goals in a struggling team is real testament to the guys attitude and desire, legend
  7. Where do they get these refs? Alex gets his nose smashed with an elbow and nothing, derby constantly chucking themselves on the floor without any contact, free kick, soft foul made by city yellow card
  8. Just paid £10 and using normal VPN and getting error message
  9. Problem is the drones are not being used or that expensive big tele and LJ took the remote with him
  10. Was not aware of that, so makes me wonder if perhaps I am not far off the truth. I play a lot of golf and its amazing how it affects you game when you start getting negative thoughts when you are stood over a short putt or have to hit the ball over a lake. That's when I am playing a game for fun, but add the pressure of thousands of fans and its how you make a living and hopefully fulfil your dreams, then that pressure may get very intense and be difficult to handle
  11. I actually quite liked TM, think he had an excellent attitude and showed he could be a good footballer. It seemed when he started making some errors following being played out of position by LJ, then becoming some fans scape goat who were very quick to get on his back, I don't think mentally he could cope with it and confidence became shot. Some players have thick skins, some players don't care, but in TM case I think he did care but the pressure of making errors in a game affected his performance to an extent where he was worrying about making the mistake before even did with a negative mindset, which then lead to an error
  12. Great videos, watching Semenyo, Alex Scott, HNM, Atkinson, Cundy and the other young lads is what has made this an enjoyable season, they have all been a breath of fresh air. I think finances and HNM contract will mean he will leave, but hope fully we can keep the rest as it could make an exciting future
  13. Ref has taken getting some stick from Stoke fans by now giving them everything and us sweet FA
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