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  1. not sure which is worse the pictures or commentary
  2. I must have told you a million times to not exaggerate. MK have played some nice flowing football, we have been playing on the break or waiting for a mistake
  3. Who has dominated possession ? We might be a goal up but MK have looked the better side apart from the mistakes
  4. I know this is not our stongest side but we look like side trying to defend and play on the break. This is against MK Dons not liverpool
  5. Perhaps I buck the trend, but like TM, seems some like to scapegoat him and would not change their mind even when he has a good game or only raise his errors when others have been just as bad or worse. Also many of the poor games have been when playing on the left side which is not his natural position. Not sure if he is going to be good enough, but love his attitude and if anyone can improve him or qualified to make a decision on him its NP.
  6. Next time you are going to fart, don't ask me to pull your finger first
  7. Bit disappointing the number of times particularly in the 1st half we would play the easy ball backwards, then O'Leary would thump it back to the Celtic defenders so they could start another attack. So refreshing when Bakinson was on the pitch, looking for a forward pass
  8. I agree no problem paying a £10 to attend the game, but to charge full robins TV match day price I think is a bit off.
  9. looking at Celtics WEB site they will be doing a commentary (if you can understand them without a translator) https://www.celticfc.com/match/first-team/2021-22/96a30290-ce90-11eb-b576-17a6cfb92053
  10. Think the club are taking the p1ss a bit with pricing, would not have hurt to do a reduced price for ST holders at £5 per game, but to charge the same as a standard robins TV match when years ago ST holders use to get into pre-season games free, think they are loosing the plot
  11. Hope Southgate starts with Grealish and then brings on Saka or Sancho later in the game when those old Italian legs are starting to tire
  12. NP has seen enough in training to gauge his skill and attitude and if deemed what we need would have made sure we offered a deal to keep, I trust NP's opinion. Of course there will be the usual suspects on here desperate for him to do well and others desperate to fail, so they can come out with their sage like knowledge and say I told you so. When a players leaves which happens a lot in football, some will end up being good choices others will not, but will always be easy with hindsight. Sometimes a player may have the skill level, but just not fit in, or perhaps needs a move and a look at themselves to realise they need to put more effort in.
  13. Great bit of creative thinking and will get the social media buzz and hype they are after. Unfortunately not so creative on the shirts, but look OK
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