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  1. They have moved it back to being after the season (after a few years of it being before end of season) but this year and the congested schedule has caused it to be between fixtures this year. Not sure I get the clamour for 3pm, I quite like the early evening kickoff and the 3pm obsession is just conservatism, not the fact it makes any sense. It's annoying when people try to force binary choices in whatever form they dress it up. It's simple, we win today and we win on Tuesday
  2. What does the CEO at BC do? Do they cover everything, both football and commercial? I've felt a bit confused reading about Ashton in the last couple of months on here with him being CEO but seemingly in charge of all the football stuff, seems strange. We have CEO to lead the club operations and represent the club at PL etc but the football ops are down to the DoF, Manager, Head of Recruitment etc
  3. Nice to see Big Nige wishing us all the best, he has ofc been a big part of it all
  4. I think @Mr Popodopolous hates Derby more than most Forest fans
  5. Yep he was there when Sowah joined them, Kaputska also went on loan there whilst NP was there. But idk how much of that was NP wanting them and how much of that were just us sending some players to a sister club, in the case of Elliott Moore I can believe it may have been Pearson driven, in the case of Kaputska I doubt it.
  6. That he went to Leuven even after the circumstances around his sacking at Leicester suggests there's good relationship there and that won't have changed If we manage to keep Tavares (doesn't seem likely) then he's a player every Championship side should want on loan
  7. If you want him to set you on the way to becoming another Leicester, you might need to get used to being bottle jobs, we've got it almost down to a tee
  8. He fell out with some parts of the local media here although mainly cos they were dicks rather than useless. Idk who the chap is, other than people calling him Gregor, but comes across as completely clueless, honestly think it'd be better if Pearson interviewed himself. I mean that's what he's effectively done anyway
  9. Sowah can't get a work permit at the moment, has a had a Ghana call up but needs some caps I think. Idk the details of it all but from what I've read I'm not sure we'll be able to get one this summer. But even when he does, he'll be around the first team for a bit given our lack of real wide options and tbh if it was then decided he needs another loan, I'd expect we'd be targeting a better level
  10. Get ******* Derby down. Of course Notts will need to then be deducted points to go down with them because without the Brian Clough Trophy matches there is no point either of them existing
  11. I don't think you get 102 points (we really should have beaten Reading's 106 record that year) in a Championship season just by being functional. Tbh idk what functional really means here but if it's to talk down the style of football then it's wrong for what it was back, caveated with the fact football has changed in this period so it might seem a bit flat compared to what we see week in, week out these days cos yeah football has moved on. That Championship season we were just too quick for everyone, I remember a lot of opposition fans commenting on how we were just too quick, both physically and in thought for them. Idk if the passage of time means I remember it to be better than it was but we beat an in-form Derby 4-1 at home that season and it's still, despite all that's come since one of the best, most entertaining performances I've seen from a Leicester team. These days we play some wonderful stuff but with a technically much superior team and I'd not complain about NP's football. Your assessment of the great escape season is reasonable (tbh we started and ended it well, some of it in between was mega drab, Kevin Phillips has said since that we went downhill cos we started focusing on the opposition rather than ourselves too much) and the title season was largely a continuation of that, at least to begin with. A more recent NP example would be Watford beating Liverpool last season, that was very reminiscent of that Leicester team.
  12. Nice really hope he can really build something again and welcome the big boys like Man Utd, Liverpool and Leicester to Ashton Gate regularly.
  13. The emphasis he placed on having too many unavailable through injury was interesting. I think when he talks about issues as an organisation, that might be a focus. We were an absolute basket case when he first came in 2008 having just gone down to L1 and one of the first things he did was build up the Sports Science team, I think we were actually one of very few outside the top flight to have a dedicated sports science team at the time. A key person that came in at the time with Pearson,Shakespeare,and Walsh was Paul Balsom. There’s an episode of the Training Ground Guru podcast where he says that Nige was hugely supportive of the sports science aspect and performance analysis and that when Pearson returned for the second time, they did a presentation to the owners to say we should really invest in sports science and performance analysis. Presumably technical scouting was involved in that too. We also know about him embracing sports psychology and bringing in Ken Way. What Balsom also said was that Pearson was close to Dave Rennie who was our Head Physio. Rennie was let go last year, supposedly to ‘restructure’ the medical department, and depending on what he wants to do, maybe he could wind up at Bristol City.
  14. I'm unaware that Pearson has said that but that's Pearson saying that not Shakespeare, nor is the role of manger and assistant the same. He's a boyhood fan, working at a mid table PL side that looks steady enough for now and will be hoping to push on next season. The likelihood that BC can realistically offer an assistant manager more money than Villa is unlikely. What is his incentive to make the switch?
  15. Shakespeare isn't leaving Villa for Bristol City of his own choice.
  16. Quite clearly the reason to want Pearson is that he's achieved the desired outcome in somewhat similar circumstances before. I think you can be disappointed and unimpressed by his impact in these games but want him to be given the chance to be part of rebuilding what looks, from the outside, a real mess. Big job for him, if he doesn't get it in the summer or he falls flat on his face after, it's probably over for him at this level and he'll go down as one of those people that could only really do it at one club.
  17. I'd be surprised if he was allowed to leave, he was supposed to go out on loan to the Championship this year but he ended up staying around and has made a good number of appearances. A loan spell would do him some good, we'd need to sign a LB for him to leave, given Justin will be out into next season and Fuchs will likely leave.
  18. I'm not negative about Pearson, I'm skeptical about whether he can recreate what he did at Leicester because since he left he hasn't really shown signs of doing it and I think there's a general feeling with Leicester fans that he can't do it without Shakespeare. Derby was a disaster for him, at Leuven he had the biggest budget in the division and almost got them relegated, and at Watford he had an initial bounce and faded after (his sacking saved him from a relegation on his CV,but they were going down when he arrived so no shame). All I've said on here is that I'd have expected him to have more of an impact from the outset for and the three games that I've seen were all absolutely dire with few redeemable bits from them but I've also said that his record at Leicester does make him the ideal person to be given a chance to sort you guys out and I really would love him to do it again because we're all grateful to him for sorting us out (the League 1 season as much as the second spell tbh). I don't think that's overly negative. You also have to see that I come at it from a slightly different point of view, a)I'm not scarred by Lee Johnson and Dean Holden as many of you seem to be and therefore don't come at it as anyone but those two is a relief and b) Bristol City fans are prone to motivated reasoning on Pearson now hence everyone harps back to what Pearson (and Walsh) did at Leicester, rather than since. As for Walsh, yes my opinion is more negative. The interview in The Athletic that people quote comes across really poorly in my view and backs up some of the things I've heard about him. You'll also struggle to find an Evertonian with anything good to say about him (and plenty of supposed itks with plenty negative to say about him). I do think the public narrative around his recruitment is overstated somewhat, we've hardly suffered on recruitment since he left (Summer 2016 was essentially his window and it was an absolute disaster, maybe had something to do with Rob MacKenzie leaving), albeit his strength might be in building the recruitment team which shouldn't be overlooked.
  19. Anyone can do an interview and list a few players who conveniently have gone on to be wonderful elsewhere and claim they weren't backed. The Haaland claims smells like bullshit. He was either paying 4m quid for him when Molde signed him for about £2.50 in January 2017 or 14 games later in that summer. Yet Salzburg only paid 5m when he'd actually shown something in the Norwegian league. They didn't back him to sign Haaland for peanuts but did back him to spend more than that on Sandro or pay double what Sigurdsson was worth. Of course Steve, of course, probably had him on a list somewhere in his office.
  20. I'm not 100% sold on Steve Walsh tbh. You can't take away from what he and his team did build but there's a lot more nuance to his part in that than is made out and what he's delivered since the summer of 2015 has been rather sketchy.
  21. No I wouldn't do that to yourselves, wouldn't start over Massengo and someone's Jack Russell would be a better option for games he would play. Hopefully some lowly PL side will stump up a bit of cash for him to warm their bench and make a mistake for a goal any game he starts. Matty James is an absolute gimme surely. Out of contract in the summer, had a great relationship with NP, and is exactly the type of player you need from the little I've seen. In the game against Cov, he might not have ended up the MotM or even the best performance on the day but he looked far classier than anything else on the pitch (albeit the standard wasn't high). His injury at the end of the great escape season was likely the only reason he wasn't next to Kante in the title winning season. Even back to their Man Utd youth days, he was always considered to be ahead of Drinkwater . A horrible run of injuries really stopped him cementing himself as a good PL midfielder, it's telling that Puel and Rodgers rated him but he just physically can't do the PL now/age means he won't get the chance.
  22. There's plenty of question marks over NP but at least he has a successful outcome in a reasonably similar situation on his CV, albeit alongside people he won't have here. I don't see many others with that experience available. The alternative is to take a chance on someone relatively unknown from abroad like happened with Farke, Ismael or Wagner. Make no bones about it, from what I've seen it's a massive job to sort out. I've been surprised just how poor it is and I'd have expected Pearson to have got more of a grip of it by now. Imo from limited viewing and knowledge, next season is going to be about being comfortable in mid table whilst beginning a complete overhaul of squad and mentality. It's going to be painful. Much like Farke's first season at Norwich.
  23. Massengo and Semenyo looked like the only two BC players with a bit about them without really producing much. It needs someone in midfield to take control of the game and dictate the tempo of the game and someone to get in between the lines and get things moving quicker. Massengo did it once but overhit his pass. The two midfielders, Marriappa, Diedhou, and Wells have been dire. Simmo getting the ball far too often as well
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