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  1. Ah good old Henry, the Scottish Liverpool fan
  2. Clemens Zwinenberg (sp) and Vilmos Sebok at centre half with Gustav Engvall partnering Peter Styvar up top. Neil Kilkenny providing the regular assists.
  3. Look at them in the background while Smith being interviewed - bottles being launched left right and centre. It’s like he’s being interviewed in front of S82! circus tavern atmosphere completely different. But it’s all about the money nowadays
  4. Get in there Michael Smith! Agreed. It’s not a darts crowd
  5. Part is having a mare on comms. And with Mardle constantly getting his words wrong earlier it’s not good! Get Webster in there
  6. Price wins this game, he wins the tournament. Also, the crowd are a disgrace.
  7. Why did you do that? Can’t afford for him to be injured again
  8. Not heard the chant either but I can’t believe fans would choose that as a topic to sing about. Disgusting. Well done on those fans above for calling it out and apologising to YTFC.
  9. Here we go - what a ball through from God. Great slot from Junior as well. As has been mentioned previously, great signing for £30,000. His crossing wasn’t always great and I’m pretty sure that generally, 1 on 1’s weren’t his strength. But if they were, he’d have been playing at a higher level and not for us!
  10. Junior scored the winner in a 1-0 win up at Swindon in our, I think, 2nd game back in the old Division Two. Bob Taylor drilled a 60 yard pass to him after their corner was cleared and Bent ran through and slotted it past the keeper. 30 years ago and I remember it clear as day…..as I’ve got it on VHS!
  11. Love how many left backs we had around that time who’s surname began with B. Bailey in 89/90 and Bromage before that. Not sure who was before that - possibly Wryan Billiams?
  12. So he’s pony. Sounds about right!
  13. Maybe a loan to Sunderland in Jan to be reunited with LJ. Or to MAITFC to be reunited with The Ego.
  14. Wonder how many pages this will get to once Plan C is announced!
  15. Presumably any settlement agreement (assuming there was one! after his sacking would prevent him revealing too much?
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