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  1. Did not know where to post this but did anyone see Craig Shakespeare at the villa game tonight probably was there I just missed him
  2. Sorry English football league
  3. Also I think he is in the elf board ? Who does he represent at meetings us or Ipswich?
  4. Also probably claim to have been a friend of sir Bobby robson
  5. Apart from the fans you cannot believe this is how you run a multi million pound business how the hell did it come to this
  6. Take all your points about np Holden etc but who do you think should take over as manager?
  7. And also is he related to certain ex ceo of ours could be doubles
  8. The problem they have created for themselves is there chairman and chief executive etc all had to resign their positions in uefa and other people have now been voted in so they have managed to lose power
  9. Someone with more knowledge than me are Barcelona owned by its members?
  10. No what you mean but if I was a West Ham or Everton etc I would be thinking premier league champions plus into the champions league every year should help any short fall money wise
  11. Totally agree one of the reasons they are the big six is they win everything soon forgotten when others start winning things money will also come back as who wants to watch a league of friendlies which in affect it will be
  12. No relegation no promotion will decline rapidly same as the rugby pro14 never really got going as it gets boring quickly
  13. That was a great read and very informative thanks Harry
  14. I do not know if this is not allowed but I would like to congratulate kitr on his true story about Ipswich and a certain ceo
  15. Thank you for that thoughtful and informative answer as I said it is a bit of a mystery to me (ffp) I feel I have started my ffp journey
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