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    Yeah I meant as in come the summer he’ll still be just 21 and as it stands only 1 year left (I probably wouldn’t be signing a new long-term contract if I was him but I also wouldn’t see a rush to move so he may well do). If he has a good season, he’ll be a relatively cheap 21 year-old with a good full season in the Championship and clear potential so there’ll be a lot of interest all across Europe.
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    Still at only 21 and with a year left on his contract there will likely be top flight clubs across Europe taking a keen interest next summer if he continues to perform well and improve. Someone like Wolves that are going to be desperate for midfielders next summer might see it as well worth it. He’s still got a lot to do to get to the level needed in the PL every week but the ingredients are there
  3. Really good goal, completely undeserved but great counter. Massengo looks like he'll go on to be a super player, you might struggle to keep him if he has good, consistent season.
  4. Looking forward to watching this one if I can get a stream. Haven't watched one of your games since Swansea but having watched QPR the other night, I'm expecting a half decent game. From what I've read, performances are close to there, goals are a bit difficult to come by and too sloppy at key points in the game.
  5. With us having been there in 2002 and hours away from going out of business, albeit I am only just old enough to really remember it, I should have more sympathy for their fans but none at all really. Of course, nobody should lose their club, I hope it doesn't come to that. I've felt sorry for Cov fans with some of the stuff they've been through in recent year and I'm not actually displeased to see them doing alright again, despite growing up disliking them far more than Derby. But the fans fell hook, line and sinker for the owners rubbish and repeatedly gave it the biggun, they refused they refused to believe it could end badly, they refused to believe they could be punished, they decided it was a conspiracy against them, they've gone fully down the victimhood route, they thought they'd won the jackpot with the Sheikh despite everyone else telling them otherwise. It's been pure delusion all the way along, it must be something in the water in the northern half of the East Midlands. Tbf, the only point I feel sorry for them on is that we also had a supposed FFP transgression (in much different circumstances) but got away with it by getting up and out. Of course the people to feel sorry for are the ordinary people that will lose their jobs and the small creditors who will get stuffed over. There's really only one man to blame and Derby fans expended so much energy defending him it almost became a cult. Good thing for them is that they might hopefully be able to take Notts with them. Having the Brian Clough Trophy is about the only point of either club atm.
  6. Grimes is a great player at that level for sure but the Sky love in for him compared to Matty James was bullshit. The bloke is just class for the division, sad that he isn’t playing Premier League football. Could still be part of the squad at Leicester had he not had a catastrophe of injuries
  7. You really do hate to see it
  8. If he’s a LB stick him at left back, got to be better there than Dasilva on the two games I’ve seen. Albeit I recognise the options you have for LW aren’t extensive. Tbh he didn’t stand out for me, was in the game more than Scott but Scott did a lot more when he was involved. I felt both flanks didn’t offer enough over the course of the game. Obviously on a different level but feel you’ve got a similar problem to LCFC have had in the last couple of years, not enough output from the wide areas and it needs addressing
  9. He was dogshit. I assume the EFL is applying the PGMOL’s lighter touch but wouldn’t know it from tonight. Gave some soft as shit stuff yet had no consistency with it and couldn’t wait to get a card out. I’ll be honest, I don’t think he was especially bad for one side or the other, just didn’t manage the game at all well Most bizarre was booking Bidwell for time wasting quite early and then just letting Laird on the other side get away with it.
  10. Can’t complain at the performance, plenty of heart and endeavour in there but a real lack of quality be that in the finish, the ball into the box or even back to the pass that opens up the opportunity. I think you’re desperately in need of attacking players, at least one wide option and one striker. And at least one of the full backs has to offer something going forward, they’re not offering enough. Simpson never will which is fine if you get more from the other side. I said before you signed Matty James that him and Massengo could be a great partnership and on that showing, I think over time they will be. Massengo just needs a bit more control in his game. Both Wells and Martin were dogshit, Weimann runs around a lot and but doesn’t do enough with it, Semenyo is all pace and power with little end product. Really need a couple of players of quality to really control the game and produce something.
  11. Did the PL refereeing memo not get through to the EFL. So painful to watch compared to the PL last week (will see how long that lasts anyway) Otherwise, unfortunate to be behind, really poor defending for the goal, so weak from Massengo and Atkinson. And a lack of real quality at the other end, not the crispness you need nor the quality to finish the opportunities that have presented themselves
  12. Pearson spent pretty much the entire season watching from the stands when we won and started the PL season there too. He got banned from the touch line early in the season and hardly ever returned. Think he doesn’t see a need to be down there/wants to control his emotions/thinks you get a better view of the game and players
  13. Today was better than the end of last season. A lot better than the games against Rotherham and Cov that I saw but a lack of quality still. I criticised Pearson on here cos I expected better when he first joined but to talk about when people will turn against him now is bizarre. He’s not immune from criticism going forward but it’s been clear reading this board that the whole structure of the club has been off and the stasis/decline that he’s walked into isn’t easy. It’s a big job and the fans are going to have to put up with a bit of a drab season imo whoever is in charge. If it gets bad and you look in trouble clearly he has failed but I can’t see that you can expect much this year with a clearly deficient squad and seemingly no money to spend on it alongside having to sort the operational mess out.
  14. Switched off on the 90th minute expecting you to hold on, only just seen it finished 1-1. You should been out of sight first half, just a real lack of quality in the finishing and final ball. I expect King to bury that header and the wild attempt from Weimann was desperately poor. It was a reasonably controlled if unspectacular performance that should have been a comfortable win. Looked a mid-table side for me and that’s surely where this season is headed. Thought Scott was good and solved a problem I saw at the end of the last season in terms of nobody getting between the lines. For me the problems were, and it’s not too dissimilar to what I saw the end of last season, you need some pace or at least some runners. I don’t see anyone really looking in behind or picking the ball up and carrying it. Also RB looks a big problem, Vyner was woeful going forward and Simpson is very much defensively minded.
  15. Does anyone have a working stream that they can PM me
  16. I don’t care much for the song but lots of the shit football fans do and sing is moronic so I never understand why this song in particular gets people’s knickers in a twist. In fact not just songs, some of the stuff people write in here about BRFC and their fans is beyond bizarre when viewed through a rational, non-football lens. It’s just a group of, usually boozed up blokes, engaging in nonsense (yeah okay some herberts are dead serious and riled with it). Now it’s just a bit of a parody, in fact the whole England v Germany thing is and the Germans I know see it that way.
  17. He’s had rotten luck with injuries. Did his ACL at the end of 14/15 season, then his miniscus in his first reserve game back, then something happened with the ACL repair that needed sorting, then he ends up with a kidney stone that turns into an infection. He should have left on loan that summer (16/17) but Ranieri decided not to but didn’t play him. Went to Barnsley for half a season, came back and was in the plans, then does his Achilles at the start of 17/18 and basically had problems with it until the start of last season.
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    The ref looks at the monitor and makes the decision, as happens in the example you posted. Thus it’s still the ref’s decision but is given with a more complete view of the situation. I think it was a ridiculous decision but the referee was in no way undermined because he was the one who made the decision. People talk about the fact the ref is asked to look as putting pressure on the ref to change his decision but if you don’t have the backbone to stand your ground when looking at the screen if you genuinely believe you were right, you’re not up to refereeing PL football. This another part of the problem, people talk about VAR as some sort of alien puppeteer if referees rather than referees making decisions with more information available to them. If the VAR is shit, it’s either the rules or the folk interpreting the rules.
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    Pointless getting rid of VAR now, it can and will get better so why get rid of it when you’ve suffered the worst bit. Trialing the nearly automated offside tech next year is an obvious example of improvements that are coming. It’d help if they broadcast the conversations and the conversations were had with this in mind. Of course, a big part of the problem is football fans find it impossible to just accept a decision and really want it to confirm what they think a lot of the time but at least hearing the explanation might open people up to accepting subjective decisions a bit more. It might also help clear up clear and obvious. Also it would help if VAR decisions were praised anywhere near as much as they are derided. Such imbalance in the reaction to it means only negatives are ever really highlighted. There’s been some great use cases of it this year as well as some awful ones.
  20. Nothing I’ve seen in the playoffs or in the, albeit limited, Championship games I’ve watched this season tells me there will be many better midfielders in the league next season. Rolls-Royce of a player at that level and so disappointing that injuries prevented him getting to the level he could have
  21. It’s not harsh on Maddison, he’s way off Grealish, Mount and Foden. It’s only ‘harsh’ up against Lingard in that they both had about 6 games spells this season where they were superb but Maddison has only featured once for England, is unfit and ended the season really poorly. It might buck up his ideas though.
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    I've only seen them against Chelsea before tonight and when I saw them go on the run that they did to get in the play offs, I was willing them to go up. But if tonight is indicative of the way they play then maybe not, it was frantic but completely bereft of quality. I don't mind teams that mix it up, I actually quite like Burnley, but that was % stuff without even maximising the %s. As an aside, I have been a bit dismayed by the quality of the Championship from the bits I've seen this year. Idk why it is but it seems much worse than recent years, possibly backed up by the fact the top 6 wasn't close in the end and the 3 relegated teams could end up all going back up fairly easily. Really would feel like an opportunity missed if I was any of the rest of the league
  23. Tbh obviously it’s incredible to be able to experience it all as a Leicester fan but when you step back, one of the great things about what we’re doing is that we give everyone else hope (even Forest, Derby, Cov), especially given the mess we were in not so long ago.
  24. Can assure you it didn’t kill the moment for us. It very much made it, especially given who it was
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