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  1. Waconda

    FBC Pod

    You will get Shadow Banned. The Kool Aid drinking clique hate being confronted with a differing view.
  2. Bit harsh on him. He is biased for sure but probably not clueless.
  3. Yes but the point was to put out a spreadsheet showing us in roughly the same position as we actually finished, regardless of whether the information it was based on was correct or not. Hence my scepticism of this particular spreadsheet and to be fair any produced by this particular poster.
  4. He turned down Peterborough.
  5. What a classic this is. Out performed yourself with this nonsense. Obviously you were pushing it as it shows us somewhere near our final league positions but as with all of your spreadsheets upon further detailed inspection they are full of bias to suit your agenda.
  6. Just look at the cost of that Luton squad that one particular Fanalyst and selective stat merchant continues to argue is stronger than ours.
  7. Jesus !! We can't, we activated an extension in his contract.
  8. Bakinson is not out of contract - He did however hand in a transfer request last Summer that was denied and had is contract extension triggered by this Manager in November. Cundy was told to find a new club last month but now has been offered a new contract which he has already signed. Britton to be released.
  9. And for the umpteenth time - You can't just get rid of players who are under contract !!
  10. Foot like a banjo ?
  11. You keep stating Luton have a better squad than us, so pinch of salt needed here !
  12. Totally realistic with the strength of squad.
  13. Photo shoot with players was done yesterday.
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