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  1. @Sleepy1968and I were talking about permanently contracted players here, so wasn't a comment on Tammy Abraham. Hence why I don't reference Tammy at all or include him on that list
  2. I suppose the frustration is which clubs are currently seen as "bigger, better, and with more chance of winning things": Lloyd Kelly moved to the "bigger and better" Bouremouth Bobby Reid moved to the "bigger and better" Cardiff Joe Bryan moved to the "bigger and better" Fulham Adam Webster moved to the "bigger and better" Brighton Josh Brownhill moved to the "bigger and better" Burnley I don't really mind us losing our best players as that happens to every club in the world (perhaps bar Real Madrid and Barcelona). I absolutely get why these players move....they would be crazy to turn down premier league football and money. However, I can see why one might be frustrated about some of the clubs listed above being considered a step up from us. Perhaps that's what @Sleepy1968 was getting at?
  3. Always find it strange that neutral fans are so against these kind of takeovers. I really don't mind a club spending a s**t tonne and actually feel FFP being amended to allow this may be a good thing. I like the idea that a big injection of money could change the fortunes of a club - I'd much rather that than see the usual "big 4-6" hoard the wealth and trophies year after year whilst every other club competes for 7th place.
  4. Agree, Not the Top 20 are the ones to go for IMO. Really knowledgeable guys. Personally find the second tier pod a bit lazy (e.g. if a player scores for us 2 weeks in a row it means they're our best player and we're dependent upon him). Not to say they're dreadful, but they do feel a bit more like fans just throwing 'hot takes' out there.
  5. Because he's a professional footballer. It's not exactly the norm for players to strop about lack of game time after leaving a club. Did he do enough to retain his place when he was given opportunities here? IMO, no. There may well be a decent player in there, but I don't think he can feel too hard done by with regard to his time here. Also consider that Szmodics got opportunities to impress the coaches/manager in training every day, and evidently couldn't do enough. I agree that *logically* any frustrations Szmodics might have should be directed at LJ, but that doesn't necessarily appear to be the case.
  6. Nothing to do with whether her scored against us. It appears he holds a bit of a grudge because: and Also heard from twitter that he's supposedly "baiting the City fans" at the game. Certainly appears that Szmodics didn't take his unsuccessful spell with us well, and holds some kind of negative emotions towards us as a result.
  7. Think I recall that when he left us he made some sort of semi-salty comment about the amount of game time he had here. Did he really expect to be starting every week after be jumping up from L2? It appears he holds a bit of a grudge against us now!
  8. Here come another 1000 comments saying Szmodics is the next Messi. Bare in mind the bloke doesn't usually start for relegation threatened Peterborough
  9. Wouldn't go that far. Laughable that we signed both him and Palmer perhaps, but it's not like Szmodics looked amazing when he did play (admittedly that wasn't much)
  10. With Diedhiou we would still be lacking in pace and mobility up top. Given his performances towards the end of last season, we also can't be sure that Fam would show the effort and commitment that Pearson would demand. I do think we're missing a striker, but I don't think that Fam is that striker. I haven't thought "I wish Diedhiou was playing" at any point so far this season.
  11. Obviously some will say "another home game without a win" but a point against Fulham is a good result. Sounds like the levels of effort and commitment were impressive today and a clear improvement on last season. Don't mean to be a party pooper, but worth noting that we have ridden our luck quite notably in the last couple of games. Neverthless, good point today. We're not necessarily attractive to watch, but we seem capable of grinding out results when required.
  12. Brilliant to be level. Think a few have over-exaggerated the quality of the finish from Palmer though......I was bloody underwhelmed when I finally saw a clip of the goal
  13. Whether or not individuals are "good enough" depends on what your aims are. This season, realistically, midtable is probably our aim. Are Wells and Martin good enough for midtable? yeah probably. But unfortunately most midtable teams aren't going to be good enough to take many points off Fulham. We all know that NP would like a new striker long term. We've just got to be patient and make use of what we've got now.
  14. Are we sure we didn't build Ashton Gate on some cursed Native American burial site or something?
  15. Anyone who would want him couldn't afford him, and anyone who could afford him wouldn't want him. Hopefully there's an exception and someone comes in for Palmer, but I could see him being a player that we really struggle to shift.
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