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  1. Our squad is (almost) perfectly suited for a 3-5-2 system. DaSiva or Pring as LWB Baker, Kalas and Atkinson as the CBs The problem is RWB. Bentley Kalas Atkinson Baker New Signing Pring/DaSilva James Massengo Palmer Weimann Martin For example. Sadly DaSilva is a weak link at LB, teams target the ball over is head and into the space, versus Swansea it was very apparent and effective.
  2. i wouldn't take this as a given - IMO.
  3. But 2 wins from 8 (including being knocked out of the Cup by a league 2 team) doesn't sound quite so good - just saying.
  4. Don't conflate the ability to amass great wealth with intelligence. These are very, very different business's.
  5. My 8 year old said "they have just taken off their best player Dad" !!
  6. Bentley Tanner Atkinson Kalas Baker James Massengo Palmer ODowda Martin Weimann
  7. Walsh never intended to sign a new deal at any point and he neve hid that from the club - IMO
  8. My son is just about to turn 8 and this is the first season he has really got into going to live games, actually watched nearly all of the Swansea game. Previously he has watched bits at best. Take lots of snacks and warm clothes (even now) be prepared to have to miss a large chunk of the action yourself and then leave early probably but worth a go for nothing else than practice for the future. I would suggest minimum age for them to actually sit and watch the game is 7.
  9. These worked for my boy.
  10. You are aware I assume that Paterson and several others actually were playing with injuries ? Not the "normal" kicks and niggles but serious injuries requiring injections. Our squad was decimated with severe and long term injuries, players were rushed back unfit to man the trenches. This scenario had more of a negative effect on morale and performance than the legendary "bad apples" theory - IMO.
  11. Both our full backs were poor last night. Identified as weakness's by all opposition so far. Ball knocked in behind them numerous times and we are turned then under pressure. Lack of positional sense and height. I hope NP gets a RWB from somewhere and we can play with Pring as LWB on the other side. Otherwise this will be an ongoing problem all season. We have James Taylor in the u-23s who is excellent, certainly could have done no worse last night - IMO.
  12. They are a great pairing. I still think somewhere a 3-5-2 has to be lurking in NPs mind, if he has to "make do" with this squad as he says often. Palmer or Scott in front of them would be very decent IMO.
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