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  1. Ostrich


    The ref looks at the monitor and makes the decision, as happens in the example you posted. Thus it’s still the ref’s decision but is given with a more complete view of the situation. I think it was a ridiculous decision but the referee was in no way undermined because he was the one who made the decision. People talk about the fact the ref is asked to look as putting pressure on the ref to change his decision but if you don’t have the backbone to stand your ground when looking at the screen if you genuinely believe you were right, you’re not up to refereeing PL football. This another part of the problem, people talk about VAR as some sort of alien puppeteer if referees rather than referees making decisions with more information available to them. If the VAR is shit, it’s either the rules or the folk interpreting the rules.
  2. Ostrich


    Pointless getting rid of VAR now, it can and will get better so why get rid of it when you’ve suffered the worst bit. Trialing the nearly automated offside tech next year is an obvious example of improvements that are coming. It’d help if they broadcast the conversations and the conversations were had with this in mind. Of course, a big part of the problem is football fans find it impossible to just accept a decision and really want it to confirm what they think a lot of the time but at least hearing the explanation might open people up to accepting subjective decisions a bit more. It might also help clear up clear and obvious. Also it would help if VAR decisions were praised anywhere near as much as they are derided. Such imbalance in the reaction to it means only negatives are ever really highlighted. There’s been some great use cases of it this year as well as some awful ones.
  3. It’s not harsh on Maddison, he’s way off Grealish, Mount and Foden. It’s only ‘harsh’ up against Lingard in that they both had about 6 games spells this season where they were superb but Maddison has only featured once for England, is unfit and ended the season really poorly. It might buck up his ideas though.
  4. Ostrich


    I've only seen them against Chelsea before tonight and when I saw them go on the run that they did to get in the play offs, I was willing them to go up. But if tonight is indicative of the way they play then maybe not, it was frantic but completely bereft of quality. I don't mind teams that mix it up, I actually quite like Burnley, but that was % stuff without even maximising the %s. As an aside, I have been a bit dismayed by the quality of the Championship from the bits I've seen this year. Idk why it is but it seems much worse than recent years, possibly backed up by the fact the top 6 wasn't close in the end and the 3 relegated teams could end up all going back up fairly easily. Really would feel like an opportunity missed if I was any of the rest of the league
  5. Tbh obviously it’s incredible to be able to experience it all as a Leicester fan but when you step back, one of the great things about what we’re doing is that we give everyone else hope (even Forest, Derby, Cov), especially given the mess we were in not so long ago.
  6. Can assure you it didn’t kill the moment for us. It very much made it, especially given who it was
  7. They have moved it back to being after the season (after a few years of it being before end of season) but this year and the congested schedule has caused it to be between fixtures this year. Not sure I get the clamour for 3pm, I quite like the early evening kickoff and the 3pm obsession is just conservatism, not the fact it makes any sense. It's annoying when people try to force binary choices in whatever form they dress it up. It's simple, we win today and we win on Tuesday
  8. What does the CEO at BC do? Do they cover everything, both football and commercial? I've felt a bit confused reading about Ashton in the last couple of months on here with him being CEO but seemingly in charge of all the football stuff, seems strange. We have CEO to lead the club operations and represent the club at PL etc but the football ops are down to the DoF, Manager, Head of Recruitment etc
  9. Nice to see Big Nige wishing us all the best, he has ofc been a big part of it all
  10. I think @Mr Popodopolous hates Derby more than most Forest fans
  11. Yep he was there when Sowah joined them, Kaputska also went on loan there whilst NP was there. But idk how much of that was NP wanting them and how much of that were just us sending some players to a sister club, in the case of Elliott Moore I can believe it may have been Pearson driven, in the case of Kaputska I doubt it.
  12. That he went to Leuven even after the circumstances around his sacking at Leicester suggests there's good relationship there and that won't have changed If we manage to keep Tavares (doesn't seem likely) then he's a player every Championship side should want on loan
  13. If you want him to set you on the way to becoming another Leicester, you might need to get used to being bottle jobs, we've got it almost down to a tee
  14. He fell out with some parts of the local media here although mainly cos they were dicks rather than useless. Idk who the chap is, other than people calling him Gregor, but comes across as completely clueless, honestly think it'd be better if Pearson interviewed himself. I mean that's what he's effectively done anyway
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