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  1. Ecko

    Euro 2021/21

    Fingers bloody crossed everything is alright. Tragic for his teammates and family. Please get through it.
  2. Ecko

    Euro 2021/21

    Long shot, but I don't suppose if anyone has a spare table for Sundays game down the gate?
  3. That Dias isn't a bad player...
  4. What a ridiculous comment. Behave.
  5. Drop him for the rest of the season and give the youth a go. Best case scenario is we find a gem for next season.
  6. Stokes has been awful
  7. I thought he was mocking Vyner as if to say who are you. Either way, what a ****
  8. You can read a lot from a pair of legs!
  9. It was definitely the right decision; beforr half time or not is irrelevant. As a poster above said, they have been targeting him from the first minute. Good management. Also, what would be worse for the how he feels, subbing him before half time or getting a red card?
  10. Ecko

    Robins TV ?

    Still having no luck...
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