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  1. You been spouting your anti SL nonsense as long as I can remember on this forum, every time we hit a bit of a rocky patch you rush to your keyboard with excitement (over excited today you posted it 3 times!) that perhaps you can eventually get some sort of support in your quest and hatred of SL. Just utter crap as normal
  2. Let's hope prem teams come and buy him quick before we have to play them
  3. You do have to put up with the Sunderland commentary, was interested to see the challenge on HNM again, looked a nasty one,
  4. Not sure if anyone wants to watch all of it, or maybe the part up to where we were winning but link to full match https://safc.com/news/team-news/2022/august/bristol-city/full-90-vs-bristol-city
  5. FFS, just when you think this forum can't get worse panicking over 2 defeats
  6. Han was excellent 1st half, until he took a knock on 42 minutes and could see he was struggling and stopped running, with James injured in warm up, maybe Han was asked to keep going or maybe hoped he could run it off in the 2nd half to try and keep his place, but obviously could not. I am no fan of JD playing in defence but thought he did OK against Sunderland after being poor at Hull, but would much rather have Pring back there.
  7. Welcome opinion and we all see things different, but at the end of the day we all want the same, it's the whole stamping feet I am not going until Pearson leaves where you lose it.
  8. Need to see it again, but at the time thought Pritchard was lucky to stay on the pitch, maybe later in the game he would have seen red. Not sure if the knock took just before half time compounded the original knock or another, but he just stopped moving after.
  9. Why was he taking the corners? Would have thought Scott puts in a quality ball and Naismiths height would be better in the box
  10. HNM took a knock at about 42 minutes, could see he was struggling but just trying to get to half time. 2nd half could not seem to get going again, up to the injury thought he was one if our better players.
  11. Bye then your support will not be missed
  12. I agree do not like scapegoating a player as often undeserved, thought Vyner was partly at fault in the build up to the pen last week as his man just peeled away from him and ball knocked over his head, again today lost his man initially which gave the space and created the problem. He just seems to either switch off or not capable of the spacial awareness required
  13. Thought HNM was having a very good game until 40 minutes when he took another wack and seemed to be struggling after
  14. Good go do do it, won't need to bother posting then
  15. Might want to look at some of the reviews before spending too much https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.dhgate.com
  16. https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/for-a-city-as-big-as-bristol.1585241/ Some interesting conversation on Sunderland's Forum, good to read fans views of our city and why we have not been in the prem, big perception we are a rugby city
  17. No, because he is still our player and we have a year contract extension option, I hope he is a massive success at it
  18. You also conveniently missed Atkinson should have been given a penalty
  19. Thought Vyner had a good game, but think he got caught with a ball over the top of him in the build up to the fake penalty DaSilva was poor and 5 generous, hope Pring is fit soon
  20. Thought he did book the LB early, then ignored all his fouls otherwise he has to send him off
  21. You either were not watching the match or have not a a clue what you are talking about, Hull were pinned back, trying to waste time before the ball broke up field and goal came from that
  22. Could also be the difference to failing FFP and a point deduction
  23. I Like the sound of this and can see it working really well. TM has a fantastic attitude and believe he has the ability, but maybe a confidence issue and how to deal with mistakes in a game. Hope it brings out the player he can be and we end up taking the year contract option to come back and play for us
  24. Where do they find these idiots, 1st paragraph Bristol City concluded their pre-season schedule with a goalless draw against Premier League opposition AFC Bournemouth at the Vitality Stadium.
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