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  1. A good article for anyone who wants a simplified overview https://www.football365.com/news/derby-county-administration-failure-opinion
  2. Think it has more to do with not wanting it outside so the neighbours will work you're a closet gas head......imagine the shame and embarrassment you put on the rest of the family
  3. Very good first half, just need to look after ball better and stop giving it back so quick when we turnover possession
  4. I have left games much happier and enjoyed a loss more when we have played good entertaining football, than walking away from a lucky win where we have been clueless, battered and did not deserve the win against opposition in the same division. But you could not have that every week
  5. Oh no you will upset hampshirereds now with using facts, he was all over the drop in attendance as reason to sack NP, sure he will come up with some other sh1t instead
  6. As per the title - Is it time to admit..... I will have a go at filling in the blanks for you that you have not got a fugking clue what you are talking about
  7. Sorry was not not judging him on only this year, I don't think defensively he is big enough or good enough but like him going forward
  8. Not sure about Dasilva for Baker, Dasilva has been poor defensively this year and looks too small, he is OK going forward, but would rather have Pring / Callum
  9. If you want a free VPN that works, download Opera browser, switch on the VPN before you access the web site connect to your account,
  10. I think he did initially, then seen how deep the rot had set in and different fractions in the camp, then set about seeing the real character of some here and which boils needed to be lanced
  11. I think it was the opposite, he gave the players enough rope to hang themselves and see who was worth keeping and up for the fight
  12. The article just proves what city fans know the guy is a rambling idiot. He starts the article, by answering his own question and then contradicts himself by saying patients is needed for the rebuilding job. Well if LJ was doing so well, and Holden carried on more as less as was, then why do we need a massive re-building job? Where do you think your clubs would be now if Ben Garner had remained Rovers manager and Lee Johnson was still in charge at Ashton Gate? I think the honest answer in both cases is better off. And that’s why at a time when we are all celebrating the return of crowds to our stadiums, I want to issue a message to supporters of both Bristol clubs. It is to get firmly behind Joey Barton and Nigel Pearson and show a high degree of patience as they perform much-needed rebuilding operations. To justify how well LJ was doing he harps back to when we were playing very well back in 17-18, but misses that the wheels came off and a downward spiral ever since But to answer you question dick head, where would we be somewhere between relegated and bankrupt. LJ moved the club forward and sure he is a good manager, but it was passed time to leave as he had run out of idea's
  13. Not saying this in Readings case, but Guess in the world of dodgy deals its not beyond possibility that a club only pay a tiny percentage of a lone fee to stay within FFP / embargo, but invest or pay for something via another business that is unconnected, except by its owners.
  14. That's totally unfair on Gregor and a slur against his professional approach Think he may have had Twitter on as well
  15. Not sure it was about collecting players, but after some big successes in transfers, maybe LJ / MA got carried away. It became a bit of a scattergun approach, particularly for younger players, which in fairness may not be a bad gamble. Buy up some of the more promising younger players from lower leagues, typically for under £1million and hope 1 or 2 of them go on to initially enhance the 1st team to then be sold for profit, others will get loaned out to see if they progress or sold on / released, players treated as commodities to try and turn a profit on.
  16. I do wonder how many players or players families or ex players are on here, although many will disappear as the career moves on
  17. PP has been a long running frustration of mine, the reality is each year at least 2 clubs with PP go up, leaving us effectively playing for 1 place. The prem was built on greed and to ensure most of the money stays with the bigger clubs, I can't believe us fans accept having to play in a rigged competition, but guess the percentage of fans support prem / PP clubs so don't care. What is even more annoying is the Prem grab back any money they would have paid in PP when a PP club goes back up rather than sharing amongst the none PP clubs. Until player contracts have relegation pay reduction clauses which allow relegated clubs to comply with FFP of the division they are now in, it will remain a farce
  18. He started off good, letting the game flow, then seemed to want to buy every little dive from the Swansea players, then just lost control along with the lino, who was always too far behind play to have a clue
  19. Think we played well tonight and look to be improving. Concerned about both full backs, Simpson looks to slow and DaSilva is too small, maybe try Pring and look for a new RB
  20. Not sure, but you could start a thread to ask the question
  21. Hampshire red- WHO ARE YOU Well the rest of us are happy
  22. Think you can add Disilva to the list, just gets brushed aside by the man he is marking and scores
  23. You have always been very forthright in your dislike SL and never miss an opportunity to try and drum up support for your very minority view. Its flippant nonsense to just say the ground would have improved anyway and another owner comes along as he is only a custodian, one that has put in a considerable funds to do so and funded the transformation of the infrastructure. But of course we could have a different owner, no doubt you look jealously across the city at the Gases fake sheik and all he has done for the club Not silly enough to see SL has made errors, but that's always easy with hindsight, in fact with hindsight I can win the lottery every week.
  24. The question is normally is your glass half full or half empty? but in your case I don't even think you ever got a glass - talk of relegation after 2 games only yielding 1 point is pathetic beyond belief. Will say, you must like your prunes as you are very regular with these boring negative posts against NP
  25. The full backs seem to get drawn into the middle a lot, often appearing to pick up a man that would naturally be a central defenders domain, sometimes causing confusion over who is picking up who. With the very narrow starting positions of the full backs, wingers always seem to have all the time in the world, to get the ball under control and decide where to play it, rather than having a full back trying to prevent them receiving the ball in the first place. I don't pretend to be an expert on tactics and positioning, so maybe that's deliberate
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