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  1. Bakinson wanted to leave before the Fulham game, which is fine as long as the manager doesn't say that he only plays players who want to be here. You are spot with Vyner though. (not sure he was dropped)
  2. OK fine. As long as you know the manager knew he didn't want to be here and played him anyway.
  3. Holden played youngsters through the player injury nightmares that he had to deal with during his tenure. Admittedly his hand was forced, but he did it. The Academy is essential to the future of the club.
  4. As for Scott, thought if we could have got the ball to him at RWB he had the beating of Ng, playing on his wrong side. - Yes He is excellent at RWB, number 10 or CM, has to be one of the first names on the team sheet
  5. VT05763


    Ralph Milne or Junior
  6. Sigh ! More "getting rid" nonsense.
  7. No, not including Baker or Weimann. James King Tanner Atkinson and Simpson MIA.
  8. VT05763


    Good news is that means there isn't much correction needed.
  9. VT05763


    Think I am right in saying there were no offsides today !
  10. VT05763


    Simply superb, put Flint on his back side several times and caused chaos in general. Well done to the manager for obviously geeing him up at Half Time..
  11. and no idea where the other is. Terrible bad luck with injuries, yet again ! We just can't seem to sort this.
  12. Two dreadful teams at the moment. Set piece could do for us and they look susceptible to a ball through the middle.
  13. Son is bouncing off the walls !!!
  14. had tickets but son has been struck down with COVID so we are isolating. currently turning the front room into our best version of the South Stand for him.
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