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  1. This bothers me about rugby. My season ticket is the last on the row, I don’t mind those on my half of the block coming through, but it seems that those past the half way mark come past me. Wouldn’t swap my seat though!
  2. That’s a very long pub crawl.
  3. I went almost 10 years ago without an away win (ended Stoke Away 19/20). Although I only go to about 2 away games a season!
  4. Hamstring injury from last season. Hopefully back training on grass soon.
  5. Deleted all social media last year. Not missing it one bit.
  6. That’s quite a poor gate considering it’s their first home game in many months against a localish team.
  7. Neither,although good exposure for both! What More UK Ltd apparently, a plastics manufacturer.
  8. What happens when card systems go down?
  9. Seems such a long time ago. If I knew it would be the last time I would set foot into Ashton Gate for such a long time, I certainly would have made the day of it! Even if the football is just as bad as last season, I don’t care because I’m finally coming home!
  10. Mine has arrived.
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