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  1. There’s no way there gas , not 1 of them is wearing a donkey jacket.
  2. Bolton away, Think it was 1989 , or 1990 , lost 1-0 but what a day out ,.
  3. The Tony macaroni stadium takes some beating. Livingston.
  4. Fair comment about the amount of time he’s been out , you could see he was getting frustrated with himself when he miss controlled or played a poor pass .
  5. What was your thoughts on chris Martin Dave , I thought he tried hard but for me he was poor.
  6. Sorry mother, but it’s my opinion, I think he’s way off championship standard, shame because he seems a really nice lad .
  7. He’s not up to championship football, pretty simple really.
  8. ******* horrible disease that everyone has been touched by in some way , hope he makes a full recovery .
  9. Just go on their website, children’s hospital south west.
  10. Fao Big tone , I’m sure me and you had a bet on where Liam Walsh would end up , I said the championship you said he wouldn’t get a club above league 1 , let me know when you’ve made the donation to chsw.
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