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  1. Noticed today that Klose looked a lot thinner than he did last season. Perhaps he's had Covid again over summer and is struggling? Purely speculative
  2. Tafkarmlf


    ?? Neither applies to Bentley nor Heaton https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/19013441
  3. Tafkarmlf


    Basically it's the Tom Heaton argument rehashed. He went on to play in the Prem and England. We as a club and fans in general don't know when we have a good thing and will try and scapegoat anything, because we're too pissed off to see the woods from the trees.
  4. I'm ambivalent on NP. There's pros and cons. The cons are concerning, but the pros are pretty good. Ask me again in a few weeks. Just enjoying the ride at the moment.
  5. Decent result Defended well, lacked ideas up front, but fair enough Wigan didn't have enough and we regroup. Tactically we're a bit one dimensional when it works its superb, when it doesn't then we lose all purpose. Should he go? No idea, pressure will be miunting, but not unhappy with the result tbh.
  6. Williams has had a cracking 2nd half on the sly. Dire match but a point would be decent
  7. Suspect I'm watching a different game, we're playing well, kinda switched off upfront but largely doing well. Do people expect no attacks from teams at home??
  8. My stream died in the middle of the scramble, presumably its 1-1
  9. Actually think we're well solid today Wigan have rarely troubled tbh. Agreed with the sentiment though
  10. Darikwa is growing into this Definitely lots going through him Another suicide pass from Bentley to Naismith That Wigan dr/physio is my old gp... Was the Bolton one for 'that' game too
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